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  • Published on:  Tuesday, June 21, 2016
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  • daniel


     an hour ago

    as a software engineer my goal is not to die in the present years

  • Miguel Mf

    Miguel Mf

     3 hours ago

    Question: How much do you guys pay for a whole year in college? Here in Costa Rica it's about $500 a year

  • Miguel Mf

    Miguel Mf

     3 hours ago

    2:50 That's so true it hurts

  • Vice Point

    Vice Point

     19 hours ago

    Spittin facts from at 2:07

  • Izaya Fierro

    Izaya Fierro


    The more enjoyable the career, the more demand there will be. The more demand for a career, the less it'll pay. (Not always true, but a good rule of thumb; similar to that sliding scale CE mentioned)

  • WiZZeL



    "It will be even more difficult when we all get replaced by robots." Man, ain't that the truth?

  • T.


     2 days ago

    2:50 had me laugh in the middle of the night waking up my parents. Thanks, also yes.

  • Akhil Madhunlall

    Akhil Madhunlall

     3 days ago

    I can't find what makes me passionate, I haven't developed any skills, I'm lazy and procrastinate. I want to work had but I don't and that hurts. I'm barely make it through and that minimum effort makes me overconfident, I need help to move forward but I don't know how. I don't want to disappoint my parents, I'm afraid of ruining my future. I want to do stuff I enjoy, I want to read more, watch more, actually live. I want to get in shape, I want to study to the point that I actually understand what's happening, I want to get just enough sleep. I need to work, I need to try harder. I'm scared. I'm so scared and yet even as I say this a part of me ignores it, I think it but don't really believe it, am I hiding in ignorance, how do I wake up? How do I wake up and do something?!

  • Jasper


     4 days ago

    I love how he can be comedic, but also give valid useful information.

  • Juan Arocha

    Juan Arocha

     5 days ago

    First time I saw this video in 2016 I was

    First year of university, broke, studying and drinking hard, game with girls was low

    Now 2019

    Finished my degree, finished my Master's, stopped drinking, looking for a job, and I'm still single

  • the geth

    the geth

     5 days ago

    "i took computer science and cant meet any girls"
    Ill cry with my lonely six figure salary

  • Alex Chang

    Alex Chang

     6 days ago

    Always ask grad students: So, how's research?

  • Zoe Nelson

    Zoe Nelson

     6 days ago

    But I wanna take philosophy... sob

  • Martin Petkov

    Martin Petkov

     6 days ago

    Those awkward pauses are what really drives home the 2meirl4meirl vibe of this channel.

  • Bryan M

    Bryan M

     7 days ago +1

    Ha you think comp sci is bad for meeting girls? Try doing a PhD in electrical engineering. Not only do I almost never see females, but when I do, they look like men.

  • autumnmycat


     7 days ago +2

    you forgot the inevitable mental breakdowns you have every other week

  • God's perfect idiot

    God's perfect idiot

     7 days ago


  • jakob


     7 days ago +4

    Pussy's in Denmark we begin drinking in middle school

  • Legolas


     7 days ago +4

    In my class, There is more Females than dudes!

    I study Software engineering!

  • Pseudynom


     7 days ago +9

    "They are really expensive."
    laughs in German