What is a Good Deal when Buying a Used Car? (How to Buy a Used Car)

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  • Published on:  Saturday, April 16, 2016
  • Learn how to call the owner of a used car, figure out what the car is worth, run a free VIN number check, and many other tips and tricks. If you see a used car for sale on the side of the road and want to know if it is worth going for a test drive, I go though all of the things you want to do before you go on the test drive. This way you wont waste your time and so you don't get ripped off!

    Episode 1: The "Side of the Road Inspection":
    Episode 3 Engine Inspection: https://www.faceclips.net/video/HDv5bUR_Plo/video.html
    Episode 4: Interior & Exterior Inspection:
    Episode 5: Test Drive and Negotiation:

    Link to the FREE downloadable ChrisFix Used Car Inspection Checklist:

    OBD2 Scanner I use: http://amzn.to/1XNUGfz
    Free VIN Check (stolen car and salvage): https://www.nicb.org/theft_and_fraud_awareness/vincheck
    Free VIN Check (recalls): https://vinrcl.safercar.gov/vin/
    KBB Trade in Value Calculator: http://www.kbb.com/whats-my-car-worth/
    NADA Trade in Value Calculator: http://www.nadaguides.com/Cars

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  • Delano DYLONIOUS

    Delano DYLONIOUS

     4 days ago

    I'm thinking that he didnt know the person but now I see that the front license plate is the same thing as the person's name. This makes me feel the call was fixed and that it wasnt really genuinely true to the tee as the person who posted is wanted it to be.

  • Raymond Serpa

    Raymond Serpa

     7 days ago

    Do not buy a used Jaguar,or any used luxury car...foreign,that is.

  • davy


     7 days ago

    Good job!...

  • Victer Hamm

    Victer Hamm

     7 days ago

    Just because rotors are rusty dose not mean it’s been setting for a long time. My 07 edge has been setting for a week and the rotors are rusty. It was driven daily putting 90 plus miles on it every day.

  • Shayan Shahzad Butt

    Shayan Shahzad Butt

     7 days ago

    Why does the car already have the Chrisfix number plate

  • Alan Ibarra

    Alan Ibarra

     7 days ago

    Is 2004 not 2003. But I don’t see that much difference

  • S N

    S N

     14 days ago +1


  • S N

    S N

     14 days ago +1

    ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😄 Not my style

  • Eaenestine Willson

    Eaenestine Willson

     14 days ago

    What you should look for under the oil pan where exhaust goring back into car just bought car about three months a go need help



     21 days ago +4

    I'd buy new just bc if anything did happen I could say it's my fault.



     21 days ago +1

    Man. Ppl take shitty car of their cars.

  • Mouneeb Kader

    Mouneeb Kader

     21 days ago

    What is the point of disliking the video?

  • Sumo


     21 days ago

    3:12 did you put that plate there to protect their number?

  • Scott B

    Scott B

     21 days ago

    Bad video has one of his tags on the front of the car acting like it’s someone else car really dumb ass

  • JR VB

    JR VB

     21 days ago

    Will all this work in Britain.

  • markmeson


     21 days ago

    Should you never buy a used car from a dealer since they are essentially just a middle man?

  • Hurricane Bear

    Hurricane Bear

     a months ago +1

    Nice video. Easy listening. Be very helpful to most people.

  • Ryan Pease

    Ryan Pease

     a months ago +3

    i am a teacher showing these videos to my high school students taking Financial Algebra. real life math! thank you!

  • Lazar Peto

    Lazar Peto

     a months ago

    Anyone notice the license plate that says Chris fix on the Jaguar, so I dont think it's a real call. Can someone plz explain why it says chrisfix if it was real

  • jabba da hutt

    jabba da hutt

     a months ago

    What about a carfax check, for history accidents etc.?