Emoni Bates Might Be The BEST PROSPECT Since Lebron James 😱Full Summer 2019 Highlights!

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  • Published on:  Friday, September 6, 2019
  • My guy Emoni Bates is a cold blooded killa on the court. Big bro can do it all. Catching bodies at the rim and has NBA RANGE from deep. Did I mention he was 15 years old!? Check out the video to see his full summer highlights!
  • Source: https://youtu.be/8d4Q--OkOR8


  • chinniwonkenobi


     21 days ago

    If I was taller, jumped higher, more athletic, able to dribble left handed, and had a jump shot.. he'd be in trouble

  • Light Iverson

    Light Iverson

     21 days ago +1

    If he can get to 225 and decent defender he will succeed at every level

  • Anthony Taylor

    Anthony Taylor

     21 days ago

    At 1:15 should have been a left hand move this kid is really good but I wish he would go left sometimes and use that left hand other top prospects do a smart good defender is gonna force this kid left I pray for this kid and for his family his high school is only 45 minutes down the road from emoni instead of doing all those dunks please work on ur left hand layups please good luck to u

  • Grizzlymint


     a months ago +2

    Another "next lebron" "next KD" I remember Andrew Wiggins had the same hype and really didn't pan out. Not discrediting the kid, he's good, but kinda disrespectful at this point to say the "next lebron" come on now.

  • Cheddaboi Cheddaboi

    Cheddaboi Cheddaboi

     a months ago

    This lil nigga is the nxt one up frfr

  • Codaaayyyy


     a months ago

    League bound

  • Andrew Lee

    Andrew Lee

     a months ago

    734 we made it

  • Nate Cruz

    Nate Cruz

     a months ago

    Let’s relax on the hype. He’s 15. Every year they call someone “the best prospects since [insert player’s name]”

  • M J

    M J

     a months ago

    Tell you this...EMONI THE REAL DEAL! NCAA and NBA BETTER BE READY!!! He Gona put it down on some dudes with some Sean Kemp dunks and some Durant rain from 35ft...posters available soon!

  • Koo Breeze

    Koo Breeze

     a months ago

    A see a young Kevin Martin

  • Tsunami Papi2

    Tsunami Papi2

     a months ago

    Wasn’t Zion the best since Lebron

  • Shai baggs

    Shai baggs

     a months ago

    Since LeBron? Did you not see the guy named Zion?

  • Nonchalant Baby

    Nonchalant Baby

     a months ago +4

    Title "Best prospect since lebron

    Me so we just gon forget about zion

  • raji martinez

    raji martinez

     a months ago +1

    Too skinny, not overly athletic or explosive. Has a bit of a tunnel vision. Needs to make his teammates better. His team lost early/1st rd at the Peach Jam and Bronnies team blew out him and his team by 30+ plus. Enuff' said. Overrated.

  • Dalbs


     a months ago


  • LeVelle Coley

    LeVelle Coley

     a months ago +2

    Best prospect since Lebron.......

    First 10 clips same dunk different gym lol. Just start the game footage I got interested, the beginning I was losing interest.

  • Mr Martin

    Mr Martin

     a months ago +1

    Man this kid is a monster. What the hell are they feeding this kid only 15. Definitely keeping my eye on him.

  • pristine


     a months ago +3

    Um Zion??

  • Darnel Jeudy

    Darnel Jeudy

     a months ago

    Look like Kd. Nor where near lbj

  • Deitrich Gaddis

    Deitrich Gaddis

     a months ago +1

    Luv ur game Emoni but we need a wind mill or something