New Lace & Paradox Skins! // Pro Fortnite Player // 1800 Wins (Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, January 13, 2019
  • New Fortnite Lace & Paradox skins item shop update with Typical Gamer!
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  • Candy Love

    Candy Love

     8 hours ago

    Typical Gamer got a twitter @Typical Gamer

  • azy jones

    azy jones


    so cool

  • exploring with Jack and cain

    exploring with Jack and cain

     2 days ago

    Your the biggest bot ever

  • Super Llama

    Super Llama

     2 days ago

    You should play realm royale

  • Klayton Denny

    Klayton Denny

     7 days ago

    Typical gamer you always put a smile on my face of your videos

  • Lanie Gaming

    Lanie Gaming

     7 days ago

    love your vids man keep up the good work

  • GPX


     7 days ago


  • Jeremiah Shane Burgess

    Jeremiah Shane Burgess

     7 days ago

    I support you on fortnite Andre

  • Jessica Jensen

    Jessica Jensen

     7 days ago

    Does anyone acculay watch the whole stream?

  • Snowman in the Sahara

    Snowman in the Sahara

     7 days ago

    When are you going to do the part of the RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 its my GOTY what happens between the end of chapter 6 had me CRYING

  • madiha saeed

    madiha saeed

     7 days ago

    Nice stream



     7 days ago

    tg can you plz do a set up vid i would like to get some ideas for my set up

  • Moises Clemente

    Moises Clemente

     8 days ago

    He has Yeezy’s on

  • X MaKKs

    X MaKKs

     8 days ago

    Wow your garbage

  • Almost Unknown

    Almost Unknown

     8 days ago

    OHMWRECKER !!! i love you bro you inspired me to make my channel i'ld love some help to grow it up because its really hard thank you :)))

  • Cordell Sterling

    Cordell Sterling

     8 days ago

    I have the same wrap as tg

  • Gamingwithskulls


     8 days ago

    Who don't you do like spike anymore?

  • FaZe Reckless14

    FaZe Reckless14

     8 days ago

    Andre i have seen every single video u have ever made or streamed and my favorite group was real life mod but u havent done it in a long time and since then i have missed some plz keep doin real life mod

  • Joshua Reaper

    Joshua Reaper

     8 days ago

    90% of the game is bots now lmao

  • Imani M

    Imani M

     8 days ago