Homeless Man Picks Up Girls With Amazing Voice!

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  • Published on:  Monday, August 7, 2017
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/9a2p6MUvHeE


  • G


     11 hours ago

    I mean... the guy can’t sing. I was expecting an amazing singer. FFS

  • phenphen nock

    phenphen nock


    I wish I could merry with the last girl in my life.... Omg

  • Miasla Wutt

    Miasla Wutt

     2 days ago

    Who's is still 2020?

  • kenneth furlong

    kenneth furlong

     3 days ago

    total bullshit sound and video

  • Sebas couvre

    Sebas couvre

     4 days ago

    Español: si
    Nivel: alto
    Aver cante:
    Despacito ..wirirhjdiwo dorito ..eiduskñ

  • Ninjacoolhead Alert

    Ninjacoolhead Alert

     4 days ago

    Dude, we need that new despacito on Spotify

  • inday Cayao

    inday Cayao

     5 days ago

    Love watching your videos. New subscriber here. From Philippines 🇵🇭 😍❤️

  • PinHead Larry

    PinHead Larry

     7 days ago +4

    Last girl is so damn pure wtf

  • coredance *

    coredance *

     7 days ago

    Spanish yeah"!!!

  • vladimir ikic

    vladimir ikic

     7 days ago

    Easy prey

  • Pablo Diablo

    Pablo Diablo

     7 days ago

    He's Clearly playing 😂

  • Arar Yuba

    Arar Yuba

     7 days ago +1

    So girls do like homeless

  • Kevin Dkhar

    Kevin Dkhar

     7 days ago

    Nice voice

  • Maikeru Josu

    Maikeru Josu

     14 days ago

    Can you do a tutorial on how to sing like you do?

  • GG_ Popo

    GG_ Popo

     14 days ago +1

    Why can’t I hear!!!!??

  • Prediksi Sarjana

    Prediksi Sarjana

     14 days ago

    This vidio makes me have a lot of money guys

  • The Seller Street

    The Seller Street

     14 days ago

    Awesome 👍 the last girl in yellow was so humble. I wish I could get girl friend like her

  • James Vibes

    James Vibes

     14 days ago

    I want more of this badly

  • Qudrat Hahimi

    Qudrat Hahimi

     14 days ago


  • BravoFoxtrot LLC

    BravoFoxtrot LLC

     14 days ago

    His voice is awful? hes a better guitarist!