Final Fantasy VIII Remastered's Backgrounds Appear Mostly Untouched

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, August 13, 2019
  • A recent peak at Final Fantasy 8 Remastered's background shows us that the backgrounds haven't receive the same amount of love as the character models.


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  • Riddler Subliminals

    Riddler Subliminals

     21 days ago

    Something i realized is that the steam version of the original game, uses the same file for the save. Maybe the Mods are compatible

  • Midnight Wildspirit

    Midnight Wildspirit

     21 days ago

    now only I can find $20 on the ground somewhere... 🤑

  • coldogno7


     a months ago

    im expecting them to remastered squall face to looks similar like in the fmv @ 1:44
    but itthe end result doesnt look the same at all,they make squall looks like emotionless cartoon template and boring face

  • Billy Bob

    Billy Bob

     a months ago

    Is that Rinoa in the thumbnail?

  • HavokStrifeX


     a months ago

    I'm way more butthurt they didn't make it 16:9. i.e. you'll be playing it in a small square in the middle of your hdtv..

  • SpoonyLionheart


     a months ago

    I hope Square gets enough complaints that they eventually patch it.

  • t124 y848

    t124 y848

     a months ago

    backgrounds look better on ps1 version

  • AGMC Room 237

    AGMC Room 237

     a months ago +1

    They probably used his fighting game model

  • Robert Williamson

    Robert Williamson

     a months ago

    Why. Is the text. So awful?! Is it so difficult to just give us the old typeface and improve it a bit. This font looks fucking gross. It was also a problem in FF9 remastered. Luckily in FF 7 the font was the same iirc. At least on consoles.

  • Mangzorz


     a months ago

    So disappointing, man...

  • Kent Richland Sr.

    Kent Richland Sr.

     a months ago

    Very Excellent

  • Rez


     a months ago

    The background looks better than Squalls face.

  • Yago Kain

    Yago Kain

     a months ago

    Whenever i think about those backgrounds in 4k on ps4 or xbox, the rope around my night gets tighter significantly, like seriously, emulating the original ps1 version and putting it to 4k res make less shitty looking backgrounds, congrats square, never pull that head out of your ass.......atleast the pc version will be decent

  • olive4naito


     a months ago

    I hate Squal's new look. I prefer the pixelated Picasso look better.

  • SaiiBoost


     a months ago

    Typical half assed Square-Enix cash grab.

  • awddrifter 02

    awddrifter 02

     a months ago

    Why didn't Squaresoft backup the SGI models they used for the CG backgrounds of FF7/8/9, instead of deleting/overwriting them? Did they really never backup those models to a tape drive or something? Maybe they exist in a big junk pile of PC parts in Liberia or somewhere.... I hope someone asks this question to someone who worked at Squaresoft in the tech dept sometime.

  • awddrifter 02

    awddrifter 02

     a months ago +1

    If ninostyle ever creates his awesome character models for ff8 too, then I guess we can just skip the remaster, since modded ff8 will be superior in every way

  • Charles Sami Amyouni

    Charles Sami Amyouni

     a months ago +1

    If this was SEGA, the one who could have been working on the remaster were the modders.

  • Dahaka461989


     a months ago

    Wait.. I heard they was about to add voice acting in this version..

  • Brian Kinney

    Brian Kinney

     a months ago

    Thst long they could of just remade the whole game.