I built the cheapest TT Lambo in my garage

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 2, 2018
  • Freddy "Tavarish" Hernandez loves a good project, especially one no one thinks can be done. When he set out to rebuild a salvage title, fire damaged, twin-turbo Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder the haters said it couldn't be done.

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/8or22x3U2B0


  • Burgerkinglover32


     6 days ago +1

    Ferrari is old money Lamborghini is new money

  • Tom Lopez

    Tom Lopez

     8 days ago

    That hair line though

  • kamikazekaos


     8 days ago

    Try and find out it’s previous owners and info, I’m sure I have lol..... anyway you are very brace to take this car on nevertheless you pursue your goals which shows in your strong character,good luck in this because I’m looking to buy a gallardo or 430, wish me luck

  • Gixxer983


     10 days ago

    Ohhh it was built in a garage. Ohhh. I thought most cars are repaired on a cornfield.

  • Invader


     11 days ago

    I don't like Lamborghinis or Ferraris, but I highly respect this guy's work and dedication to this Lamborghini. That just makes that particular Lamborghini 10x cooler in my eyes.

  • Jason B

    Jason B

     15 days ago +1

    It doesn’t click because it’s “not full”, it clicks because the tank requires some room for vapors, by law (and physics), and that’s why it’ll click before the liquid occupies all the volume of the tank.
    But legally and functionally, it is as full as it can safely be. You are not supposed to override the vapor space by “tilting it to the side” or ignoring the click. Each tank of a modern car is designed to induce the click at the safest possible fill level.
    Anyway, hope this helps anyone who’s been curious on why the click seems premature.

  • seventhday savior

    seventhday savior

     20 days ago

    I love tavarish! He da man!

  • Ahmet Kıpkıp

    Ahmet Kıpkıp

     26 days ago

    Hey man I know you worked on it hard but stop saying built tt at garage shit..

  • Hector Manuel Anaya

    Hector Manuel Anaya

     27 days ago

    Is that a Cletus at 7:17??

  • Mike Willis

    Mike Willis

     a months ago

    Awesome seeing Freddy here! The people that delight in seeing others have setbacks especially with a cool project like this, have nothing going on in their own lives so they want to make others feel bad.

  • Henry Kreismer

    Henry Kreismer

     1 months ago

    Its funny because you get the same ussues with subarus and people not wanting to tube what a shop didnt touch

  • Christiaan Ndoro

    Christiaan Ndoro

     1 months ago

    I see Tavarish got a bit dolled up for the interview - almost didn't recognize him :)

  • Jimmy Salinas

    Jimmy Salinas

     1 months ago

    Interested to know if one of the original shops was UGR or Dallas Performance? 👀

  • daniel cipriano

    daniel cipriano

     1 months ago +1

    This dude really sprayed in his hair line ....

  • J. Mig

    J. Mig

     1 months ago

    Man, ads in YouTube are getting out of hand...

  • Charles Waldon

    Charles Waldon

     1 months ago


  • gnarshread


     1 months ago +1

    Right on! This dude is a huge middle finger to the "peanut gallery" and I love it! We need more people like this to help make this kind of knowledge easily accessible. I run into the same stuff in the Ducati community. 90% of any question you ask is "take it to the dealer".

  • gregistopal


     1 months ago

    Fire damaged and it cost 70k sounds like a rip off

  • Aatreya katiyar

    Aatreya katiyar

     1 months ago

    When are you calling chrisfix

  • schmbrt96


     1 months ago +1

    Jeremy can tune anything lol