7 Tricks That Can Make Your Car Last Longer

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, April 10, 2018
  • If you want your car to serve you longer and save money on expensive service and maintenance, pay attention to these simple yet really important rules. Experts recommend a few things to keep in mind and a few common mistakes to avoid to make your car last longer. If you stick around till the end of the video, we’ll tell you how you can fix a cracked windshield with garlic.
    Having the correct tire pressure is a sort of “Goldilocks” situation. If it gets too low OR too high, you can have serious problems. Don't forget about seasonal tire changes and remember to swap your front and rear tires at least once a year.
    Sharp acceleration and abrupt braking might feel like fun, but they’re actually extremely harmful to vehicles. If you decide to park on an incline and put your car in Park, it puts too much pressure on the transmission. In rare cases, it can even become dislodged or break down. So the best option is to use the emergency brake.
    With the help of the symbols on the car's dashboard, your car can tell you when something's wrong, like when the engine's overheated, something's wrong with the electrical system, or the brake fluid level is too low. Go to an auto repair shop as soon as possible to save yourself from expensive repairs or even an accident. Weighing your vehicle down excessively does nothing good for the car's suspension, steering, transmission, tires, and engine. Plus, overloading increases fuel consumption and makes the car more difficult to handle.
    Remember that cars, just like people, need regular check-ups and “health” tests.

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    Keep your tire pressure in-check. 0:40
    Take it easy on the gas and brake pedals. 2:03
    Park correctly. 2:42
    Don't ignore the dashboard. 3:54
    Don't forget about vehicle inspections and repairs. 5:13
    Avoid overloading. 6:03
    Don't overload the clutch. 6:50
    Bonus: fix a cracked windshield with garlic! 7:18

    -Check your tire pressure at least twice a month (but once a week is even better). While adding air to your tires, make sure they aren't warm to the touch and don't overfill them.
    -If you’re a fan of sharp acceleration and abrupt braking, remember both of them are actually extremely harmful to vehicles. Plus, you’re just burning more gas than you need to.
    -Avoid throwing the car into Park before coming to a full and complete stop. The same goes for putting the car into Drive or Reverse before stopping fully: don’t do it.
    -If you notice the engine light flashing while you're driving, slow down right away because this might be a sign of a serious problem. The brake light lets you know that somewhere in the braking system something has gone wrong.
    -Check your car’s manual to find out how often you should change your oil or air filter and remember that a lot of it depends on your driving habits. Get yearly inspections and keep in mind that routine maintenance will depend on the season and the mileage.
    -Get acquainted with the maximum load capacity for your car and stick to it. Try to get rid of all of the useless stuff in your car.
    -Don't hold the clutch in at long traffic lights. During short stops, shift to Neutral and press the clutch right before you start moving.
    -Take a clove of garlic, cut it lengthwise down the middle, rub the cut side over the crack, and wipe away the excess juice with a paper towel or napkin to keep the crack from getting worse until you can get it repaired.

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    Change air filter every 250 miles? Wow... which one anyways? Cabin or engine?

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    At thumbnail interior is given Swift dzire

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    sometimes, you can ignore the dash. but check what it is first and if there is an issue. could be caused by a loose sensor.

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    Driving schools should give basic vehicle maintenance information to student drivers - at least very important basics.

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    dont drive when the gas tank is on low you pull all the dirt placed in the gas tank into the engine, always refill on time, bonus always refill with a full tank it lasts longer than top ups

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     2 months ago

    My tip for parking an automatic on a steep hill is set the steering so that if it rolls, it will roll into the curb, put it in neutral with your brakes to the floor, set parking brake, release driving brake, and put it in park. This prevents the vehicle's weight from resting on the parking pawl.

  • Andrew Arceneaux

    Andrew Arceneaux

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    Rotations should be done by milage, not time. Every 5,000-6,000 miles is good.

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    My car only has engine light and oil light

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    Tires are huge but everyone overlooks them. They are the only part of a car the meets the road keeps you on the road and are big safety aspects of your car. Make sure the tire pressure is right on all 4 tires you can find this info in the drivers door. Make sure you have the right tires for the environment you are in. And no all season tires is not an excuse to not get winter tires when winter rolls around get your tires switched to winter tires. Get the tires rotated most auto shops will do this with your oil change if you ask. The front tires were more then the back a lot of cars now are front wheel driven so that mean the front tires are taking majority of the weight the engine and transmission are all up front that’s a lot of weight plus they do the steering on your car as well. Having the rotated helps each tire ware properly.

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    Use the right gas and keep it clean.
    Don't put water in the battery

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    Dont let just anyone drive ur car as much as possible specially close friends. They turned my honda civic into a ferrari. How sad was that? 😁😁😁

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