Meek Mill Beefs with Lace Front Wigs on Twitter

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, January 9, 2019
  • Kevin Hart says slim chance he'll host Oscars (00:04) ►
    Chris Rock avoids hosting the Oscars (00:36) ►
    Eminem outsells all artists in 2018 (01:21) ►
    Game of Thrones final season (02:14) ►
    Meek Mill Beefs with Lace Front Wigs on Twitter (03:43) ►

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    Meek Mill Beefs with Lace Front Wigs on Twitter

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  • dora williams

    dora williams

     3 months ago

    So who cares what y’all like and don’t like. If a woman said she didn’t like your way of dressing or how you look so what who cares you don’t have to live with them. Bye

  • Tonya Harris

    Tonya Harris

     6 months ago

    I wish men can stop telling us how to wear our hair and let us be women for once like it's bad enough the government already got rid of abortion. Stop making women suffer and let us live for once

  • Tonio Music

    Tonio Music

     10 months ago

    Charlemagne didnt give Eminem clues bomb or whatever he calls that

  • NotFunny ButFunny

    NotFunny ButFunny

     10 months ago

    BTS aka Bangtan Sonyeondan HELL YEAH

  • Take Out The Trash

    Take Out The Trash

     10 months ago

    That tittle is so hilarious meek mill beefing with lace front wigs on Twitter also why charlagmane snitching on Chris rock.

  • Joycr Waites

    Joycr Waites

     10 months ago

    Lol...why can't the brutha express that he hates lace fronts. What is he saying that's so deeply offensive. What, the man not allowed to hate lace fronts? So, since y'all protested against his unjust incarceration he's not allowed to say that lace fronts are wack??? What is this world coming to? We get offended by absolutely everything and it's stuff that is not so deep. I wear wigs sometimes I wear my own hair sometimes I do what I want depending on the mood and the look that I want and when I read the tweet that meek posted it wasn't that deep I just thought it was funny it's a man's opinion... Who cares?

  • Gross


     10 months ago

    Black American men = 🗑

  • Ali Hicks

    Ali Hicks

     10 months ago

    I don’t care if it’s glued, sewn or natural. Wear what compliments you. That net in the middle is gross

  • keisha Allen

    keisha Allen

     10 months ago

    Lacefront r cute wen u leave ur natural hair out n the front it has to b sleep n silky to blend in with the lacefront to b natural looking💯.

  • tiffanys right

    tiffanys right

     10 months ago

    They are wack with them thick fake ass parts.

  • Ijustlove Thots

    Ijustlove Thots

     10 months ago +1

    Tbh. I would burn every damn hair store to the ground cause it makes me wonder what yall hiding under that wig/weave.

  • Eric Williams

    Eric Williams

     10 months ago

    Mad about the truth about lace front. 🤔

  • Eloy


     10 months ago

    Lmao @ the name of this video.

    “That lace front kept me warm.” 😂😂💀

  • Kenney Dennard

    Kenney Dennard

     10 months ago

    I HAAAAAAAAATE Lace fronts!!!!! Period! They look dumb! Women! Stop it!!!!!! No apologies necessary

  • Phab Carter

    Phab Carter

     10 months ago

    I can see both side literally!

  • Jaythe90skyd


     10 months ago

    Black men are such hyprocrites you spend $500 on a couple pair of Jordans instead of your rent or child that's not only insecure but downright stupid. Black women who spend $100s on hair are idiotic too especially the ones who are 3 months behind on their rent and bout to get evicted. The black community in general is a hot mess when it comes to priorities and self-esteem.

  • love black

    love black

     10 months ago +2

    The thing is y'all don't have a bunch of kinky coils in ur video ,so until you men embrace natural women you can't complain

  • Jammzy


     10 months ago

    Well the fact that he knows it's a lace front is the problem. I will shout about weave and lace fronts from the rooftops. No shame. Buuuuut you won't be able to tell. If you look really closely at the Kardashians' wigs in pictures....Omg. Trainwrecks... especially Kylie. I don't understand.

  • chris vemba

    chris vemba

     10 months ago

    Stop 🛑 it meek your all hype because your messing with a Puerto Rican 🐥 stopppppp ittttttt it was all good like a week ago

  • Dawn Woody-Poitra

    Dawn Woody-Poitra

     10 months ago

    I thought you were supposed to slick down the baby hairs to hide it! lmfao... anyway I've never worn a wig, I prefer natural over the fake stuff