Meek Mill Beefs with Lace Front Wigs on Twitter

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, January 9, 2019
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  • Ashanti Stewart TV

    Ashanti Stewart TV

     7 months ago +533

    I stand with Meek Mill! Every girl on Instagram has the same wig, same body, and same outfits. Thanks Meek!

  • king James

    king James

     7 months ago +341

    Meek said what he said

  • ramari cover

    ramari cover

     7 months ago +191

    The sensitivity is real these days

  • mind Ur business

    mind Ur business

     7 months ago +298

    He was low key coming at nicki Duh

  • Sleaziest King

    Sleaziest King

     7 months ago +33

    I can’t believe meek wigs comment really got this much attention smh y’all way too sensitive

  • 11thWoods


     7 months ago +193

    Meek ain't the only one.. Some of yall look like damn fools outchea!! At least rock it so you look human.

  • brooklyn560


     7 months ago +192

    Lace fronts are wack fr fr tho

  • Durk Blevins

    Durk Blevins

     7 months ago +248

    Team natural hair👊#meekmill

  • Mom The Ebayer

    Mom The Ebayer

     7 months ago +86

    Yeah... ladies some of our lace fronts aren’t looking good!!! Now, there are some that looks like it’s coming out the scalp but the ones that’s not please BURN IT.

  • BabyfaceKese


     7 months ago +448

    I dont care if you rock a wig, weave, lace front, baldie, fade, natural or fro☺️🤞🏽☺️ as long as you rock it “Well” i dont care what you do baby lol💯💯💯

  • Tj Williams

    Tj Williams

     7 months ago +207

    Whos here before the "Meek hates black women" comments

  • #CeazeBred


     7 months ago +149


  • MistaTurner


     7 months ago +122

    Dude cant even have an opinion... smh

  • andrew russell

    andrew russell

     7 months ago +187

    As a black man it makes me sad to see naturally beautiful women using fake hair to feel beautiful

  • Thatguytee


     7 months ago +86

    Woman can have a comment about men and everything they do but men can’t have an opinion on them?

  • Mister JMH

    Mister JMH

     7 months ago +15

    I've always hated wigs period since I saw my grandmother's when I was 4. She took it off in from of me. She looked like Darth Vader when he took off his helmet. Since 84' I was like F... wigs.



     7 months ago +39

    The reason why he got so much backlash is because most of the women in his comments have have insecurities

  • f quint

    f quint

     7 months ago +102

    So let me get this straight...lace fronts are bad yet they all put girls wearing lace fronts in their videos? I 100% support women with natural hair or however one decides to style their hair but the messaging across the board is conflicting. If that’s how you feel then why are the “video girls” always wearing lace front wigs? Lmfao. This is so trivial it’s kind of funny but how hypocritical.

  • Shabazz 7:77

    Shabazz 7:77

     7 months ago +127

    Time for Black men to set our own standards for what we like and will accept regardless of who agrees

  • bluebelle181


     7 months ago +10

    Meek & the majority of the guys on here don't like lace front wigs but be in the same ones dms & liking the pics on instagram of the chick wearing a lace front wig. And wasn't Meek with Nicki who wore a wig just about every day of her career? Be mad