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  • Published on:  Monday, January 8, 2018
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    IMAGE: Horseshoe crab
    IMAGE: Trilobite https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Megalaspides_01.jpg?fastcci_from=204367&c1=204367&c2=3618826&d1=15&d2=0&s=200
    IMAGE: Arthropod family Tree
    And although horseshoe crabs made it to modern times and trilobites didn’t, they both have ancient beginnings. The oldest known trilobite is ~540 million years old, but the horseshoe crabs weren’t far behind with the earliest example showing up ~445 million years ago. So technically just looking at a horseshoe crab you’re looking back millions of years into the past.
    SOURCE: http://www.igme.es/museo/trilo08/archivos/TRILOBITE.pdf (oldest trilobites)
    SOURCE: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/j.1475-4983.2007.00746.x/full (oldest horseshoe crabs)

    IMAGE: bird skull https://etc.usf.edu/clipart/73400/73460/73460_skullfowl.htm
    IMAGE: reptile skull (Px = premaxilla) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jugal_bone#/media/File:Gegenbaur_1870_skull_homology_color.png

    IMAGE: Limusaurus https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Limusaurus_runner.jpg
    Source: http://b3.ifrm.com/30233/130/0/p3001488/PIIS0960982216312696.pdf

    IMAGE: Archaeornithura https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Archaeornithura_meemannae_Holotype.jpg
    MAGE: Archaeopteryx https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Archaeopteryx_fossil.jpg

    SOURCE: Paleo Art
    SOURCE: Digital reconstruction https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5098973/

    IMAGE: fossilization https://www.nature.com/scientificamerican/journal/v23/n2s/box/scientificamericandinosaurs0514-104_BX1.html
    SOURCE: fossilization
    SOURCE: Anthropocene
  • Source: https://youtu.be/9Dcg4sQq5cY


  • ErsatzMoose


     7 days ago

    Confused why Luke has turned on his X-Wing targeting computer and aiming at the wall behind you...?

  • Michael-Paul Thompson

    Michael-Paul Thompson

     10 months ago +4

    I love the blatent respect these three have for each other. These kinds of channels can sometimes devolve into a set of people that have no interest in each other outside of work, but these three are clearly intelligent in different subjects and totally respectful of each other's strong and weak points. It's a brilliant thing to see and gives me yet another reason to love this channel

  • Marta Cieślińska

    Marta Cieślińska

     10 months ago +3

    I came across eons just only few days ago and I’m in love!!!
    You guys are the best and you made me really addicted to your videos!!!
    Thank you so much for your work here. You are so appreciated!!
    Simply the best! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Clare Wulf

    Clare Wulf

     11 months ago

    Hank is amazing, a great communicator. Thanks for this live stream, it made me realise how amazing the whole team is, keep it up.
    I’m working through the playlist, so I’m a lucky person who has some more joy to come.
    Thanks guys.

  • Thomas Wepfer

    Thomas Wepfer

     a years ago +1

    Hangouts makes such crappy video and sound.

  • DenseAlloy


     a years ago

    Horseshoe crabs do their thing in Southern New Jersey as well. I lived in Cape May and I used to hate the early summer because they would die by the hundreds right across the street from my home in a bay no less. The birds certainly eat the remains and a loss of that food source would be dramatic. Also the smell of rotting crabs was one the reasons I can't eat sea food.

  • francesca dibologna

    francesca dibologna

     a years ago +1

    First Thing. PBS Eons is my new favourite youtube show. It majorly presses all my buttons.
    I love the content (focus & timescales) and format (under 10min, simple studio based, clearly illustrated) and the presenters are perfect for it. Neither over-boffiny or cheesy-cheesy, just perfect.
    So thank you presenters and Eons for everything. I actually look forward to your new videos a lot. Eagerly and in rapt anticipation!

