Shordie Shordie - Bitchuary (Betchua) OFFICIAL VIDEO

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  • Published on:  Thursday, December 27, 2018
  • Directed By "Captain Hook" : [email protected]:// business inquiries- [email protected]: @omarlloyd_2019 D1 Entertainment
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  • khromexrr


     1 months ago +2872

    I played this song over 100 times and still don’t get tired of it 😂

  • Jye Prime

    Jye Prime

     21 days ago +2280

    who ever likes this will be even more successful than you already are

  • Cey Nolimit

    Cey Nolimit

     1 months ago +5712

    Make this blue if you love your mom
    And dad if you want them to not creep up on you at night

  • Itz FLowz

    Itz FLowz

     1 months ago +1712

    Thot: I love you
    Bitchuary starts playing*

  • Gd74 Driq

    Gd74 Driq

     1 months ago +10280

    Whoever likes this will be rich and successful💪🔥💯

  • Moshxxie


     1 months ago +1898

    James Charles Just married your dad.
    Like to undo =)
    Edit: Thx I have never gotten these many likes before <3

  • Jessica A

    Jessica A

     21 days ago +345

    Love how the girls ain’t twerking and naked tbh they look way cooler not doing that kinda stuff. Shordie shordie really is the cool kid on the block. No cap

  • lv_LxV3 _vl

    lv_LxV3 _vl

     1 months ago +1016

    I Played This Song To My Gf She Is My Ex Now

  • Rat Killer

    Rat Killer

     21 days ago +300

    0:45 when your mom or dad make pizza rolls for dinner
    1:36 having the same class your friend have

  • Tiana Mercado

    Tiana Mercado

     14 days ago +168

    The girls in this video look so hard 🔥🔥 and they don’t even have to be half naked 😭

  • ツok


     1 months ago +614

    0:46 he couldn’t make it to the video so he sent himself a clip of him dancing

  • Im Echozz

    Im Echozz

     7 days ago +113

    Who is jamming this rn like this and comment something nice and you will succeed in life good :)

  • Baylife Entertainment Magazine

    Baylife Entertainment Magazine

     21 days ago +157

    make this blue if u wanna win the lottery

  • Sakov Atasianofk

    Sakov Atasianofk

     28 days ago +257

    This song randomly poped on spotify.1st time free spotify made me proud

  • Esta Bien

    Esta Bien

     1 months ago +290

    Who else knew about this song before it blew up

  • Yung Gwuap

    Yung Gwuap

     14 days ago +78

    Who Here before tik tok ruins it. 💀

  • Mare Knight

    Mare Knight

     4 days ago +22

    Why am I just discovering this fire ass song!!!

  • The Mr.Pro.Gamer

    The Mr.Pro.Gamer

     1 months ago +112

    1st hearing this song : i dont like it
    2nd time : Not bad
    3rd time : betchua betchua betchua 🔥

  • Vlogging Channel

    Vlogging Channel

     7 days ago +28

    1:36 When it’s the last day of school and the bell finally rings💀

  • CheeseBergular Haley

    CheeseBergular Haley

     1 months ago +73

    I’ve had this on replay for like 3 straight hours