THE I-LAND: Netflix's Worst Show Ever!

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  • Published on:  Saturday, September 14, 2019
  • In this video we look at the absolute trainwreck that is Netflix's "The I-Land." With terrible acting, dialogue, and plot, I break the show down so you don't have to.

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  • Jonathan Gibbs

    Jonathan Gibbs

     an hour ago

    Isn't "another life" the worst netflix show?

  • AprilHotrose


     an hour ago

    Husband and i liked it. Kept us on the edge. We finished it all. I guess to each their own?

  • Ken Kopas

    Ken Kopas

     2 hours ago

    Couldn't make it past the first episode.

  • stacyreed


     2 hours ago

    1:54 Maybe he means "the others" hehe

  • Greenbean Royals

    Greenbean Royals

     2 hours ago

    I tried to watch the show and didn't get past the first 20 minutes SMH

  • Hybrid Design

    Hybrid Design

     4 hours ago

    Yes, it was pretty bad. But, not nearly as bad as the Another Life show. At least 1-Land was entertaining enough to finish watching it. Good for a hungover binge day.

  • Purp Le

    Purp Le

     4 hours ago +1

    I guess you could say they.... SUBVERTED YOUR EXPECTATIONS

  • Clara Johnson

    Clara Johnson

     5 hours ago

    Oh and this is not the only piece of shit show they recently put up, the other one is Another Life with Katee Sackhoff, which was the only reason I watched the whole thing, you talk about bad acting and bad writing! And yes unfortunately I have watched not only it, but The I-LAND in full, I guess I'm a sucker for punishment or something!

    I love The OA, it is one of the best shows ever, so original and so smart, it's a shame that there will be no more! How can Netflix create such gems as Orange Is The New Black, Stranger Things, Mindhunter, Glitch, The Haunting Of Hill House, Lost In Space, The Rain, Dark, Sense8 and of course The OA to name a few greats, and then create such crap like this or Another Life? And then cancel all the really good shows like The OA instead of giving it a proper ending!

    I loved Glitch, and it did have a ending, but, I kind of felt like it may have been rushed a bit, like maybe it too didn't plan on ending the way it ended, though it was a okay ending, I felt like it was kind of predictable, and not up to the standards of the rest of the show, I guess I just expected something more than that they had to die again to save the world bit!

    But anyway, I agree, Netflix needs to choose more wisely what they choose to make and what they choose to keep too, I am betting a lot more people would have enjoyed watching another season of the OA, then to have to watch THE I-LAND and Another Life put together!

  • Danielle Baldridge

    Danielle Baldridge

     5 hours ago

    The show entertained me well enough. Binged it on a sick day but reading all the hate comments has me dying. I'm glad I watched it if only to appreciate all the hilarious things people are saying about it. 😂

  • Josip B.

    Josip B.

     6 hours ago

    You know, there is a big percentage of today's young ''adults'' who goes with their group of friends on vacation somewhere at cost to party, thinking they are having the best time of their fake lifes. Serving them as a waiter for many years and then seeing this show I finally got my answer on a question; ''What will happen if this spoiled and stupid percent of garbage of our population end up lost in the wild?''

  • Taylor B

    Taylor B

     6 hours ago

    I find it hilarious you complain about this show, but feel that the OA should have been continued. This show was as bad as the OA.

  • Krysmell Evans

    Krysmell Evans

     7 hours ago

    To save you some time,this video is just 15 minutes of a guy trying to justify how a sci-fi show doesn’t make any sense.Hes clearly In the wrong business 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Krysmell Evans

    Krysmell Evans

     7 hours ago

    This guy just forgot the whole simulation part and ranted the whole time about fuckin bananas and how he didn’t understand any of the dialogue this is actually a decent show and shouldn’t be looked down on by some tasteless micro influencer who thinks his commentary is worth a fuck.

  • Reno Zed

    Reno Zed

     7 hours ago

    It was one of the best show ever, just a bunch of retarded didn't like it.

  • Katie Elson

    Katie Elson

     8 hours ago

    So glad I watched this instead of finishing this stupid show. And the point about The OA at the end really hit the nail on the head.

  • Cerogravity


     8 hours ago

    Wow when I watched this I thought this was the worst show I ever watched

  • THAC0twenty


     9 hours ago

    The OA is nonsensical

  • Andrew UK

    Andrew UK

     10 hours ago

    Remember kids: someone wrote this, someone got payed for it.

  • Lisoo :3

    Lisoo :3

     11 hours ago

    I kinda liked Moses

  • Chanel's Angel

    Chanel's Angel

     11 hours ago

    the show had so much potential but they ruined after like 2-3 episodes???!! nd wtf was that ending...