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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 22, 2019
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  • PiJu Chan

    PiJu Chan

     15 hours ago

    I want to see Flynn next

  • Мira Izhik

    Мira Izhik

     18 hours ago

    Where did she love before New York???

  • The Noisy Spectator

    The Noisy Spectator

     23 hours ago

    I've seen houses  that weren't as spacious as that apartment!

  • Bandit1000



    1:48 is me trying to get shampoo in a towel

  • Rosalina Mangino

    Rosalina Mangino


    before you shove the cookies in yo mouth

  • Rapscallion



    So lipstick is the only thing you need to transform into your Miranda self? Amazing.

  • Katerina


     yesterday +2

    This baby mana duo talking is everything , I want a whole conversation with Flynn video

  • Katerina


     yesterday +1

    She needs to do an interview with a 2 year old I loved this video with a baby Mateo and replayed it a 100 times, love watching little bubu balls talking nonsense and being cute

  • beny4300


     2 days ago

    Now it makes sense why Miranda left home. The puzzle fits perfectly. P.s. if youre reading subscribe to me or ill always win you on fortnite

  • Paolo+Orange


     2 days ago

    flynn! 😍💜

  • DOUG and NIKI

    DOUG and NIKI

     2 days ago

    I hope this gets through the clutter! I do the insurance for a bunch of people in the Broadway World (Our YouTube channel pays no Insurance is really my artwork, YouTube is a passion. An apartment like that comes with some serious insurance issues. If you don't have someone in town who you really trust we should talk... I can give you some great endorsements about my work, people you'll actually know. This is Doug BTW. Niki is the travel goddess.

  • Chameleon Trio

    Chameleon Trio

     3 days ago

    I love the subtitles

  • godinvandevrede


     3 days ago

    I'm pretty sure this apartment belongs to the Grande's.

  • JJ


     3 days ago

    $50K a month ?

  • Miss Nature

    Miss Nature

     3 days ago

    I now your Broudway show is over now
    When are you moving back

  • Miss Nature

    Miss Nature

     3 days ago

    Your new place in NYC look so nice
    Enjoy it 😜❤️

  • Emily Ryan

    Emily Ryan

     4 days ago +5

    I never opened the microwave

    Me: can’t relate

  • Rachel Shearon

    Rachel Shearon

     4 days ago

    COLLEEN i am still watching

  • Nico Alcock

    Nico Alcock

     4 days ago +1

    Flynn is so adorable baby

  • Tamya is lit

    Tamya is lit

     4 days ago +1

    Ur apartment is bigger than my house congrats on moving!