Battle of the Style Boxes: EXPRESS vs AMERICAN EAGLE | Sarah Rae Vargas

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, March 26, 2019
  • I tried out Express Style Trial subscription clothing box AND American Eagle Outfitters Style Drop service for 30 days aaaand only one can reign supreme.

    Express Style Trial -
    American Eagle Outfitters Style Drop -

    V L O G C H A N N E L➜
    M Y K I D S C H A N N E L➜
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    Sarah Rae Vargas
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  • Kasper


     2 months ago

    So you're basically leasing clothes ? Lol nah I'm a dedicated stitch fix user if express did their product like stitch fix I would be super down !

  • Stevie Banana

    Stevie Banana

     3 months ago

    omg sarah ily ❤️

  • Simply Sharde

    Simply Sharde

     5 months ago

    Chiiillllle that jumpsuit is everything! I really like berry one. I think I want to try express.

  • Jennifer Walden

    Jennifer Walden

     5 months ago

    Loved the Wonder Woman spin!!

  • Ashley Anna

    Ashley Anna

     5 months ago

    I work at American eagle and we got a little info on the stylebox but this was so informative. Loved it!

  • Kizzabell


     5 months ago

    I don't like the idea of paying to rent clothes. I don't even like borrowing clothes off friends and family. I feel like I can't relax in them for some reason!
    Thanks for the review though. It's very interesting!

  • Melissa Stephan

    Melissa Stephan

     6 months ago

    I HATE it when canceling subscriptions is a pain. It will seriously make me not sign up if I know that canceling is going to be a battle

  • Pinksmokey Smash

    Pinksmokey Smash

     6 months ago

    Pretty earrings!!🤩🤩🤩

  • Kara Wilson

    Kara Wilson

     6 months ago

    Love our clothes on you . Love watching our videos made me have a lot more confidence in my self thank you :)

  • Kara Wilson

    Kara Wilson

     6 months ago

    Love all the geans on you look great :)

  • Emily Mclaughlin

    Emily Mclaughlin

     6 months ago

    I am an associate with American Eagle we go up to a size 20 and XXL. Have u tried out new curvy jeans

  • Heidy Iglesias

    Heidy Iglesias

     6 months ago

    Youre literally so smart and so good at what you do. The notes paid off and the fct that you timed the call LOL PRO

  • Heidy Iglesias

    Heidy Iglesias

     6 months ago

    OMG live this look you got going! love the earnings too

  • Chantelle Nel

    Chantelle Nel

     6 months ago

    I so wish You would bring a 6’ friend who wears the same sizes... and do a compare. I love these videos, but what works for you doesn’t work for me... I am 6’ 1 and wear a 16/18, all hips butt and thighs... and lengths mess me up. Love your vids, over your personality💕. Help a tall girl out Sarah😁

  • Adrianna Elise

    Adrianna Elise

     6 months ago

    So disappointed went to express my first time and no size 16 anywhere in the store ): so sad !

  • Elle Zee

    Elle Zee

     6 months ago

    The red and the green strapless jumpsuits looked fantastic on you! That piece is a big hit. Also loved the floral pink top at around 16:36. The other things were all meh.

  • Christina Bourgeois

    Christina Bourgeois

     6 months ago

    Hi Hi Can you do a Madewell Haul and check it out for us?!?! Cheers!

  • Tsukikao


     6 months ago

    I can't stop looking at your teeth, they are so nice, could you tell if you just whitened them or did something else? at a dentist, at home? (and the rest is very nice too, especially the eyes make up, but I fell in love with you teeth lol)

  • Andrew R

    Andrew R

     6 months ago


  • Megan Sanders

    Megan Sanders

     6 months ago

    Try dear lover haul please