Homeless Man Picks Up Girls With Amazing Voice!

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  • Published on:  Monday, August 7, 2017
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/9a2p6MUvHeE


  • Brian Cheng

    Brian Cheng

     a years ago +9565

    Damn that last girl... Her heart is as beautiful as she is.



     5 months ago +1261

    That last girl is "WIFE MATERIAL"

  • YummyFoodASMR


     3 months ago +651

    Waiting for the last girl while reading comments🤣

  • Mert Harputlu

    Mert Harputlu

     3 months ago +679

    I already fell in love with the last girl, what a pure heart 😍

  • Nick Lebron

    Nick Lebron

     3 months ago +534

    Angel comes last. God bless her and her family ❤️❤️❤️

  • Rakesh A

    Rakesh A

     a years ago +1128

    Damn that last girl , she's having golden heart....!!!

  • Keny Kharbudon

    Keny Kharbudon

     7 months ago +657

    The last girl was an angel from heaven 😊

  • Guitar Skills 101

    Guitar Skills 101

     6 months ago +814

    2:02 top right corner. That's all I'm going to say.

  • Anh Ấy

    Anh Ấy

     3 months ago +183

    This dude is still better than me.
    I'm broke af and sing like a duck, cant play any instrument, an urgly ass can't grow a nice beard.
    The only thing I have is my strong wifi.



     3 months ago +146

    Your voice can defeat the lamboghini.. 🤔

  • Michel Hneineh112

    Michel Hneineh112

     2 months ago +54

    Guys don't believe everything you see !! The last girl is not a human ! She's an Angel.. 😍

  • Archer


     7 months ago +145

    Isabella was feeling that. It was almost like she didn't see him as a homeless person but more of just a person. You could see it in her eyes and body language. We need more people like you Isabella!

  • Yanira Martinez

    Yanira Martinez

     3 months ago +95

    is that guy on the back round doing what I think he is.

  • SL Pubg Mobile

    SL Pubg Mobile

     3 months ago +55

    Damn that last girl... Btw im single😆😁 (and i need just someone like that!)

  • Nawlcity


     7 months ago +1692

    she gets impressed by his song, offers him with all that he asks, even takes the trolley from him and starts pushing..! now thats one rare gem out of a million!

  • ACE乛Punisher YT

    ACE乛Punisher YT

     3 months ago +36

    The last girl made me wanna go out and sing in the streets like a homeless man so that I would find the right Angel.

  • Cool Music

    Cool Music

     6 months ago +87

    the last girl is so rare

  • GhulamE Omar Ibn AlKhattab

    GhulamE Omar Ibn AlKhattab

     2 months ago +22

    The last Girl is amazing,Beautiful heart.....I think im in love💝

  • jibster


     5 months ago +223

    Man, is that a microphone in the background between 2:02-2:04, top right side



     6 months ago +58

    Awesome dude😂😉
    Can i get five like for 2019