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  • Published on:  Thursday, November 21, 2019
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    Does a capsule wardrobe really simplify your life and make it easier to put together outfits? Can I create interesting outfits with only 30 pieces of clothing while working as a ~fashion influencer~? How many HobNobs can I eat in a day without transforming into one giant chocolatey biscuit? These first world problems and more in today’s video, in which I try a capsule wardrobe for a month + try on all 30 fall / winter outfits I wore over the course of this experiment.

    tan coat: aritzia (http://bit.ly/2pWdK5O, more affordable: http://bit.ly/2OBAWyC)
    leather trench coat: blank nyc (http://bit.ly/3368yKd)
    plaid blazer: zara (similar: http://bit.ly/33683jd)

    black tee: re/done (http://bit.ly/2V64F8j, more affordable: http://bit.ly/2KOmjt2)
    white tee: re/done (http://bit.ly/2V64F8j, more affordable: http://bit.ly/2KOmjt2)
    band tee: vintage from @shop_jenn on instagram (similar: http://bit.ly/2Not3h6)

    corset: urban outfitters (similar: http://bit.ly/2qlEAEy)
    white tie front short sleeve: princess polly (https://bit.ly/2piyuV8)
    polka dot blouse: asos (similar: http://bit.ly/2XHmeKD)
    red cami: aritzia (http://bit.ly/2KJw1uC)

    white crew neck sweater: urban outfitters (similar: http://bit.ly/2XBNCJQ)
    white turtleneck: thrifted (similar + on sale: http://bit.ly/2OdtiM5)
    green sweater: & other stories (http://bit.ly/2MaVC0l)
    blue sweater (similar: http://bit.ly/2pDAKGE)

    vampy floral dress: reformation (http://bit.ly/2KKQZZU)
    black mini dress: urban outfitters (http://bit.ly/2KKbjdN)
    corduroy dress: & other stories (http://bit.ly/34cwVHt)
    velvet maxi dress: aritzia (http://bit.ly/2rkBS2j)

    tan tennis skirt: la apparel (http://bit.ly/348sWvy)
    red mini skirt: aritzia (http://bit.ly/37sokT0)

    tan plaid pants: urban outfitters (http://bit.ly/32k4xkQ)
    green plaid pants: & other stories (http://bit.ly/35s9xpS)
    tan pleated pants: urban outfitters (http://bit.ly/2mKqyun)
    jeans: afends

    corduroy overalls: & other stories (http://bit.ly/2J2tryQ)

    black bag: kozha numbers (https://kozhanumbers.com/collections/...)
    tan bag: jimmy choi (gifted)

    flat black boots: urban outfitters (http://bit.ly/33Jqb3o)
    lace up black boots: reformation
    brown croc boots: reformation (http://bit.ly/32WIAtD, similar + affordable: http://bit.ly/31LXjGn)
    loafers: free people
    nike air force one jesters (http://bit.ly/2KOXrSe)

    teal oversized t-shirt: urban outfitters (http://bit.ly/2ZbGwjl)
    black leggings: aerie (http://bit.ly/2Jxt5Tq)

    my designs! ➭ https://enroutejewelry.com/collections/bestdressed

    F A Q
    what’s your name? ashley
    what’s your instagram? @best.dressed
    how old are you? 21 (born in 1998)
    how tall are you? 5'5"
    what’s your ethnicity? half british and half burmese
    what equipment do you use to film?
    ➭ main camera: panasonic lumix gh5s (https://amzn.to/2Nb0W1z)
    ➭ 12-35mm lens (https://amzn.to/2JiSrz7)
    ➭ mic: rode videomic pro+ (https://amzn.to/2QHfZBU)
    ➭ vlog camera: canon powershot g7x mark ii (http://amzn.to/2DfL4cZ)
    ➭ canon m50 (https://amzn.to/2Dp1bnk)
    ➭ editing: final cut pro

    ♫ MUSIC
    i get most of my music from epidemic sound ➭ http://bit.ly/2VW00n4
    indian summer by hoax (https://thmatc.co/?l=EF522BF0)
    hate yourself by tv birds

