What NBA Players Thought of LeBron James Before He Was Drafted First Overall in 2003

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 16, 2017
  • What NBA Players Thought of LeBron James Before He Was Drafted First Overall in 2003 NBA Draft - talking about how NBA players and Cavs players reacted to LeBron James before he was drafted first overall in the NBA Draft. I think it's pretty funny how it turned out!





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  • Natensity Entertainment

    Natensity Entertainment

     14 days ago

    His own teammates talked that shit, now look, they all broke and LeBron a Billionaire.

  • Lou Burgunde

    Lou Burgunde

     21 days ago

    Jordan is the New era of basketball! No disrespect to LBJ! I believe by the time he retires,,, Top 5! I really do not want to get into a debate about MJ or LBJ

  • Lou Burgunde

    Lou Burgunde

     21 days ago

    Jordan was not just points Jordan was all around and a complete player. When LeBron James retire he still will not be ranked higher than Michael Jordan all-time

  • Christopher jones

    Christopher jones

     21 days ago

    U funny af for this video watching the interview and then saying shit like what bandwagon lol

  • jose joseph

    jose joseph

     21 days ago

    MJ is points.....KING JAMES is most completed player.............and kobe is XEROX/ COPY player

  • Jamal james

    Jamal james

     28 days ago +1

    Bron showed Dem fools. U might win the battle but I'ma win the WAR

  • ToHellwithYou


     28 days ago

    I can watch that disrespect from bums

  • Maurice Blackmon

    Maurice Blackmon

     28 days ago +1

    The title is misleading most of the quotes are from Cavs players not the rest of the NBA but okay



     28 days ago

    Went from doubted to legend :/

  • Bruce Smith

    Bruce Smith

     1 months ago

    Terrible video

  • Kubwa Shujaa

    Kubwa Shujaa

     1 months ago

    This is a reach video everybody gonna get talked about their rookie yr

  • Paul Hawk

    Paul Hawk

     1 months ago

    LeBron? Roids...

  • therayman3


     1 months ago +1

    LeBron told Cleveland to draft him first overall and he promised them that he would end these players careers and bring Cleveland a championship. Boy did he deliver.

  • Boy Kalawang

    Boy Kalawang

     1 months ago +1

    Kobe and MJ is nothing compared to the Goat LBJ.

  • Boy Kalawang

    Boy Kalawang

     1 months ago

    goat lebron james

  • Eric Perry

    Eric Perry

     1 months ago

    LeBron was better younger.
    Jordan didn't make varsity.

  • Livin_great 2019_IGaccount

    Livin_great 2019_IGaccount

     1 months ago

    Boozer was talking about the guard positions and at the time they have Smush Parker, Darius Miles, Ricky Davis and Dajuan Wagner.. And at that time they were young and promising talents with potential.. Nobody didn't see them not panning out.. Well Darius had a career ending injury, Ricky was a solid player and Wagner had his colon removed and Smush Parker... Well lets just say don't puss Kobe off or you'll get traded out the league.

  • Anthony Ortiz

    Anthony Ortiz

     1 months ago +1

    We need Lebron on the knucklesheads podcast man. I need D Miles n Bron to bring it back to that year in training camp. I know Bron was frying them boys 😂😂

  • iniohos2


     1 months ago

    leflop is indeed a very good player

  • CEYEmusic


     2 months ago

    i mean what did u want boozer to say? ''na hes way better than our players right now at their position'' imagine going bk to locker how do u face your team mate