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  • Published on:  Sunday, April 22, 2018
  • Ronny Chieng commemorates Earth Day by sounding off on environmentally conscious tech advances, from a shirt made out of garbage to an enzyme that eats plastic.

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  • shiyara fernando

    shiyara fernando

     a months ago

    Wait! Did he say his wife? I was keeping myself vacant for you ronny... 😭

  • Fuck Google

    Fuck Google

     a months ago

    That plastic eating enzyme sounds good, but... When the enzyme eats the plastic what will be excreted by the enzyme, and what potential effects could this "new type of bacterial wastes" have on life in the ocean. Sorry, but transforming the plastic into another completely unnatural material is very unlikely to do anything but swap old problems for newer, bigger and more abundant problems. Reference? HISTORY.

  • Paul B

    Paul B

     a months ago

    Giant batteries last for just one hour? There was another joke there...

  • Maitri Madiya

    Maitri Madiya

     2 months ago

    Neck Massager😂😂😂

  • Bobby Singh R

    Bobby Singh R

     2 months ago

    i laughed so hard at. " lets just get teenagers to eat plastic as one of their dumb viral challenges."

  • nathan isaacs

    nathan isaacs

     3 months ago

    Wtf😂 teenagers

  • knubeer youtuber

    knubeer youtuber

     3 months ago

    Good meat

  • Logry Mad

    Logry Mad

     3 months ago

    Ask him if earth is flat?

  • Naysi. react

    Naysi. react

     3 months ago

    Why dont we just throw our trashes in space?

  • Platillo Volante

    Platillo Volante

     3 months ago

    Jajajaja este men se mama

  • Lily Jade

    Lily Jade

     3 months ago

    China already feeding people plastic rice, noodles, cabbages, eggs, etc.

    My idea to recycle plastic is pay me for this, plastic note book that students write in, preserved for next 500 years. Who wouldn't want one?

  • Yousra Awouda

    Yousra Awouda

     3 months ago

    We made trash in space now 😒

  • Baller


     3 months ago

    1:14 That is the godliest roast i've heard for awhile

  • endofworld


     4 months ago +1

    Yes, and then ship to Asia

  • bruce lee

    bruce lee

     4 months ago

    I like this guy!

  • Neha Prasad

    Neha Prasad

     4 months ago

    Hahaha, killing it with those last few lines again.

  • Neha Prasad

    Neha Prasad

     4 months ago

    PSA: Enzymes aren't alive, and they don't "eat".

  • poodlegirl55


     4 months ago

    This guy is FUNNY!!

  • Kevin Noutsawo

    Kevin Noutsawo

     4 months ago

    Clean your own mess aliens. This guy is hilarious.

  • Blank


     4 months ago

    your gonna throw away the shirt and its gonna end up in a dolphines butt.
    Clean up space then what put it into the ocean. hahah