This 9-Year-Old Dog Was Diagnosed With Cancer, But Then A Mystery Man Entered His Life

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  • Published on:  Saturday, November 24, 2018
  • Time was running short for Donuts the rescue dog. He was a senior, and his medical tests came back as positive for cancer. Despite the shelter’s best efforts, the poor old guy was miserable without a family. And then one day, Donuts had a visitor who turned his life around.

    Life is tough for street dogs, but even when they’re rescued, they still have to find a forever home. That’s not such a problem for younger animals such as puppies. However, if you’re a senior dog, it can be very difficult to stand out from the crowd.

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  • annacolleen wesson etters

    annacolleen wesson etters

     5 months ago

    Older dogs are the best. They ask for so little, yet give so much. God bless dear Doughnut, and God bless those who open their hearts and homes to old dogs.

  • Michael Wallingford

    Michael Wallingford

     6 months ago

    Since the cancer was found in the early stages, one simple thing was to at least remove the tumor. After all, it was on his leg. He may be a senior, but he could possibly live another 7 years. I am glad he found his forever home.

  • neil w

    neil w

     7 months ago

    I have to ask why isnt the breeders held responsible for all the dogs out there? they breed them non stop like a factory spitting out puppies but when the dogs arent wanted they say dont blame us! They ditch the responsiblity and then it becomes both society's and the goverment's job to help fund shelters to house/ kill these innocent creatures. I am really starting to think every breeder has to have a gov't id# and every dog be tagged so when you find a dog on the side of the road it will be very easy to find out how it got there or how we are finding increasing numbers of these dogs being tortured and mutilated. I'm sure it's humans practicing for the day they decide another human is better than a dog.Someone told me it's serial killer training i would love to see them locked in a room with a dozen ravenous starving dogs as justice! Does anyone think my idea might work? Someone have a better idea then tagging all the dog's and giving breeders id #'s??? I hate seeing so many dogs left to die at shelters or left to die on the side of the road. It would also help to find who these heartless dumpers are too! then they can get the help they need too!

  • Josephine David

    Josephine David

     7 months ago

    Happy for you doughnut.

  • Beatriz Maribona

    Beatriz Maribona

     7 months ago

    I could tell young man that u are a DOG LOVER. U AM SO GLAD U ADOPTED DOUGHNUT. 👍🤗

  • Just Mona

    Just Mona

     9 months ago

    When people tell me that a dog is 6-7years old and they believe that it's a senior I have to look at my house plus my pets. I have an 8 year old cat, a 7 year old dog and a 6 year old.; When did they become seniors? They have years to go. I've had cats live to 21 and dogs who have the live to be 19. Those are what I call seniors. Just because people are having a midlife crisis doesn't mean everyone is old

  • Wilson Junior

    Wilson Junior

     a years ago

    Good boye

  • Sam Logosz

    Sam Logosz

     a years ago +2

    Every dog needs a home. No matter what.

  • Paige Mercurio

    Paige Mercurio

     a years ago +1

    Poor baby i want donuts hes so cute

  • Pietro Picca

    Pietro Picca

     a years ago +1

    Mr Evins My hat is off to you You are a good man Donuts ENJOY what you have left JUST ENJOY

  • Isaac Ibnoumaryama

    Isaac Ibnoumaryama

     a years ago

    I didn't know animals can have cancer

  • and I oop-

    and I oop-

     a years ago


  • Ronald LeBeau

    Ronald LeBeau

     a years ago +1

    Prayer all animals are a blessing

  • Kirk Davis

    Kirk Davis

     a years ago +1

    Thank you to that young man! I'm kind of fostering a senior in the same way, until I myself became homeless. Have found a place to live but I can't have dogs. It's not a place I picked, but he is being cared for by family. Can't be long term for them though. Pray for us! It would be appreciated.

  • Pizza is here I like pizza

    Pizza is here I like pizza

     a years ago +1

    My nine and a half year old dog just died today because her heart was increasing in size because of a liquid filling her heart and she was suffocating and we had to put her down

    1 like=1 prayer

  • Dying Meme

    Dying Meme

     a years ago +2

    What is this liquid dripping from my see-machines??

  • Laiba Asghar

    Laiba Asghar

     a years ago +2

    This made me cry. Thank you for adopting him 😭😭😭❤

  • Lunkis


     a years ago +1

    Yaaay Donut ❤️

  • Cheryl Simms

    Cheryl Simms

     a years ago +2

    What a beautiful story, makes your heart smile. Awesome people making a difference.

  • John Smith

    John Smith

     a years ago +1

    Videos with no videos suck.