Patriots vs. Ravens Week 9 Highlights | NFL 2019

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  • Published on:  Sunday, November 3, 2019
  • The New England Patriots take on the Baltimore Ravens during Week 9 of the 2019 NFL season.

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  • Jan Stewart

    Jan Stewart

     2 hours ago

    The ravens look like the niner team when they had Harbaugh and kap and slaughtered the Pats at home

  • DivorcedChicken


     10 hours ago +1

    Man, it’s always a brawl when these two teams get together. It’s always a close game

  • Van Ralph

    Van Ralph

     19 hours ago

    That muffed punt 😤

  • Yemal Internationali

    Yemal Internationali

     20 hours ago

    The age of the immobile quarterback is over!

  • P4F Ace

    P4F Ace


    Both teams ass asf

  • Queso Chris

    Queso Chris


    I see a potential rematch in the AFC championship Ravens Vs Patriots

  • noob gaming

    noob gaming


    After my chiefs struggled against the lions to get a w I knew right then they kc was over hyped weeks later I was right and I have bad news for Patriots haters they're winning the afc noone is stopping them this year and this beat down they got from the ravens will not happen again come postseason

  • Sam Gallimore

    Sam Gallimore


    Nobody: we need more of a night club strobe light feel for home games in B more.

    Camerawork: we got your back 😉

  • Nestor Lugo

    Nestor Lugo


    So Burkhead was down by contract
    But Ingram fumbled!


  • ducktravisty louisiana

    ducktravisty louisiana


    The Patriots have a good team this year, but they will never be able to stop Lamar & the Ravens under any circumstances.

  • carlindelco



    LOL new England got trounced

  • iTsLeo


     2 days ago

    That's how the Patriots are without the ref

  • Chris Delgado

    Chris Delgado

     2 days ago

    Beat the Patriots...

    Have a good run game..
    Blitz Tom Brady..

  • CompañiaMZ Zambada

    CompañiaMZ Zambada

     2 days ago

    Wt out that line brady just another QB...jackson a bad mofo

  • Subpro_ 5604

    Subpro_ 5604

     2 days ago

    All what I have to say is LAMAR JACKSON NEEDS TO BE IN THE HALL OF FAME!!

  • Levi Wallen

    Levi Wallen

     2 days ago


  • Quando Cashboy

    Quando Cashboy

     2 days ago

    Ravens going to the super bowl were the most formidable force in the NFL right now believe that #RavensNation

  • Ggg Hhh

    Ggg Hhh

     2 days ago

    Who's the guy at 1:29 ?

  • ruleireland6


     2 days ago

    Remember when Ravens fans booed Lamar after he took em to the playoffs last year? Lol no wonder no one takes y’all serious anymore

  • SJ Tre

    SJ Tre

     2 days ago

    That scramble at 9:17 is unreal. What a talent.