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  • Published on:  Thursday, May 16, 2019
  • The Daily Show highlights young people taking an outsized role in politics, including teen activists from Parkland and kids who challenged Dianne Feinstein on climate change.

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  • Erik Cnating

    Erik Cnating

     8 hours ago

    3:30 Trevor: "What if it was like a fake cup and now you would've exposed the fact that I don't have any real things in my cups?

    Good one Trevor!😂😂😂 Love it when you go off script.

  • James Peden

    James Peden


    Arm teachers and see to it the know how to use their guns, devote the first day to demonstrating their proficiency, problem solved.

  • Chema Alva

    Chema Alva


    Is every Gen X kid gay??



     2 days ago

    He said all that porn you decided not to watch because you're into politics. Hilarious

  • Mallory Anderson

    Mallory Anderson

     21 days ago

    I had to vaccinate myself. I got diagnosed with tetanus poisoning 6 years ago. I almost died. Got my tetanus shot, survived, then last year I got my measles and hep shots. I hated being the antivaxx mom's kid. I'm 31 years old. My kids are vaccinated.

  • Jacob Tran

    Jacob Tran

     21 days ago


  • Shaun Sylve

    Shaun Sylve

     21 days ago

    I think she just gave them a push, besides I'm sure them kids will be great!!!


  • Mikael Jensen

    Mikael Jensen

     21 days ago

    Just for your info. Remember a few years ago. CFC gasses like freon that, when released at earth surface, throgh a 20-30 years proces of biological/chemical interaction breaks down the Ozone layer. When the scientist discovered/realised that proces around 40 years ago, we used ALOT of CFC gasses. Because the scientist were believed then, the politicians around the world reacted and gave the scientist a few years to come up with replacements/other solutions. At the same time immidiate limitations were put in place where it wasnt deemed absolutely neccesary to use CFC gasses. Fx the electronics industry used a lot of Freon gasses to clean print plates while they worked on building/reparing them etc. Where they could they used other solvents. The ozone layer have for the last approx 5-10 years begun to close again. Still there are a gabing hole in the Northern hemisphere (depending of time of year) BUT since we did drastically reduce the usage of CFC´s it is expected to accelerate in its healing. Hadnt the world reacted we would now have faced an explosion in skincancer cases, just as the contribution to the filtrering of the suns rays that would drastically have gone down it would have contributed to raising the global temprature and the melting of the Ice sheets at Greenland and Antartica.
    Reg. Electricity usage I agree, however I wanna lead your attention to the devlopment last decade in solar and especially windmills. Some countries, like Denmark took the warning from climate scientist serious many years ago and have been putting up more and more windmills. The development in Offshore windmillparks mills have been a gamechanger. Denmark, last Sunday made a new country worldrecord since they produced 130% of their own EL needs, primarily from windmills, coming from CO2 emission free solution. IF all countries that havent dont it yet immidiately imposed a tax, with a small preannounced increase every year, it would make decentralised solutions, like solar and wind, an even better investment than they are now. This would create an explosion in financial investment and create jobs and economic growth "overnight". It is possible to change.
    Check out these 18 countries that seem to have found the key to have growth while having a steady decline in CO2 emissions.

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    United States 15.53
    Russia 10.19
    China 6.59
    India 1.58

    America is NOT excactly leading in CO2 reductions. Last year US CO2 emissions actually began to rise again. US have less than 5% of global population and emit over 20% of worlds emissions.
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    While I am at it

    I feel the need to correct Trump. He said some weeks ago that US would have to buy windmills from China. Denmark has for the last 40 years consistently been building the largest most advanced windmills in the world. The worlds largest producer of industrialised windmills have HQ in Denmark. Its Vestas. The worlds largest testcenter for windmills are in Denmark and are used by all the worlds largest windmill and components herefore manufactors. The developement in this field has really taken a leap last decade. Offshore windmillparks can be placed below the horizon seen from the coastline. When basic structures and cables have been installed first time, they can be used again when the mills have worn out after 25-35 years. The then even more efficient mills can then be replaced even cheaper due to the exsisting infrastructure. The old mills can be remelted and used to build new ones. Windmills, as other machines with moving parts, have to be maintained and thus create steady jobs beyond the installation process. As times go more and more electric cars will drive our streets. If they all are set to make large recharges at night where EL usage typically are lower they function as a giant decentralised battery. If you have overproduction at night same windmills can use the power to, fx in california to desaltificate seawater thus solve another urgent problem there, the urgent need of more fresh water. Or in rual areas fx be coupled to Hydrogen producing units. Hydrogen in a motor produce H2O (water) as emission. The EL to Hydrogen conversion greatly reduces the overall efficiency-end user cost wise- of Hydrogen. Scientists all over the world are working on cracking that right now.

    IF we want a future that somehow resembles what we have now, we need to ACT NOW. We HAVE the knowledge AND the solutions. Lets go! :-)

  • Crackhead Planes

    Crackhead Planes

     a months ago

    69 haha 😂

  • prerna Sharma

    prerna Sharma

     a months ago

    Loved the rap😂😂😂

  • kervin Dinard

    kervin Dinard

     a months ago


  • Anthony Kennedy

    Anthony Kennedy

     a months ago +1

    I'm in love with Trevor noah

  • g. kiss

    g. kiss

     a months ago +1

    Until these kids some of them, who are the families of political Senate employees, mixed with the kids who went to the school's that had gun shooters , But what about the children that were killed by the system of justice that says they are here to protect and serve. Our police officers have killed more children of color than the student gun killers the "domestic terrorist" looks like to me this small group of kids is only doing a generational update of being in control of guaranteeing the next generation of kids of the NRA a a "no worries future" I would have believed that these kids were legit, but until everyone is included in the causes to be rid of gun violence ..... to late to send your kids to pull the wool over Americans eyes now we get the real message ..... NO ONE IS SAFE 😤

  • Chi Chang

    Chi Chang

     a months ago

    So ashamed that they're California's senators 🙄

  • Marjorie Johnson

    Marjorie Johnson

     a months ago

    Trevor asked the students about going back after ....there is no going back to how it was...their childhood was stolen..gone forever.

  • Noel Bockholt

    Noel Bockholt

     a months ago

    feinstein is an ass !

  • crazeechickee11


     a months ago

    Honestly, I can't wait for the day that people stop asking kids who get involved in politics if they 'really think they can change things' and tell them that 'there are thing that are outside of their control.' These kids ABSOLUTELY know that politics are in their power and that they can and WILL make things change, it's time to stop acting like they don't know what they're doing when the consequences of a fascist government are directly affecting their lives!

  • Rufus Black

    Rufus Black

     a months ago

    racist alert... nobody cared as long as it was young black kids... cindy dies and now...NOW they want my guns...gtfoh

  • Asmi


     a months ago

    7:00 dont insult children please

  • Asmi


     a months ago

    youre making me cry