R. Kelly to Flea to Africa After #SurvivingRKelly?

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, January 22, 2019
  • Is R. Kelly planning to flea to Africa to escape from the backlash from the #SurvivingRKelly docu-series that exposed his alleged abuse of countless women. But African have responded angrily on twitter, saying he is not welcome on the continent. Some have even joined the #muteRKelly movement and are pushing for their local radio stations to stop playing his music.

    Will R Kelly find refuge in Africa?
  • Source: https://youtu.be/8axvkG4S9As


  • mzo the poet

    mzo the poet

     a months ago

    Bill Cosby, 2 Pac and now R Kelly. Thing is the guy is on his retirement, so nothing can be done to break his 'star' reputation and talent this what white people do black men if they become big stars because they are afraid that they will set good role model examples to growing black children if they do not kill their careers. they are not just killing these artists but the young generations that look up to them. my point is, he might not be 'right' but we need to also digest what is given to us about one of us by someone who hates all of us. R kelly must come to the motherland and if he misbehaves he gets disciplined accordingly.

  • Dr. m-Beenzu nk m-hecker

    Dr. m-Beenzu nk m-hecker

     a months ago

    R. Kelly he is my brother from another ma. R. Kelly he is not the only one doing what they say he has done.
    Should it be true, i do not support his said bad acts... I'm a parent, & try to picture my loved ones, in such a situation.
    On the other hand lets not forget about other entities equally pointed at, like clergies leaders globally, some District Attorneys are partially involved in cases of sex abuse/scandals or whatever you label it.

    Alot of wealth people are well known for abusing under age girls... Their own household female members...

    Sometimes the young girls family members are the ones who push them girls - poverty in their households or fame....

    Again R.Kelly has the right to move to motherland or elsewhere, just like any other person who commit a crime until proven guilty & committed.
    Are kenyans except from such? I bet no place in the planet is except from similar crimes of sexual abuse?

    South Africa?
    Carry out your findings & read on how many females are abused by their loved ones... In their own House holds...

    Some may be taking advantage & fabricating stories, in hope to get a cut... I wont be surprised, if some confess in future.

    My ex for years, had a Secret life similar to R.Kelly & i cound not believe it. He introduced me to his SDA church he had been attending for over 30 years... even worse than the stories being said regarding R.Kelly...

    Ws warned by two of his ex's. His reponse was "they are jealous of you"........

    A mutual acquintances who had prevously dated my ex before i meet both of them had mentioned to that they had shared a living space had warned me. His response was "if you continue listerning to what she has to say about me, then choose whom you wanna be with".....

    Suddenly i started noticing some discomfort of them two each time we sat togather....they. Started clutching...

    Bottom lime I chose not to cut her off from, because she had not done me any wrong.

    Sadly, few months later, she suddenlyfel into coma with a brain demange.

    According to my ex "she must have eaten some poisoned food".
    She was then picked up from Port Authority Bus Terminal NY, NY, she found during some early hours unconscious. Was later taken st St Lukes Hospital ICU.....On 112th & Amsterdam Avenue.

    I received a call from some hospital staff, & asked me whether i knew a lady by her name? I replied yes, who found my contact from her cell inside her packable.....

    Our neighbors had reported my ex to the authorities due his many deadly threats towards me. His response was "i pay the District Attorney, the judges & all them federal staffs, Not to mention other stuff's mortgages"...And for sure None was done to him.

    Our mutual pastor (Pastor Penny) at the time & other church members had his back ....Gave him a lawyers biz card by the name of Cohen, a Ms. William a little woman of Hudson Place SDA, she later moved to Virginia or Maryland, a Mr. Nelson a Police Officer of long Island Queens & others. They were training him how to lie again me. The Church had been covering for my ex. They directed my ex not to tell me about the lawyers biz card they gave him to use against me, but he showed to me anyway. My ex later donated a fat check to the Fort Green 88 Hudson Place Church SDA in Brooklyn. And Pastor Penny had announced that "a brother had donated 1 000 0...". For nealy 30 years my ex had never donated that kind of money to a Church or any other place.

