Blizzard's Most Controversial WoW Expansion: Why Battle for Azeroth Is Setting The Community On Fire

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  • Published on:  Thursday, June 14, 2018
  • Pick up Before the Storm for free today on this video's sponsor, Audible: Battle for Azeroth alpha/beta process has been one of the most dramatic yet, with Blizzard taking flat on all fronts, from storytelling to gameplay changes. Today we'll work out why this is happening, if it is overblown, and how some of it might just be Blizzard faking us out.
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  • BellularGaming

     1 years ago

    *Update on the beta key giveaway*Thanks for entering. The contest is now closed. I will contact winners & distribute keys later today.

  • Divinion

     10 months ago

    "Your macros being a bit less useful" And that's a problem right there in my opinion. The fact that the game could just be played with macros for, just no, should have never been a thing.

  • William McColl

     1 years ago

    I was going to thumbs down but I liked the video, except those fucking lights I still see them and now my eyes hurt. I havent seen any other of your videos but if I do and you are doing those fucking lights in the background I am never watching again, so edit yourself, you might think their cool but they take away from what you are saying.

  • holymolie

     1 years ago

    Been playing since Vanilla. I miss being an adventurer in Azeroth instead of a world saving 'hero'. Anyone else?

  • TheAstrius

     5 months ago

    Everything after Vanilla and BC is inferior to Vanilla and BC.

  • Sharpie Gaming

     8 months ago

    I just want tabards to be useful again and the gcd removed.

  • MrAchsas

     11 months ago

    i got zero hype to be honest

  • SpeakerCone

     10 months ago

    I miss exploring a world which is largely indifferent to me if not overtly hostile. Not being made the centre of attention all the time, not being brought in for high level diplomatic talks between leaders of nations or for an audience with a god who makes sure I have the right shield. I don't want to be some destiny-fulfilling hero, I just want to go on an adventure with my friends. It's one of the really unique things that WoW used to do so well.

  • Joe Sammons

     5 months ago

    @TheAstrius I agree that TBC was freaking amazing! The bosses were awesome, content was fun and engaging. I've got a toon on a BC server but the guild disbanded and all my friends stopped playing....another lost Legacy server :( gotta love ganking enemies! Was taking down some people on WotLK last night and they were pissed. Logged onto a toon so they could whisper me and told me to leave them alone so they could level in peace...I laughed. Those people just need to move to PVE servers and be done with...

  • TheAstrius

     5 months ago

    @Joe Sammons See there was alot I didnt like about WOTLK I mean it was way better than anything after it but to me its inferior to BC. STV back in the day was fun as hell. I used to gank alot in Arathi and Wetlands with a hunter, would start little town wars and kill people until they raged destroyed their keyboards. Would hide under the water jump out when people were fishing it was great, I knew the mountain areas surrounding those two maps so well I could hide without stealth.

  • JoyDeparted

     1 years ago

    Fans: ''Blizzard can't ruin the game anymore, we're safe''Blizzard: ''Hold my beer''

  • CJ B

     4 months ago

    This game just stacked complexity over complexity

  • Arnmazing

     6 months ago

    JoyDeparted I think it's more Activision than blizzard. They've been ruining the game since the merger in 2008. Just like how they ruin their own games.

  • Nor Adrenalin

     1 years ago

    As for the lorewise power creep debate: The only thing that is more dangerous than a world-ending Space Satan, is the bunch of murder hobos who defeated said Space Satan.

  • Dan Weeks

     10 months ago

    Murder hobos, hahahaha!!That is SUCH an apt description of "Adventurer!" Love it.

  • The Silencer

     11 months ago

    The Player... The true threat of the world of azeroth.. Will kill anything as long as it has loot.. Is immortal.. Cannot die.. Will always come back to life

  • LycanVonWolf

     1 years ago

    do not give us that crap about it being hard to make a deep character in an MMO. That is false the writers can easily make them much deeper if they focused more of the quests on the characters just like any other game

  • Puro

     11 months ago

    When people say "If I am to be honest" I always wonder, do you usually lie, since you have to clarify when you're being honest? :P

  • Ramin Rahnema

     9 months ago

    Puro honestly i dont know

  • eurosonly

     1 years ago

    The class dumbing down makes legion class dumbing down look good.

  • Bruce Forte

     1 years ago

    I don't want my characters to be as important as they are now. I really hate how we're no longer adventurers.

  • War Tides

     3 months ago

    The speed of level progression is the real problem. Level 1 to 120 at classic wow speeds and no purchasing level boost and when you get to 120 it’ll be okay to be a critical part of the story! Heck you are 120!!!!!!

  • Brown Cow

     7 months ago

    I agree, im not the gad damn chosen one. you think i single handedly ran this fucking raid? what about the other people who out dps'd the shit out of me so i can get carried lmao i like world of warcraft for the story and im "humble" (for a lack of better word) enough to know it doesn't revolve around me and my actions.