Real Reason Finn Balor Missed WWE Smackville, Big TV Role For Hulk Hogan?

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 29, 2019
  • Today’s wrestling news including Hulk Hogan set for a big WWE TV role ahead of WrestleMania 36? (0:33) Renee Young defends herself against Twitter trolls (3:09), Finn Balor health update and will he be back for WWE SummerSlam? (7:24) Update on Ricochet's injury (8:56) and Lacey Evans vs. Alundra Blayze Twitter feud goes full shoot (10:16).

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  • Paiwand Murat

    Paiwand Murat

     1 months ago

    Well i think he don't wana wwe.

  • Jessica Fox

    Jessica Fox

     1 months ago

    You are doing great WhatCulture, keep up the good content.

  • JDeppFan2272


     1 months ago

    Says some racist things, gets forever castrated... I just want everyone to realize how stupid this is. This is the world we live in in 2019. Get the Eff over it. I care 1 BILLION times more for what Hulk Hogan did in the ring then for any so called "controversy" he has taken part in. If he hasn't murdered, assaulted, raped or maimed someone, then it's all good to me.

    Do I condone racism or sexism or whatever? Absolutely not, but just because the world is different now then it what 20 years ago doesn't mean everyone can evolve and grow with it over night.

  • Nate V

    Nate V

     1 months ago

    Imagine if they inducted every member ever of the nWo

  • Gregory Campbell

    Gregory Campbell

     1 months ago

    This is the first WC video I’ve watched in a long time, damn this channel has went to shit.

  • Rich Baker

    Rich Baker

     1 months ago

    Glad you guys liked the Braun Strowman graphic!

  • Tim Smith

    Tim Smith

     1 months ago

    It doesn't help Renee Young to have the huge tool Corey Graves vomiting a stream of non stop non-cense at her.

  • kmh Jae

    kmh Jae

     1 months ago

    This is like TMZ Live without it being live and without celebrities. I like these WhatCulture's news videos.

  • cDayz


     1 months ago

    All these ads about VPNs everywhere. I thought they were illegal to use like Limewire?

  • John Sorto

    John Sorto

     1 months ago

    Whatculture can only get me to watch if it has Hulk Hogan news.. other then that. These dudes and company SUCKS...

  • Molsy 176

    Molsy 176

     1 months ago

    Tbh, I dont like renee on commentary. She offers very little insight and sounds like a child

  • SuperDuper Geo

    SuperDuper Geo

     1 months ago

    The difference is seth bragged about the amount of the checks not the actual checks, everyone should have there checks to continue coming

  • Luciola


     1 months ago

    Knowing the WWE it's time for Hogan to take the title off of Kofi

  • Matt Suomi

    Matt Suomi

     1 months ago

    Hogan made a mistake it happened time to let it go

  • Eric Nar

    Eric Nar

     1 months ago

    If they only knew Brock was going to try to kill Seth on RAW Monday night... lol

    Gonna be interesting to see how much injury they're gonna say he has for the show vs what he actually has, there's no way he came away from all that scott-free, I get that they wrestle injured/bruised all the time, but that looked rough :-X

  • Peter Mullins

    Peter Mullins

     1 months ago +1

    Murray's United States is the new Silver Dome Brother!

  • DigestiveCeremony


     1 months ago

    Yes, you arrogant bastards, wrestlers argue with each other on Twitter just so they can get mentioned on WhatCulture. It's all about you.

  • BearInterrupted


     1 months ago

    Renee is great. The issue is that she is next to Michael Cole (the best right now in the business) and Corey Graves (the 2nd best in the business right now). She is overshadowed is all

  • CT-8863


     1 months ago

    I was at wrestlemania 35 as well, hogan seemed to get a very positive reaction from where I was sitting?

  • MephProduction


     1 months ago +1

    some people are natural commentators, some not. but learning on the job would work if it was low profile, learn yoi trade on smaller shows.