Q Anon Follower Exposes Plot Against President Trump.

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 2, 2018
  • Q Anon Follower Exposes Plot Against President Trump.

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/9kWhckKtLyw


  • Worldsmasterof spirits Spiritseekerscanada tm*

    Worldsmasterof spirits Spiritseekerscanada tm*

     a years ago

    THYFOUNDINGFATHER Gsc ssc worldsmasterof spirits spiritseekerscananda tm * vote trump 2020

  • Robert


     a years ago

    No you didn't. You are a fucking liar but that is to be expected since the rump bankrolls this whole Q anon thing. In fact if rump didn't fund you you would not exist.

  • Celtic Queen

    Celtic Queen

     a years ago

    The MSM "explains" like they think people are all brain dead zombies who can't think for themselves and have to be told WHAT to think. Sadly that's all too true for too many.

  • Ali Bailey

    Ali Bailey

     a years ago

    It sounds like a crazy story but the CIA does have that capability! SERIOUSLY! 5G technology is being pushed hard by government because they can use the frequencies thru 5G to control the masses. There are several people & stories on YouTube that have been victims of the CIA putting voices in people's heads to do terrible things or is going to be done to them. I believe that these people that do mass killings have had it done to them because if I'm not mistaken these people were just normal people until they had these voices telling them that if they didn't do these terrible things~their families would die. Check it out! Pretty sure they ALL heard these voices!

  • Derek Fox

    Derek Fox

     a years ago

    This "want to be assassin" sounds like a Montauk boy. The government has mind control since the 80s. I believe that this man is more than likely telling the truth about the CIA putting thoughts into his head. This is very sick and serious stuff. Pray for this crime against humanity to stop.

  • Jason Beckler

    Jason Beckler

     a years ago

    Was the guy from Oklahoma being guided by the deep state...mk ultra??

  • Renee Woods

    Renee Woods

     a years ago

    Trying to make us look stupid and crazy.

  • Renee Woods

    Renee Woods

     a years ago


  • kript ceep3r

    kript ceep3r

     a years ago

    Her name is Kate. Anyone find that suspicious? I hope it was a good act with good intentions, but in spy vs spy Kate being in the mix with the coke bottle is mighty coincidental.

  • Daniel


     a years ago

    The best thing the Democrats have done, is to bring to light their demented agendas - no one would actually believe that an American party would be so radical and unamerican. I mean, I didn't wake up until Trump was elected - "how can that be?" I asked myself and from that moment on, I've been watching the news, which I never did before and I ain't young, I've been in this Country before WW2, so, it's been a 'bumpy' ride but the people always prevailed, while the wealthy got richer and the poor got poorer, we the people continued to tighten our belts and take it on the chin. God Bless Donald Trump for bringing to light the BS we have accepted for such a long time, asleep we were, now finally awakening and seeing what was so secretly dished out to us all as freedom and patriotism. Being duped is a shock but the truth finally revealed is, true revelations for the people to act in the best interests of all American Citizens, close and far -

    STOP SOCIALISM FROM BECOMING OUR NATION'S END - VOTE REPUBLICAN - For at least this year - let's see where this goes, it may get much better, what do we have to lose?

  • CynthiaRoseS


     a years ago

    Yes, Jesus said, "The one who believes in Me." Belief in God is not enough, you must believe in, and accept Jesus Christ as your Savior, that He died for your sins, without that, being a "good person," and your "good works," will get you nowhere. The Gospel, or "Good News," is that by the Grace of God, we have salvation by faith in Jesus Christ. "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that WHOEVER BELIEVES IN HIM should not perish but have everlasting life." John 3:16

  • Cynthia Rejoyce Lindsey

    Cynthia Rejoyce Lindsey

     a years ago

    Wow! It happened! President Trump pointed out a lady in the audience who apparently fainted. He told Secret Service to take her backstage.m (VIP access). Q is awesome! WWG1WGA.

  • TheShockmister


     a years ago

    She is the Assassin ! He was a decoy ! Kate is her name Strzoks activated her !

  • Steve McLaurin

    Steve McLaurin

     a years ago

    liberals are demon,hate filled pieces of trash. RED WAVE MID-TERMS 2018 !!!!! RE-ELECT TRUMP 2020 !!!!!!!!

  • Sojourner


     a years ago

    I don't think your channel is satire friend.

  • Melinda Cherry

    Melinda Cherry

     a years ago

    The CIA has "Voice of God" technology. Just Google.

  • Ding dong

    Ding dong

     a years ago

    kate M is a fishy story is it to get closer to President ?? fishy

  • screamingeorge1


     a years ago

    Ty for what u do

  • gary vonneida

    gary vonneida

     a years ago

    The devil's 1,000 Years is coming to an abrupt end---no further warnings; enough said. Gary

  • Brenda Childers

    Brenda Childers

     a years ago

    Hiw did they say q was there But then ask "who is Q"?