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  • Published on:  Wednesday, September 7, 2016
  • This is the story of the pregnancy of Nahla and Jaden, my two kids. They were born exactly 9 months and 2 weeks apart. There is some footage from the actual birth in this video... along with a bunch of photos.

    This was highly requested, which is why I chose to film it. Questions and comments are welcomed, please try to be respectful.

    OH also, I meant that I went in to labor at 33/34 weeks, not 32. My bad. I just noticed that while I was watching -post upload.


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  • Abd nor Tatit

    Abd nor Tatit

     14 hours ago

    ظاهرة من عينيها

  • julia perez

    julia perez


    How did u deal with getting pregnant again!

  • Jazzmen Fox

    Jazzmen Fox

     7 days ago

    Post pardom contractions are after every birth. Idk who told you that they were only after the second but no.

  • Sophia Estrella

    Sophia Estrella

     14 days ago

    This is making me feel all the pain again 😭 I had my daughter when I was 18 and my son 4 months ago. My daughter was a breeze, everything perfect, my son tho, epidural failed, at first my entire body went numb, couldn't even talk. They freaked, took me off and put a testing dose, then I couldn't get numb after that and gave birth 100% pain. It was excruciating. But he's here and he's beautiful thank friggin god my man's getting snipped cause no fucking thanks ever again 😭😭😭

  • Cody Austin

    Cody Austin

     21 days ago

    I 100% agree with the lower back pain! I had several epidurals within a short period of time and I have terrible lower back pain.

  • Keri Stevenson

    Keri Stevenson

     a months ago

    I can’t even watch this, it is a prime example of how little some people care about themselves or their yet born children. This is absolute craziness! I can’t believe you tell these stories, laughing and smiling? Are you fucking crazy?! This is so much more than young stupidity. Telling your personal life stories like this... I pray your children never watch this obvious dismissal of their health and well being.
    Have some flipping respect for yourself girl! Just because you aren’t confident about your body, it doesn’t mean you take whatever sniffs around you as if you aren’t worthy of love.
    For Gods sake, try to find things in your life that are meaningful...your kids were conceived because you and the baby daddy were to lazy to deal with contraception..., oh well, I guess were gonna have a baby?! Lol?!” Serious therapy needed, very serious. I pray you value your children more than you value yourself.

  • nashi xo

    nashi xo

     a months ago

    I'm 21 with 2 kids 2 and 1 years

  • Angie Suarez Ramirez

    Angie Suarez Ramirez

     a months ago

    Yes it has to do with the pain

  • Drea Brivio

    Drea Brivio

     2 months ago

    First and foremost thank you 🙏🏼 for sharing a very delicate and traumatic moment of your life. Being open with people can leave you feeling vulnerable. There is strength and humility in vulnerability. You’re a beautiful person inside and out.

    As for everyone else. I’ve read so many comments (shouldn’t have done that) talking crap! STFU. I do not care if you have “problems “ with her story takes your thoughts and direct them somewhere else if they’re not positive. I believe life never gives us more than we can handle. Many of you wouldn’t have been able to handle her struggles and I wouldn’t judge you for being weak. So don’t judge her for being strong. WTF.

  • Lakeyvion Mama

    Lakeyvion Mama

     2 months ago

    Women bodies are very powerful & strong 💪🏽 congratulations I mean who am I to judge it’s very amazing 😉 🥰

  • Leah Trujillo

    Leah Trujillo

     2 months ago

    I am so glad I found another mom with back to back babies. I’m 7 months postpartum and 5 months pregnant. Super happy and things are normal. I would love to hear your breastfeeding experiences. I had to stop at 4.5 months because I wasn’t producing hardly anything so I took it as a sign I need to take care of the baby in my belly. As for the sex at 5 weeks... same. We did it before the 6 week appointment. Condoms make it hurt more. For the people saying crap about her boyfriend having sex with her, sex hurts when you have it for the first time. It’s basically the same exact feeling and you have to get past it. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all. Moms get the worst criticism and it needs to stop.

  • Iris G

    Iris G

     2 months ago

    I felt absolutely nothing when I was in labor, I was walking around, no cramps, anything. Until I needed an emergency c section then I felt everything 😭 all the cutting, pulling, not the best experience

  • Nitasha C

    Nitasha C

     2 months ago +2

    This makes me want to not have children lmao I can’t 😭

  • De'Asia Parchment

    De'Asia Parchment

     2 months ago

    Some of you all don't have common sense if you think "pulling out" is going to stop a woman from getting pregnant. Secondly if she decided to lay there knowing she was in pain that was on her. Third clearly she nor him cared that a child would come after stopping birth control she clearly said after she found out she was pregnant they were happy soooo🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Hope Fritz

    Hope Fritz

     2 months ago

    Oh hunny. I love how honest you are about all of it. Love this.
    Also can I say I'm pretty sure your children are tongue tied which is why you struggled so hard with nursing. Look into it. Back then it wasn't caught a lot. There are providers who are able to take care of it without anesthesia because they use lasers that cauterize the wound immediately. My son is severely tongue tied and it affects his speech

  • Kimi Martinez

    Kimi Martinez

     2 months ago

    Girl.. 2 pregnancies back to back!! .. but you soldiered through it.. 💕 I'm sure you love them both unconditionally. Loves go out to you for being so strong and positive about the downfalls or struggles you endured altogether.

    Everyone has their opinions but yes 18 months of .. your life.. wooww most woman cant even handle one pregnancy or a week of hardship.. so jeebs I feel for you mentally and emotionally x

  • Rebecca Levy

    Rebecca Levy

     2 months ago

    Thank you so much for sharing your story ❤️

  • Samina Shikder

    Samina Shikder

     2 months ago

    You're a warrior! For going through those labour experiences and for giving birth to 2 beautiful kids and handling it all so well.
    My daughter was born on the 14th of November too! 😊 It's hard to believe that she will be a year old in a month and half!

  • TheTacticalBanana


     2 months ago

    Those glowy things when your son was born... SO COOL!

  • Vorneyy Fearon

    Vorneyy Fearon

     2 months ago

    Just watched this video thanks for sharing your experience. I don't have children but want to have them in the future. Me and my brother are 10 months apart and are the same age for 6weeks.