    Bottomline, many abusive people are sometimes hidden by the so called authorities, the law, clergies........ Mostly with plenty of money, they in addition donate in some clergies or federal programs to cover them up.

    Im writing this, because i've personally witnessed live incidents. With serve death threats, from my ex & from them women & men whom he was dealing with my ex.

    Rescue Mission ar Lafayette in China Town is one of them. A Mr. White recieved $10 000 cash from my ex. To deny me social assistance. This day my life was so much in danger, that i had to call Mrs. Susan E. Rice's office...hence, if some had happened to me then, an international figure's office would 've mark for my trace....

    The Judge in Both NY NY & NJ had just warned me, "all these legal papers are just papers, you must take extra care of your self".

    At this point, my understanding was ""the protecting figure aren't there for people like me" ...not even black peoples advocates...

    I remember going to Dr. Al Sharpton's Saturday morning Church servie. When i looked behind my sit Sgt., Pulvis of East Orange Police & another gentleman, who favored her looks were sitting behind me....

    I been attend the Nation Action Network for years. I had never those two faces before.....hence, they were stacking me in my own old neighborhood...

    I made them understand. That i know who they are & what they after....few later they had disappeared.

    My ex started to shower them people with free properties, car's gifts.... Sending their family members to universities fully paid. And paying them cash money every week through a community weekly meeting group. My cell was or still cloned and all my social media. Many of these people my ex close faux friends, high Commissioner staffs......my ex has been sexing with them used to get the cell phone numbers from my biz contacts. Behind my back he offer them money, & he demand they cut providing me professional fashion designing services/biz. A lady Police female Called Kim from Irvington NJ. Her daughter fathered with my ex among many.

    The Police Officer from East Orange Officer Pulves. She was in charge of my last case (Domestic Violence). Instead she demanded my case to be closed. On the other hand she introduced her young female family member to my ex before we separated & fathered her a child. On paralle the same girl kept coming to job & her other male family members to stack me, & pretending to bring fabrics to be made to my co-workers....

    My ex is known to support brothel in new jersey behind my former work place. My male co-workers were recruiting young girls & other ages of females to entertain them married men after hours... Buying extremely expensive liquor & wine.....organizing midnite events

    Alot of the community members knows about this... Yet so so damn scared to mention a thing. And nobody is saying or doing anything.... Some scared to be excluded in the community & group hence, they receive cash to be part of a secret group...i can go....

    R.Kelly aren't the only one.....if all is being said is true.

    He may be needing some spiritual help... Or some rehabilitation...therapy who knows.

    Some of these females are the ones who have been too needy... Can be poverty or some...

    Should adequate investigations be conducted, the real truth will sure surface, some day it will come out.... God does not sleep.......

    I'm still wondering why my ex has not been convicted...

  • Adamma Oguh

    Adamma Oguh

     a months ago

    R Kelly, steer clear of Nigeria, we dont or need you.

  • Bridget McCarthy

    Bridget McCarthy

     a months ago


  • King Bean

    King Bean

     2 months ago

    ever since he started asking for publishing rights to his music, jus like MJ , they took care of him



     2 months ago

    R Kelly have not abused those females, them females are after the us dollars. They could have left when they wanted to. R Kelly helped them ladies so he haven't done anything wrong. Blacks in Africa needs to stop listening to the American narrorative and manipulation. R Kelly is a very good Black Man

  • Black


     3 months ago

    First let me say screw R.Kelly. But we should be playing chess here. If R.Kelly moves to Africa, it would put the spot light on Africa. Then Black people who had negative ideas of Africa would be like why he went there out of everywhere in the world he could have gone. So people would start researching, and finding out Africa is nice, not like they thought at all. Then it's becomes the cool place to be, and our rich Black celebrities would start moving there, and spending money there. Ounce African Americans, and African start to link up its a wrap. After, or during, all that, I'm sure we can find something to eat R. Kelly.

