Multilingual interview prank

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  • Published on:  Monday, October 22, 2018
  • Get access to extra prank episodes on Patreon: out part 2: pages:Twitter: periscope page: Twitch page: soundcloud page: podcasts: this video I'm interviewing people in Amsterdam. After a couple of questions I will suddenly switch to their mother tongue which is the part of the prank. Enjoy $10 italki credits: receive the credits after your first purchase. Italki is affordable, it, you don't have to travel and the 1-on-1 lessons are effective!Feel free to share the link of this video on social media pages or websites.
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  • yessirge

     8 months ago

    "First I'm gonna talk in English and then I'll switch to their mother tongue."*First interviewee, with a perfect American accent:* "I'm from San Francisco"_Mission failed, we'll get 'em next time_

  • Apoorv Gupta

     23 hours ago

    @Roberto Junior Yeah, he's not a creator. I like hiis style, though.

  • Lance Pena

     2 days ago

    @didin kano are you a RETARDED INDONESIAN? the subtitles is already there! Read you fucking retard.He asked what food she wanna eat.She answered "uhh the indonesian (FOOD)" Yes she looks like indonesian but that doesnt mean she is. If i was an inDOG, i would be so ashame because of your comment.

  • snb

     2 months ago

    “Oh god I hope this guy doesn’t talk to me, oh no, let me pretend I don’t speak English”_guy starts speaking your native language_

  • WareN The Gamer

     15 days ago

    He fell into my trap * evil laughs *

  • D. wolf

     28 days ago


  • Kinect Sand

     1 months ago

    "We're from Brazil"Me: *7-1*

  • Maria Clara

     2 days ago

    i hate you, i'm from brasil

  • rudy melgar

     3 days ago

    @Kinect Sand be quiet and DONT bug!

  • Hanif Z

     6 months ago

    this girl want to eat the indonesians..... what did we do

  • Rowyn Maxwell

     3 days ago

    don donzelo you have no brain

  • I'd rather be bacon

     5 days ago

    She wants some rendang and nasi goreng

  • Roy Sescon

     4 months ago

    Does this guy work for CIA?

  • Tanner

     13 days ago

    @Raphael Strasse Of course no one would believe that because look at your english? "I used to work to CIA", it's supposed to be I used to work for* the CIA

  • Mark

     1 months ago

    UpdateDotExe i knoh wat cha wonderin’. Woot’s in the canistah? Aye could tell ya, but then ayed have ta kill ya.

  • Damage Control

     3 months ago

    All Philippines girls like to hold the mic because karaoke is in there blood. 3:31

  • Keepit100

     12 days ago

    That damn karaoke is encoded in their DNA

  • Its Extra Hard

     14 days ago

    Big facts

  • Eric John

     4 months ago

    Those Philippine girls were feeling awkward when they heard their language. lol

  • David Cajudo

     15 days ago

    Visaya and Batangas are both funny. But I prefer Batangas or Batanguenio its so funny deep accent. My nanay is from Laguna they had funny accent too, but Batangas has more originality.

  • Fux

     21 days ago

    He has a funny accent in tagalog but its still understandable :)

  • Eralp Akpınar

     4 months ago

    And im sitting here knowing only 2 languages

  • CH3MiC

     15 days ago

    @Ed19601 🄻🄼🄰🄾

  • Vismay Gupta

     17 days ago

    In India you probably will know at least 3 languages if you're college student : 1 regional language, Hindi and English.... Why English? because most college courses here are in English. We may not be fluent in speaking English but we're very good with listening, writing and grammer part.

  • Absit Reverentia Vero

     1 months ago

    His Mandarin is quite awful but it's really cute to see how people suddenly open up when he speaks in their mother tongue.

  • rudy melgar

     17 days ago

    At least he speaks it! Jeez Louise slow down there!

  • Lucas Petersen

     8 months ago

    The Brazilian guy said "I don't like football that much. I'm a DJ, I prefer music" and the subtitle is "of course I love football". Lol

  • Motta

     14 days ago

    @Bryan Setzerr It's not wrong. It's just not a common word choice.-

  • Bryan Setzerr

     15 days ago

    O cara falou "ano passado" e ele legendou embaixada kkk