The Fortnite Rewind

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  • Published on:  Sunday, September 22, 2019
  • The Fortnite Rewind featuring Ninja, Tfue, Shroud, XQC, Mongraal, Nickmercs, Pokimane, Daequan, Bugha, Myth, Hamlinz, NickEh30, DrLupo, Symfuhny, CourageJD, TimtheTatman, DrDisrespect, 72hrs, Chap, Poach, Vivid, SypherPK, Cloakzy, CDNthe3rd, Dellor, AND MORE!

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  • Liquid Chap

    Liquid Chap

     21 days ago +19714

    There are sooo many great clips i couldn't fit into this video. Do you all want a Part 2?

  • Curtis Jones

    Curtis Jones

     4 hours ago

    The start was sad I miss old fortnite

  • By Forza

    By Forza

     9 hours ago

    9:15 this is what ruined fortnite the sweaty kids like this guy and mongral and others,people started doing the same and they eventually ruined the game for casuals which caused them to stop playing the only thing fortnite can do is skill based matchmaking casuals vs casuals and sweats vs sweats

  • Twitch Floyd

    Twitch Floyd

     19 hours ago +1

    Who's watching in Chapter 2 ?

  • Beta Bot Hype

    Beta Bot Hype


    Song at the start?

  • Kareem Assadi

    Kareem Assadi






    3:57 i want to play that

  • KubixLS


     yesterday +1

    The good old Memories.

  • NoobMaster 69

    NoobMaster 69

     yesterday +1

    Let’s be honest no ones acc sad that fortnites become different it’s more the memories it’s made.....

  • Ben Resendes

    Ben Resendes


    The good old days

  • Dylan O

    Dylan O


    Man, this is harder to watch now knowing this map is gone 😔

  • HypezChris YT

    HypezChris YT

     yesterday +1

    The good old days

  • NonstopTurtle17



    The first song not only reminds me of the good old days but also reminds me of the old map bc when it says “ It will never be the same” chapter 1 of Fortnite will be miss R.I.P 😭😢💔

  • Stomp.



    Who remembers when someone wins and did take the L in season 3 Lol

  • Mosse



    lol rip sum merch

  • Alpi Gstar

    Alpi Gstar

     yesterday +3

    "We didn't know that we are making memories , we just had fun..."

  • JoshyyTV



    what’s the video with sym and king richard dancing

  • Gurggle Flobber

    Gurggle Flobber


    My fave clip is at 4:43

  • K-Field Isaac

    K-Field Isaac

     2 days ago

    I deadass almost cried seeing all these old clips. 😢♥️👏

  • Team ZKX

    Team ZKX

     2 days ago