I Challenged Rob To A $100 TFT Game!

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  • Published on:  Saturday, August 10, 2019
  • Whoever gets the highest place wins!
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/8viuucmUFcs


  • Emanuel Lamaj

    Emanuel Lamaj

     3 months ago

    U missed 5 phantoms dude in mid game cmon jon my OCD went crazy

  • Greg Riehl

    Greg Riehl

     3 months ago

    "People are yelling at the screen right now"

    I was frustrated right when you kept level 2 Zed in instead of level 2 Akali. That's the most natural progression ever. Legit dropping a Ninja/Assassin for a better Ninja/Assasin. Plus you would've gotten those items off Zed to put on someone better! You were losing Ninja because you were putting in a 2nd one (Ninja only works with exactly 1 or 4 Ninjas). Then you sell the Akali and pull the Kha'zix for Kat and lose void on top of it!

  • Inferno


     3 months ago

    Omg i missed this so much

  • Spirit


     3 months ago

    bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum MR SANDMAN BRING ME A DREAM!

  • BadAninjabeast


     3 months ago

    Jon next time yu play try usin a strategy of maybe 1 or 2 tanks in front and maybe 1 in back and have yur strongest attackers inbetween

  • Collin Carpentier

    Collin Carpentier

     3 months ago

    Do an opening with the new creatures that came out

  • A Haugen

    A Haugen

     3 months ago

    Do more egg openings jon

  • Aniq Tarafder

    Aniq Tarafder

     3 months ago

    Does he play league as well?

  • Stun Fisker

    Stun Fisker

     3 months ago

    Watching you play actually hurts my soul. But I love you Jon I really do lol.



     3 months ago

    though this was team fortress two. Am disappoint.

  • Eric Wolfley

    Eric Wolfley

     3 months ago

    Gets akali with a tear on zed and a large rod in the bank.... makes a static shiv instead im now crying

  • Eric Wolfley

    Eric Wolfley

     3 months ago

    Made me rage when he didnt buy the rengo

  • Nothing Vo

    Nothing Vo

     3 months ago

    No one has even talked about him keeping in morde for so long until he finally he had use with karthus

  • Jonas Christensen

    Jonas Christensen

     3 months ago

    Picking zed over Pyke and Akali and still keeping the items on him smh

  • Ryanjhallnavy


     3 months ago

    How much is the game?

  • loizos salamina

    loizos salamina

     3 months ago

    omg jon you actually tilt me so bad this video haha, akali is 3 times better than zed especially if she's level 2 just switch them and who needs a level 3 pyke anyway.... still love you though <3

  • PengWhy


     3 months ago

    Do you have to play moba games in order to understand TFT?

  • Pascal Wever

    Pascal Wever

     3 months ago

    @jon you might constrate more at what ur team is and what you can buy you skip so much...

  • vidimurphy


     3 months ago

    I love you Jon but keeping zed over akali was infuriating to see

  • Toggeli


     3 months ago +1

    I really miss the times where Jon and Rob grinded to get to challanger elite, i used to sit down every night before bed time and eat food and watch Jon and Rob. Ily you both. Love to Rob❤️💔

    Edit: btw i've been a fan since 10k subs