The BEST of Tom Holland On The Graham Norton Show

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  • Published on:  Saturday, July 6, 2019
  • With Spiderman: Far From Home in cinemas, let's look back at some of Tom Hollan's finest moments on The Graham Norton Show.

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  • Gaddai The Rage

    Gaddai The Rage

     10 minutes ago

    0:24 Jake almost gave away a spoiler. Good save 🤣

  • Sarah Setiadi

    Sarah Setiadi

     5 days ago

    I really like the way Tom Hanks say "kid" for Tom Holland,
    He's always be a kid 😝

  • Shirin J

    Shirin J

     7 days ago +2

    Pointless detail but in every show he has a blonde woman to his left😂😅

  • Seren Bellamyyy

    Seren Bellamyyy

     7 days ago

    1:23 the most British ‘right’ I’ve ever heard

  • Morgan Mueller

    Morgan Mueller

     7 days ago

    ok we need to unite and find the girl from his class who he always says is pretty

  • JDo


     7 days ago

    who is that lady at 2 13

  • themoohaha


     7 days ago +2

    "bathroom" -_- no tom, its called a toilet

  • Graeme Matamua

    Graeme Matamua

     7 days ago

    Yo that MA trailer looks sick

  • SolarFan Wings

    SolarFan Wings

     14 days ago

    9:08 Jake 😆

  • SolarFan Wings

    SolarFan Wings

     14 days ago

    5:30 Tom Holland’s face....

  • Edwin Szeto

    Edwin Szeto

     14 days ago


  • Bradford Llyoncrest

    Bradford Llyoncrest

     14 days ago

    This guy has some of the best shows

  • Kwenele Mazibuko

    Kwenele Mazibuko

     14 days ago

    Tom Holland's British sarcasm. I love it!

  • Sophia Lin

    Sophia Lin

     14 days ago

    Jake Gyllenhaal (idk how to spell it) lying to our faces from the get go

  • SnowCloud


     14 days ago

    Wait did I sit next to TOM at school for 3 days!

  • Oisin Reilly

    Oisin Reilly

     21 days ago

    9:10 " that's when we team up , and we become best buds . On and off screen " yeeeee suuuuuuure , just friends 😏😉 friends don't try to kiss their other friend / bud ( Jake )
    Before you attack me as start saying " oh tom and jake aren't together , tom has a girlfriend and so does Jake " well 1. It's been confirmed MANY times tom and Olivia aren't dating , those articles you might have read are fake actually , those sources are fake , it's no one , it's made up , it's lies 2. I won't believe they're together until I see Jake and the girl he's spotted with sometimes either kiss or hold hands like other Celebrity people caught kissing or holding hands with their partner THEN I'll believe it
    And how I know tom and Jake are maybe together because they were in a Interview and they started to hold hands before the interview started and the person who has the " CUT !!! " White object thing covered it up 😏😉 and tom at his and Jake's Photoshoot were messing around behind the scenes and the last bit was tom about to kiss Jake but he never got to and he looked so dissapointed 😏😏 and you might be saying also " oh no no they joke " well ye sure they joke .... But only to cover up they're an item

  • Jaspreet Digpal

    Jaspreet Digpal

     21 days ago

    I love how tom seemed more sure which movies pepper had worn a suit than gwyneth 😂

  • Olivia Stridh

    Olivia Stridh

     21 days ago

    9:00 for my future self🤣

  • Benjamin Noble

    Benjamin Noble

     21 days ago

    Ben Perkins is Tom’s fake name

    Ben is MY NAME.

    BTW I called Tom by his first name because, well, you know, I have the same name as his fake personality, so...
    I’m pretty cool!

  • Adelaide McMillan

    Adelaide McMillan

     21 days ago

    What a cute nugget!