420cc ATV Revival | Rat Rod Quad!

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  • Published on:  Monday, October 21, 2019
  • We revive the Predator 420cc powered ATV! We built this rat rod quad because ATVs aren't cheap! Ike bought this old Polaris for cheap because it had a seized engine, and we swapped a Predator 420cc engine onto it. We built the Predator 420, and it was powerful, but it was way too noisy for the yard, and the vibration (because we deleted the balance shaft) was significant. This project is way happier (but much slower) with a balance shaft!!
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  • The Irish Lepicon

    The Irish Lepicon

     7 days ago +1

    You should bring the golf cart back

  • CanonFirefly


     7 days ago

    You should try one of the new 2 banger engines you scored at mini mayhem on the quad. Would be way faster 😂

  • joels d.i.y

    joels d.i.y

     7 days ago

    How much for the Benz? I have the same exact car. And I need parts

  • Thadeus Odell

    Thadeus Odell

     14 days ago

    Can you guys please revive the golf cart? I liked it when the golf kart was running

  • 03canadianf5


     21 days ago

    Have you guys looked to see if you can dismantle the secondary clutch/pulley in that CVT? You're losing a lot of bottom end with that belt sitting so deep in there. The higher up on the driven pulley, the lower the gear ratio.

  • jason s

    jason s

     21 days ago

    what was that 4wheeler? i need a setup like that for a project but nvr seen one

  • John Wick

    John Wick

     21 days ago

    Get a kx 450 engine

  • versatec1


     21 days ago

    After the ducati...how can you ever get excited again?

  • Uptin Sinclaire

    Uptin Sinclaire

     21 days ago

    When are you going to do some videos of you guys fixing up that Supra boat?

  • Cohl Phelps

    Cohl Phelps

     21 days ago

    this got me thinking about the boat that went in water and land

  • Thomas Bailey

    Thomas Bailey

     21 days ago

    Does Ike have a bus?

  • shawn mcintyre

    shawn mcintyre

     21 days ago

    Like Ike's place !

  • B B

    B B

     21 days ago

    Sell me the Golf Cart under the Step's Please...! And Ship it to Canada...! Thx

  • Skyler Johnson

    Skyler Johnson

     21 days ago

    You should get a new torque converter

  • jlucasound


     21 days ago

    I always give you a thumbs up. I do it before the video even starts! Why do you feel you need to tell me that? Oh, it's for any newcomers. Oh, I see. Makes sense. Then THEY will do it automatically like us "veterans"! :-) Great you brought out FrankenVerter. (Just made that up). You guys need to get a boat (or something) in the water again. Next spring? That would be a great start to 2020. Hook up with Andrew Camarata. He can get "Jet Skis" and boats all day long. GoPowerSports.com? Are you ready for 2020? Gonna be a good year! :-)

  • FloridaBoi 561

    FloridaBoi 561

     21 days ago

    Rat rod ripin'! These little engines are relatively inexpensive and they're a whole lotta fun for these builds.

  • Merlin Cantrell

    Merlin Cantrell

     21 days ago

    why dont you bring the chopper back



     21 days ago

    How many pairs of sunglasses does one need to work on one four wheeler?

  • Shawn Ireland

    Shawn Ireland

     21 days ago

    Combine this and the new truck body and put in a diesel

  • Jeff Nelson

    Jeff Nelson

     21 days ago

    We need that golf cart back