What It's Like To Live With Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 8, 2018
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    According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), It's estimated that 2% of people experience dissociative disorders, with women being more likely than men to be diagnosed. Because of the way Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) is portrayed in the media, most people don't understand what the disorder actually entails, or how common it actually is. In this Patient Spotlight video, you'll meet Encina, who sheds light on her experience living with DID. You'll also meet Minnie, the three-year-old girl living inside Encina's body.

    PRODUCER, A.D.: Brigid McCuen
    D.P., DIRECTOR, EDITOR: Darin Limvere
    HOST: Kyle Kittleson
    2nd CAMERA OP: Tony Oberstar

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  • I C

    I C

     3 months ago +5451

    Thank you very much Kyle (and all in the team) for such great videos you are making. Thank you very much Encina for sharing your life story, you are brave. Wishing you all all the best xx

  • no sympathy

    no sympathy

     48 minutes ago

    You are a wonderful and interesting woman!

  • Trueskeptic


     53 minutes ago


  • Abdullah Alsulieman

    Abdullah Alsulieman

     2 hours ago

    At the end of the video, there is piano playing. Who could help me know the name of it ?

  • safa saleh

    safa saleh

     2 hours ago

    I feel so happy for her ❤

  • Inveighj


     3 hours ago

    That switch tho

  • Rishika Raj

    Rishika Raj

     8 hours ago

    Encina was so ladylike and Winnie so innocent and cute!!

  • Healu1102


     9 hours ago

    LOVE Encina’s hair!!!

  • Nida'a S

    Nida'a S

     10 hours ago

    Now what if one of the alters has a heart problem . How is she going to be treated? when the original personality doesn't have a heart problem 🤔

  • Talita D

    Talita D

     10 hours ago

    Thank you so much for THAT MUCH information. My girlfriend has DID, and now that I fully understand it I can help her and support her even more than I already tried to ♡ wish you all the best 🌼

  • NyandereDesu


     10 hours ago

    as someone with DID, it's really great to see a video that actually has an accurate description of DID and the way it forms and affects people. i really applaud her ability to really come to terms with this so much- i find it's more of a burden than anything. i really hope that i can reach her level of self acceptance sometime.

  • Kacie


     11 hours ago

    Wow this is amazing.

  • Kailah Reid

    Kailah Reid

     11 hours ago

    Does this disorder possibly effect pregnancy’s for the women who have this disorder, could one of the other alters deliver the baby and for instance would Minnie possibly get upset or jealous like other children who become older siblings

  • Miley Kitten

    Miley Kitten

     11 hours ago

    Hello, im Miley, i also have DID. I could really use someone to talk to :'( i feel like i have no one

  • Kailah Reid

    Kailah Reid

     11 hours ago

    I believe in did but when Minnie came out I was a bit skeptical of how real encinas case was until Minnie got a little emotional about not looking like the other three year olds and also when she wouldn’t talk about any of the other alters except for devin and encina

  • Jasmin Gomez

    Jasmin Gomez

     12 hours ago

    Minnie is so cute and happy ❤️❤️

  • HighFrequenciesYoga MoeAFroCreations

    HighFrequenciesYoga MoeAFroCreations

     13 hours ago

    she clearly has mutiple conscious. shes says that these alters take over and she cant remember which means that one this brain of ours is more powerful than we know and two something else is controllingthe body not chemical literally its another conscious in her body well 11 that she knows of. normal person only has one voice in our head. she has 11 this is quite amazing how she copes

  • Jay Karimi

    Jay Karimi

     14 hours ago

    This is very interesting. Thank you for doing this video. It's fascinating. She mentioned that Devon was dating a guy that she wasn't. I wonder what happens in the situation where say she is in a great healthy relationship but an alter develops an affinity to someone and wants to have a relationship with them. I wonder if situations like that make it hard for Encina to maintain healthy relationships? No disrespect meant at all. I'm fascinated by the depths and power of the mind. It's amazing the effect psychology can have on physiology.

  • Adia Salem

    Adia Salem

     14 hours ago +1

    This was fascinating. I've seen people flip between alters before irl, and it's not an experience that's easy to describe to people who haven't seen it for themselves. This was very authentic, and very educational.
    You did wonderfully with your questions and demeanor. Better than most typically can and/or do (including myself tbh).

  • Kat Straughan

    Kat Straughan

     14 hours ago

    I have a best friend with this. She gave me a book one day which she had written in. In there were all of her alters and what to do should one appear. If they are friendly, ride it out. If not, she gave pointers on how to bring out her again. Very eye opening.