What It's Like To Live With Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 8, 2018
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    According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), It's estimated that 2% of people experience dissociative disorders, with women being more likely than men to be diagnosed. Because of the way Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) is portrayed in the media, most people don't understand what the disorder actually entails, or how common it actually is. In this Patient Spotlight video, you'll meet Encina, who sheds light on her experience living with DID. You'll also meet Minnie, the three-year-old girl living inside Encina's body.

    PRODUCER, A.D.: Brigid McCuen
    D.P., DIRECTOR, EDITOR: Darin Limvere
    HOST: Kyle Kittleson
    2nd CAMERA OP: Tony Oberstar

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     (Dec 1, 2018)

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  • Dalia Macionė

     (1 day ago)

    +Anky higgs The moment you die your body dies, that is only way to die, as far as I know. By the way, I don't have DID, I just wrote what she said, so you should stop asking me questions, cause I'm no expert :) by the way, this is the most informative video I've ever seen on DID so far, so I guess if not she, you can find someone more competent than me to answer your questions.

  • Anky higgs

     (2 days ago)

    +Dalia Macionė is there a struggle going on between her and her alters regarding who is real and who is not? What if one of her alters win over her own identity ?will she be considered dead at that moment?

  • Kiley Hayden

     (Aug 26, 2018)

    I love how engaged he is with her. He asked very appropriate questions and when Minnie came out he treated her like a 3 year old without mocking her in any way. He takes DID very seriously and you can tell he appreciates her time and information. I loved this video so much.

  • giving up

     (6 days ago)

    +valeri pitts no. Its actually very much NOT pure and innocent. These 'types of people' have been through horrors you couldn't even imagined. The fact that you are fascinated is kind of sad. Murderers have had the same kind of childhoods, they just dealt with it in a completely different way.

  • giving up

     (6 days ago)

    I totally disagree with you. I think he kept trying to get her to talk like her alters. I think he purposely wanted an alter to come out for the show. Ridiculous.

  • Pedro Amaral

     (Jan 23, 2019)

    This guy must have read “how to make friends and influence people”.. his genuine interest in her, his questions, body position.. so great! Até me lembra eu mesmo pra falar a verdade.

  • U P

     (1 day ago)

    +Language Learning I think I've read that book before, correct me if I'm wrong but isn't it written by a couple who have a book called "Why Men want sex and Women want love"? yeah, what a shitty book, "learn to make friends", people should be themselves with an open mind to improvement, none of these mind tricks. People who struggle with socializing, it'd be better if they actually see someone rather than read a book that's basically meaningless almost since the author doesn't know ...

  • Khali

     (2 days ago)

    +Brenda Moreira thanks that shits beautiful

  • Pasha Rahmadina

     (Jan 23, 2019)

    Our brain is still the biggest mystery to us

  • George Robins

     (1 day ago)

    As someone with OSDD1b, me and my system definitely relate lol

  • ZegramoLeSchyzo

     (6 days ago)

    +Maliyah The prune OMG wtf we don't use 10% of our brain, you watched Lucy and here you are thinking you know everything, this as been debunked for a very very long time and simple google search would have done the trick. Even on wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ten_percent_of_the_brain_myth

  • Luna Blue

     (Jan 7, 2019)

    wow, an actual interview where someone respectfully speaks to somebody with DID and doesn't demonize us or paint us as "crazy". as someone with DID this is really nice to see.

  • Aya Farah

     (1 day ago)

    Would you accept my friendship request Luna? I would love to have a friend with DID. I'm a female btw.

  • emily shadow

     (1 day ago)


  • vrinda agarwal

     (Jan 7, 2019)

    16:06 she says 'what if the encina you see is just another alter and Devin is the real personality ' man that's very very scary imagine what it would be like for a person who has DID.

  • M1nd M4n

     (15 hours ago)

    It’s terrifying.

  • George Robins

     (1 day ago)

    I experienced that a lot when I first discovered my other personalities. It was terrifying, thinking I might not be the “real one” but then I realized... that doesn’t matter. We’re all real. Even if someday I am no longer the host (the personality that is in control the most), then I’m okay with that.

  • Freyjinn

     (Aug 17, 2018)

    this is so fascinating and interesting, the brain has unlimited capacities

  • Jesse M.

     (Feb 6, 2019)

    +seahawks4life I see what you mean. One could see that as glamorizing or truly believing that the little girl was adorable. Yes, the girl was adorable, but no one is saying it is okay. However, going off of what I said, there are a lot of things normal people do that are not okay and people glorify it. And I get the Schizophrenia part, but those are two distinct levels of an illness. One is dissociative and the other is hearing/seeing/feeling things that aren't there. One can be treated with a lot more...

  • seahawks4life

     (Feb 5, 2019)

    +Jesse M.  Jesse M.  I would say people saying it's fascinating, amazing, and the little girl is "adorable" etc. is glamorizing it....if you read through the comments many people are talking about this like it's a positive thing. Maybe you don't see it that way but I do. And yes I understand that is way people develop DID. Also I was just giving an example when I said someone with Schizophrenia hallucinating, I did not say that's the only thing they experience. What you wrote in the second ha...

  • Emily White

     (Jan 20, 2019)

    Seeing Minnie come out made me smile. She's so sweet and happy, it breaks my heart knowing she feels like she doesn't have many friends

  • Ben Jimenez

     (Feb 11, 2019)

    I don't have many friends either.

  • Lone Wolf

     (Feb 4, 2019)

    +Adopt Me exactly how could someone act like this is normal?

  • kitbot bot

     (Jan 12, 2019)

    Looks like Minnie coloured Encinas hair. Bless her heart.

  • MsAmique

     (Feb 10, 2019)


  • Tana Jae

     (Feb 8, 2019)


  • Space Brownie

     (Jan 11, 2019)

    People have seen this video and said “oh she is just acting”. But I have been very interested in this disorder for a long time and I could instantly tell that she was not lying. Minnie was so cute and I’m very happy that she came out for the video 🥰🥰

  • Kelly Beesley

     (5 days ago)

    +L.O.Λ.E You That's the most indefensible and illogical statement to make as a fact. Some people are taking this conversation seriously.

  • Kelly Beesley

     (5 days ago)

    +Chakra Unleashed You could argue that's the basis of all human empathy, strangers have different personalities, you could try comforting and understanding them.