White House Officials Get Left-Swiped | The Daily Show

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  • Published on:  Monday, June 25, 2018
  • White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is the latest member of Team Trump to face public condemnation, and Trump staffers complain that their boss is a dating buzzkill.

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/8zhYDFjniTo


  • Kevin McFarley

    Kevin McFarley

     23 hours ago

    America is in decline because of the hatred of republicans. But, we have survived greater threats. When I was young, it was the Viet Nam war, racial segregation in the south, legal discrimination against women, prison for gays and lesbians. The generation gap was the biggest story, the hatred between young people for the middle aged and old people. I was young, and we said, "Don't trust anyone over the age of 30." We were the baby boomers, our numbers were massive, and we took control of not only the government but of our culture. If the young people today unite and vote, they can end this nightmare. Young people allied with immigrants have the numbers to take control of U.S. culture and the U.S. government. Do it! Reach out and take power young people. If you unite, you have more power than middle aged and old people. Take power into your hands! You have many allies. People of color are your allies, women are your allies, old hippies like me are you allies, 21st century people are your allies. TAKE POWER! Trump's average voter was white people over aged 65 with a high school education. Do you want people like that to determine your future? TAKE POWER! VOTE.

  • Ninjathumbs


     6 days ago

    The smile forming on his face as he said that last line is priceless

  • cheetos guy

    cheetos guy

     7 days ago

    Can trevor be president

  • Abdul Hannan Abdul Matheen

    Abdul Hannan Abdul Matheen

     7 days ago


  • Trista & The Edibles

    Trista & The Edibles

     14 days ago

    notice what a spiteful pos trump is -/making up sh+it in the attempt to ruin their business/ Really, what a f'n shartstain on U.S. & world history/he's no mystery in the presidential department ! /a Total failure of a man, a walking disaster/l'enfant terrible - the demolition man ! /A one-man HATE CRIME/ ground zero WARCRIME OF A MAN!/ should be locked up, of that i'm sure, I am/

  • Louis White

    Louis White

     14 days ago

    The restaurant owner nocan sue the US government for slander, by one of its employees while in an official capacity, of their business name.

  • Shin


     14 days ago

    Fatman attacks the appearance of things... Always loved that one

  • Levi Seul

    Levi Seul

     21 days ago

    If a political party is so disliked in the country they even start to refuse serving them, this smells like a civil war is brewing together. We all know Trump and his gang of criminals wont leave the white house no matter how much you push or pull, they have already bought the law. The only way i see this ending is sadly with bloodshed, because you can not remove him and for the well of the country and the entire world, Trump need to be removed. A president is suppose to be there for the people of his country, not the chosen few he likes or who he benefits from.

  • Bekaye Camara

    Bekaye Camara

     21 days ago

    You thought it was a normal person, but it was ME, SARAH HUCKABEE SANDERS

  • TJ Wilson

    TJ Wilson

     28 days ago


  • Elva Hernandez

    Elva Hernandez

     28 days ago


  • Silver Dollar

    Silver Dollar

     1 months ago

    Trump it's not nice to talk about it yourself . 🙄 u Fool🤭🤘 lol that's what I say. 🙄

  • xXTheBl4ckC4tXx


     1 months ago

    6:17 now think if someone would do that against homosexuals or non white people

  • xXTheBl4ckC4tXx


     1 months ago

    To kick them out was an extreely bad decision, that gives more groundwork for people denying service to others, just imagine people denying even more gay people and minorities...

  • azzam fardiandanu

    azzam fardiandanu

     1 months ago

    I love how people in the studio applause

  • Ronald Kline

    Ronald Kline

     1 months ago

    two wrongs dont make a right we should not force ourselves down to their level yes we should confront them but at a respectable level not like raging dogs like trump and his corrupt allies do lets be Americans! They cant take that away from us!

  • alex


     2 months ago +2

    "Yes I'm kicking you out and you have to pay." 😂😂

  • Kyle Stubbs

    Kyle Stubbs

     2 months ago


  • Mayur Chavhan

    Mayur Chavhan

     2 months ago

    Trump administrations are tasting their own medicine and it's very bad

  • Cory Hickman

    Cory Hickman

     2 months ago

    I thought the rule was treat others the way you want to be treated. Sure people can be Aholes, but that doesnt give you the right to form mobs against them. Sometimes all a person needs to be shown is respect and taught what it's like to give and receive. If both sides go at each other like this. It will only go down hill. It will only get worse and will never get better. Sometimes I feel like America is on the verge of another civil war.