    Second Thing. re suggested topics for future issues, can I propose ‘Gender’. It sort of naturally follows on from your ‘How Sex Became A Thing’, but that was more focused at a cellular level.
    I am not sure how best that 'Sex' starting point might be expanded upon as a concept using ‘Gender’ as a catalyst or key, but I feel there is a bit more to it worth exploring with regard to the development of life on earth.
    For example how reptile eggs (reptiles are dinosaur-y) can develop as male or female depending on the temperature they are incubated at.
    And recently there has been the story of the Crayfish that has mutated to be able to self-replicate (step-back or forward re evolution of 'Sex' as a thing?).
    Anyway Gender seems far less clear cut and far more contingent on external conditions than we may initially think. And that cross-crossing between geology, biology, climate, to give an interconnected overview of development of life (rather a view polarised perspective according to specialist lens; biology, chemistry, physics, etc) feels to me to be at the core of the Eons mission.

    Resources. Kallie suggested ‘The Story of Earth’ (Hazen) in this livestream as recommended reading. I will definitely get that. In a future livestream could ‘recommendations and further reading/viewing’ be extended upon? Maybe each team member suggesting a favourite book, documentary, resource etc, that they think would advance & enrich Eons fans ‘home study’.

    Last thing. After all my positive feedback I thought I would mention the only thing I have found a negative during my viewing (I have watched all the Eons episodes and will continue to do so). And it was the loud & intrusive ‘background music’ in the ‘How Sex Became A Thing’ episode. This may be an autistic thing (I’m autistic) but it’s hard for me to tune out 'not important noise' (muzak) from 'important noise' (presenter), so I struggled a bit with that episode.
    One big thing I love about Eons format is that you keep it simple but not boring; no loud background music, chaotic OTT graphics, or ‘wacky’ (aka annoying) humour that gets in the way of you communicating your wisdom. I know the pressure to go the populist ‘infotainment’ route might be huge, but I think there is too much of that and not enough of what you do, which is clear, sincere, direct… perfect.

    Anyway, that’s my essay. I’ve meant to comment lots of times as I watched the series but didn’t, so have got it all into this mega comment.

    Keep up the stupendous work. It’s already ‘must see’ essential viewing for anyone into this scene, and can’t help feeling there is still greater to come. It’s pretty damn exciting.

    fdb x

  • Jagannatha Rao Gowdety

    Jagannatha Rao Gowdety

     a years ago

    Can I be the one to point out that Hank is wearing Nathan Zed merch

  • eilsel23


     a years ago

    i've long wondered what to donate my body to (including that museum in Denver), but i would totally go for your fossilization idea. i have a spinal cord injury and several metal parts, might be interesting.. is there a way to find out where dead me would be most useful?

  • JoHannah Angus

    JoHannah Angus

     a years ago

    i missed this ): damn turned the bell on. whens the next live scheduled

  • Aj Dembroski

    Aj Dembroski

     a years ago

    I wish you'd done this around a table with a quality mic. It's interesting, but a really difficult listen.

  • king james488

    king james488

     a years ago +2

    hi random person walking in the hall

  • Aristotelis Papathanasiou

    Aristotelis Papathanasiou

     a years ago +1

    great job guys you doing a good thing educating whoever is watching your videos.(A+)

  • Anthony Emerson

    Anthony Emerson

     a years ago +1

    How have beaks evolved separately in other animals than birds, like octopus?

  • SheeraAlaine


     a years ago +1

    Love you, guys <3

  • Joseph William Marek

    Joseph William Marek

     a years ago +1

    What kind of plant and animal life lived during the time of Pangaea?

  • willythemailboy2


     a years ago

    25:00 Ampoules like that are pretty common in chemistry, when you have chemicals that are extremely air sensitive. Once they're broken open the shelf life can be minutes or less, and of course some things have to be handled under inert atmospheres.

  • DetailBearOn


     a years ago +4

    As far as body preservation, wouldn't the best be an artificial amber? Suspend in resin, then bury that in the most stable formation you can find or make?

  • Max Bawden

    Max Bawden

     a years ago

    Biggest extinction video?

  • Luke Steele

    Luke Steele

     a years ago

    +PBS Eons If you guys come to Utah I would love to meet you! Feel free to message me especially since Dinsaurs have been one of my hobbies since the early 70's as a kid. I hope to hear from you.