R. Kelly to Flea to Africa After #SurvivingRKelly?

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, January 22, 2019
  • Is R. Kelly planning to flea to Africa to escape from the backlash from the #SurvivingRKelly docu-series that exposed his alleged abuse of countless women. But African have responded angrily on twitter, saying he is not welcome on the continent. Some have even joined the #muteRKelly movement and are pushing for their local radio stations to stop playing his music.Will R Kelly find refuge in Africa?
  • Source: https://youtu.be/8axvkG4S9As


  • GSHeverything _27

    GSHeverything _27

     6 months ago +219

    FLEEING to his HOMELAND??? he's been to Africa multiple times before, but now Continental Africans want to label it FLEEING, why don't we put that much energy in STOPPING the French, English, Chinese, Dutch, and the Russians from coming to the Motherland SMH...

  • ILana Yasharala

    ILana Yasharala

     6 months ago +123

    Dr. Mumbi. I am not a fan of R. Kelly but we need to get on code like the other nations do. Those who surrounded R. Kelly and benefitted off his talent knew what was going on the whole time. Africa welcomes and roll out red carpet for the Catholic Church who has ignored the many charges against catholic priest
    who have committed crimes against children and the colonizers who still continue to do harm to Africans. Please look into the women who are making these claims. They are not totally innocent. How did they really end up with R Kelly. Did he kidnap them? This “me too” movement is only targeting black men . Why don’t we focus on little children who are not able to defend themselves. I also see how the media gets us to focus on what they want us to and we go right along. It seems to me that we still are so easily manipulated and remain so easily persuaded to go along with the story that’s fed to us. You don’t see the other nations publicly persecuting members of their community. We are the only ones that do this. It’s time we grow up and start to think and stop letting the media tell us how to think or act, so we can really rise and become stronger. A nation divided cannot stand.

  • Black Tiger

    Black Tiger

     6 months ago +139

    Distraction Distraction Distractions
    Hey we don't care about Rkelly
    Steve wienstain or whatever is still free while bill Cosby is locked up

  • oche adeka

    oche adeka

     6 months ago +71

    I am not saying i support R Kelly in any way, shape or form, nobody should do what these ladies have accused him of doing to them to anyone, because it's disgusting and inhumane; but my question is! Why is it that powerful black men who are accused of such crimes are always convicted and sent to jail, but the white ones are always acquitted and discharged? I see it as a pure case of double standards.

  • Debaarah Israel

    Debaarah Israel

     6 months ago +89

    I will continue later...But are they dealing with The Roman Catholic also?..and all the Saudi Who does this horrible act..

  • Henry Oppong-Cottet

    Henry Oppong-Cottet

     6 months ago +64

    Even Donald trump has been accused but nothing has been done. Is always the black men.

  • Steven Hulk

    Steven Hulk

     6 months ago +47

    It should of not taken lifetime for rkelly to receive this much backlash. Something is up. This is targeted and black people are falling for it!

  • Agent of Destruction

    Agent of Destruction

     6 months ago +31

    yeah but the old rich white folks and white organizations who do the same can hide in some remote village in the continent and nobody bite a eye be fair to everybody not just him

  • AhaYAH Bepraised

    AhaYAH Bepraised

     6 months ago +95

    Eventually all so called african anericans will have to flee Babylon the 400 years is up

  • cheryl sample

    cheryl sample

     6 months ago +19

    The same way africa stands strong with people like R kelly they should use the same energy with europeans and chinese etc

  • Cheef Chikamuaga

    Cheef Chikamuaga

     6 months ago +31

    If you let the White man in Africa after his atrocities...........you should make R. Kelly president!!!!!......ijs

  • Goddess ByNature

    Goddess ByNature

     6 months ago +79

    Don't be so hung up on Charlamayge. He's very colorist and disrespectful to women of melinated skin. He shouldn't go to Africa neither. Him and R. Kelly are one and the same.

  • Eugenio Cabral

    Eugenio Cabral

     6 months ago +24

    If R.Kelly comitted a crime why is he not incarcerated? after so many years why now everybody is against him, we are quick to drag each other down in a heart beat, has someone checked his upbringring to see if the guy is carrying past luggage perhaps he needs a psychiatric intervetion, we need to stop letting people tell us who to like or hate, if the puppet master would not have him as a target South Africa would not have had an issue with R.kelly moving there, just saying

  • Panducation


     6 months ago +58

    He believes he can fly!

  • MrRedwhite12


     6 months ago +10

    I hope this negative energy don't stop the movement . A lot of people in the states are sticking by R Kelly. AA Know what tar and feather look like. Agents will use this to start fights online between AA and African. Let's leave this in the states. If ppl start saying R Kelly isn't welcome in Africa then you clearly haven't learn how divide and conquer works.

  • Jonny B

    Jonny B

     6 months ago +37

    Yes he was wrong, dead wrong but why wait until now? One strike after another targeting famous black people and don't even talk about the " common" black man, he gets the bullet. I think it all stems from the black awaking happening in America and the vast amount of knowledge of information available to anyone who wants to know the truth.

  • EB Bek

    EB Bek

     6 months ago +25

    He’s not found guilty of anything but Donald Trump has admitted in cheating and paying a porn star. Leave the brother alone, he’s welcome to the motherland. I have zero trust in western media, it’s very biased and evil.

  • Abaine Paul

    Abaine Paul

     6 months ago +17

    Exactly, why R. Kelly now? Africa has always been a house of refuge I would say let him run where ever he may.....if he is willing to quit the evil.

  • ysrael ben yahudah

    ysrael ben yahudah

     6 months ago +21

    Why even mention R Kelly who cares many folks tired of hearing about him or his issues.

  • S Earl

    S Earl

     6 months ago +35

    "This ain't the kind of bridge we're trying to build man" 😂 😂