    FTC: Not sponsored. Some of the above links are affiliate links, meaning I earn a small percentage of sales made via those links, but it doesn’t cost you anything extra!
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  • Santana Frehley

    Santana Frehley

     4 hours ago

    I actually prefer seeing outfit pieces repeated, because whenever I try to decide on whether to buy something or not, I have to sit there and think if it's something I would actually rewear. I have SO many things I have bought and only worn like, once, and to me that's a waste of my money. I love seeing all the different ways something can be worn. :)

  • MadisonPatton


     6 hours ago

    Ugh you seriously make me want to buy the lace tanks that you wear too. What section do you find them in in the thrift store?!

  • LuisaCetusce


     7 hours ago

    I love you Ashley. I don't care if you use the same outfit, what I like the most about your videos are to hear your thoughts. I think you are a very intelligent and interesting person <3

  • Dalia Lopez

    Dalia Lopez

     13 hours ago

    lol guess I overestimated you and thought you would give an explanation to your amazon sponsor but it’s been weeks with silence :/ it’s been fun but can’t contribute to this anymore

  • theboookowl


     20 hours ago

    I thought at first that a capsule wardrobe was like a time capsule thingy, you put clothes somewhere to wear like in 5 years......

  • April Funk

    April Funk

     22 hours ago

    Don’t worry about first world problems. Your channel is about fashion, it makes sense you’ll have more clothes

  • Setara Amiri

    Setara Amiri


    i literally hav 40 things in my closet and you call that a capsule-

  • clementine tully

    clementine tully


    i'm going to london next year for 2 months then possibly some spontaneous europe travel so this is so helpful thank you x

  • MyTrashSchuulProjects



    Bruh like why do u even have so many clothes just for YouTube? I mean do you even wear all of that

  • belle



    i haven’t watched your videos in a while so it’s so nice to see your vibe and hear your voice n personality again ngl

  • Lucyanne L

    Lucyanne L


    When she said a capsule wardrobe was like 30-40 pieces of clothing, I got sad. I probably don’t even have that much.

  • Beth Blvd

    Beth Blvd



  • frog grl

    frog grl



  • Kavya Thalody

    Kavya Thalody


    I think it'd be nice if we could see you repeat outfits, I mean I've been here long enough to be able to recognise most of your more commonly used items of clothing (not trying to brag or anything :) but you just have so many different pieces and your outfits are just always so amazingly well coordinated it kinda seems unattainable for me... I'm poor, and don't have as good a sense of fashion T^T
    But at the same time, your clothes are so cute and you're so cute, it makes me happy seeing your new outfits so I am torn.
    in the end, I think I just love you the way you are Ashley <3

  • Chloe Gibbs

    Chloe Gibbs


    Reusing is not bad at all like you said no a lot of people can afford so many clothes seeing the different outfits you come up with while reusing still helps

  • Sara Wawa

    Sara Wawa


    i outfit repeat like it's my job. whenever i get a new piece of clothing i just want to wear it all the time. and i do. so outfit repeat if you want sisterrrr

  • Sofia Anttila

    Sofia Anttila


    i like the variety but whatever works best for you keep doing it! love you and your content!

  • Zofia Plonska

    Zofia Plonska


    How I dress for dates( depends on where I’m going)
    If I’m going to the movies I would wear some jeans with a dressier top
    But if I’m going to dinner I will wear a dress or something like that

  • Dehlia Mc Carthy

    Dehlia Mc Carthy

     2 days ago

    I would love to see you re wear items of clothing in different videos/insta posts! Having a completely new outfit and never repeating something isnt an option for most people so id like to see how a piece can be worn differently! Also i think it would promote sustainability as people see its ok to re wear something and theyre not being pressured constantly to keep buying clothes they dont need.

  • Christina Petsinis

    Christina Petsinis

     2 days ago

    I like the variety of new outfits but I also appreciate the desire to be more sustainable/show us how to challenge that capitalistic mindset.