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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 2, 2018
  • Watch all the amazing golden buzzers on America's Got Talent 2018 (AGT), who did you think was the best out of all the auditions?? Let us know in the comments below...▶︎ Courtney Hadwin:▶︎ Michael Ketterer:▶︎ Makayla Phillips:▶︎ Amanda Mena:▶︎ Flau'jae:▶︎ Angel City Chorale:▶︎ Zurcaroh:▶︎ Voices Of Hope Children's Choir:▶︎ Subscribe to Got Talent Global:▶︎ Watch more Got Talent Global videos:▶︎ Facebook:▶︎ Twitter:▶︎ Instagram: Talent Global brings together the very best in worldwide talent, creating a central hub for fans of the show to keep up to date with the other sensational performances from around the world.
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  • I'm Worthless

    I'm Worthless

     3 months ago +2258

    She's 13, at Americas Got Talent being famous.
    I'm 13, watching and laying in my bed.
    I'm 14 now.

  • Walter J Najarro

    Walter J Najarro

     1 months ago +295

    There is one person who cries every single time....
    The Janitor.

  • syd


     2 months ago +529

    judge: lifts hand to press buzzer
    janitor: grabs broom

  • Serbaskey Chattilath

    Serbaskey Chattilath

     2 months ago +304

    The first girl. I think she will sing a soul music maybe like adele, whitney, or something like that. It was very unpredictible

  • sammy


     7 months ago +1901

    bruh i cry whenever someone gets a golden buzzer 😂

  • Killest Arch

    Killest Arch

     2 months ago +496

    Hits Golden Buzzer
    Janitor: I don't get paid enough for this.
    I have been acknowledged by 110+ people

  • Emmanuel Fang

    Emmanuel Fang

     3 months ago +420

    "then I realized I've watched for 40 mins😂

  • Josh Layes

    Josh Layes

     3 months ago +359

    The rapper girls genuinely made me cry... Am I being too emotional? I don’t know. She really hit me with her story.
    I want to give her a hug.

  • m e g h n a c

    m e g h n a c

     2 months ago +430

    when the first girl got the golden buzzer:
    me: i’m not crying.. there’s onions in my room
    EDIT: thanks for all the likes! :)

  • Kwaku Amoako

    Kwaku Amoako

     4 months ago +804

    1st singer was indeed born a STAR

  • Pugzy


     1 months ago +146

    At least 50% of these comments are janitor jokes

  • jyo73


     21 hours ago +1

    The rapper gal made me remember young Naomi Campbell
    Very authentic n charismatic!

  • nico navarette

    nico navarette

     7 days ago +45

    I cry because I don't have a talent only watching..😭😭😭

  • Lucky Imel

    Lucky Imel

     3 days ago +6

    OMG,,,SHE's 13 years old???
    That was amazing voice.

  • ZoinKs!


     6 months ago +2537

    You know when Simon gives you the golden buzzer, you’re amazing

  • Shmutz - Minecraft

    Shmutz - Minecraft

     2 months ago +239

    1st one be like: H.....Hi um
    2 seconds later: ROARRRR

  • Camila yobanett

    Camila yobanett

     7 days ago +52

    Un like por los que vinimos a ver algún comentario en español 😂🤦🏽 autolike

  • sunflower vibezzz

    sunflower vibezzz

     1 months ago +169

    Golden buzzer goes off:
    The Janitor has left the chat:

  • Elissa Gibbons

    Elissa Gibbons

     2 months ago +197

    Judges:*hits golden buzzer*
    Janitor:Oh god!

  • Sierra Romeo

    Sierra Romeo

     4 months ago +1470

    The only talent I have is watching these talented people and crying with them whenever they get the golden buzzer. 😭❤