Avengers: Endgame - SPOILER Talk

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  • Published on:  Friday, April 26, 2019
  • Avengers: Endgame has arrived, so let's delve deeper into the spoilers I couldn't talk about before. Here's my AVENGERS: ENDGAME - SPOILER TALK!#Avengers #Endgame #AvengersEndgame
  • Source: https://youtu.be/9Xb7N1S7Wyo


  • 2areem

     2 months ago

    Finally my dream of having a body like thor came true.

  • Sadin Hrnjica


    @2areem hes bulking

  • David Martens

     1 months ago

    10 minutes in: that was predictable20 minutes in: this is moving kind of fast30 minutes in: I have no clue what is going to happen

  • Gus Hdz Ruiz

     17 days ago

    i loved the 20 min, so unpredictable, but, once it was done, honestly, by seeing the set photo of the battle of New York, I already knew what was gonna happen :(

  • Eric Wright

     1 months ago

    Cap: "I can do this all day."Cap: "Yeah I know...*sigh*"

  • SandyTheMaster

     1 months ago

    Best delivery of the damn movie.

  • Raymond Ruiz

     1 months ago

    Best parts for me:3. Hail Hydra.2. Avengers Assemble.1. I am Ironman.

  • Noob and David

     3 days ago

    Razh 80 SAME

  • Razh 80

     4 days ago

    @Noob and David my favorite part she went savage on Thanos

  • King 55142

     1 months ago

    "Everybody who remotely had any powers was there" r.i.p Quicksilver

  • usc trojans1987

     7 hours ago

    Fuck Quicksilver

  • Gaming Studio TV

     3 days ago

    Where was loki asshole

  • Muzammil Zubair

     2 months ago

    the biggest joke was Fortnite still being popular 5 years into the future

  • DJ Lamin

     5 days ago

    Muzammil Zubair You have to think that half of the population disappeared so Most of the game developers disappeared too meaning no new games

  • Rorisang

     13 days ago

    Well half of game developers died so probably all the shitty developers survived .

  • Xahn777

     1 months ago

    Tony Stark solved Time Travel. The fact that he was able to reproduce the infinity gauntlet doesn't bother me at all.

  • Michael Nally

     5 days ago

    ADot R you could also make the argument that the infinity gauntlet Was made for someone like Thanos as well as the fact that him being an alien and the fact that as he put the stones in one at a time he was able to readjust accordingly. Meanwhile Bruce and Tony both being human(or mostly in the case of the Hulk) both got hit with all 6 at once and Bruce barely survived it.

  • ADot R

     5 days ago

    The gauntlet that Tony produced wasn't as legit as the one that Eitri (Dwarfgiant) produced. Eitri's one could actually harness the power of the stones without doing too much harm to the user. That's why Thanos survived the first snap, only when he tried to destroy them did he nearly die. Tony's one put the user at risk at all times.

  • Robinus Prime

     1 months ago

    Tony's sacrifice really did fit his story arc.. He went from a selfish billionaire with not a care in the world to a loving father, husband and teamplayer that gave his life for everyone else to live..Yeah I had some mantears running from my eyes..

  • Kunisake The Artist

     9 days ago

    Yeah, you're crying, not me!😥

  • shingshongshamalama

     1 months ago

    They legit lie in promo material to hide spoilers and I love it.Remember when they called Jude Law _Mar-Vell_ on their own website?

  • Victor Estrella

     20 days ago

    That was a huge disappointment to me. Was hoping for the og Mar-vell to make an appearance

  • Loki.Laufeysdöttr

     1 months ago

    When Cap and Thor accidentally switched weapons and Thor takes Stormbreaker back and hands Cap Mjölnir. "No, no. The bigger one's mine. You can have the small one."Also, when Dr. Strange is like "Is that everyone?" and Wong looks at him like he's insane and goes "What, you wanted more?!"

  • George Velis


    I wanted more. The defenders were missing.

  • scraull

     10 days ago

    And then Giant Man Rocket and Iron Patriot pop up