  • tiger John

    tiger John

     3 months ago

    Even they Vatican and they are pop's and fathers in there church in side western country thy have made thesame allegation but black people always have been accusing in many problems And they want make him collapse

  • Cathy Mccarthy

    Cathy Mccarthy

     3 months ago

    I dont think so Vp of Disney just got 81 months...at 73 yrs old...
    Dr. In La just sentenced, Ranier and Ali Mack arrested and convicted... so your are wrong about color... they have barely mentioned RKelly

  • Roberson Louis-Jeune

    Roberson Louis-Jeune

     4 months ago

    African Nations needs a law on their book to stop criminal from other countries. Just like United States of America if you have a criminal record you can’t come to the USA.

  • Best 37

    Best 37

     4 months ago +1

    R Kelly is really in trouble n he need help, a young man who started singing with God and backslide comeback backslide again many times and now this mess, he just need to repent totally and accept Christ else he no gonna make it because the devil need his soul now so badly

  • Charlesworth Isaac EL

    Charlesworth Isaac EL

     5 months ago

    I agree,he needs to stay in (babylon) north America,his mind to babylonian; unless he repent to the The Most HIGH YAHWAH for his vile behavior.



     5 months ago


  • Tackielemkwa


     5 months ago

    Although published five months ago, I wished to just say your statement close to the end as quote "We need to stop creating idols out of human beings who can't do anything for us" is beautifully floored along with other comments previously made to describe the aura surrounding that fellow R. Kelly's actions. 👍👍👍

  • Brother Blood

    Brother Blood

     5 months ago

    If we say we believe in the heavenly father that gave us so many chances because none of us is without sin. why can't we forgive and give him chances and accept him I really think that he should stay in America and let the Africans Americans except him and give him a second chance. So that other people can learn from this that we are Loving people and we do love our self. to me it looks like we love white people and other races more than we love Ourselves white people have done so much evil to us and white people forgive white people and set them free wake up African people all over the world

  • Mg Mm

    Mg Mm

     5 months ago

    Afrikans u r bullshiting da guy served his time or punishment didn't he?? Ofcourse he is welcome 2 Afrika and guess yall perfect huh?

  • Renenut888 Renenut888

    Renenut888 Renenut888

     5 months ago

    I won't judge a brother so the blood won't be on my hand and how many of you haven't wronged anyone, but you haven't been caught yet? Remember Europeans and Mongoloids love to see us turn against one another, but how many churches in African continent will be condemned or shut down due to pedophilia from Roman Catholics and many so called organizations that come in the name of helping, but Contaminate us with poisonous Porridge in Uganda, vaccinations of Ebola in West Africa and in Congo? oh are they going to shut down the Bill Gates foundation of vaccinations going around injecting our people with metals and diseases through so called Immunization... African leaders are walking in the black body, but with a European and Mongoloid spirits just like in the movie Get OUT...If many of you watched that movie and missed the point that Whites or Chinese can inherent our MELANIN body through hypnosis by torturing you close to death and when your soul or spirit is about to exit your body to death, they transfer the white person's white spirit into the MELANIN person's body...So all those African leaders have been cloned to fool us, but it's not their original spirit

  • Corretta Cobban

    Corretta Cobban

     6 months ago

    I think itz the continued lynching of BLACK alpha males ..... but let us not focus on this distraction .... keep your eyes on the ball ... AFRICA UNITY

  • Ibrahim Gassama

    Ibrahim Gassama

     6 months ago

    Great RKelly , " fiesta , fiesta " . Welcome to Africa bro .

  • Liveonpoint99


     6 months ago +1

    Love you Dr.Mumbi, but we no longer care if he is Black. Black women have been suffering from the left hand fist of Black men for decades on every continent. Stop it! Stop the abuse, our voices are not heard or respected when we speak. We no longer care if he is Black, stop all abuse against Black women globally!