All Golden Buzzers Auditions on America's Got Talent 2018 | Got Talent Global



  • firezonecrush999


     an hour ago

    NOOOOOO TYRAAAAAAA the group of acrobats did not deserve the golden buzzer!!!!!

  • Margaret Reyes

    Margaret Reyes

     an hour ago

    Me encanto la coreografia. Parecia de pelicula😍

  • Emma LaBrake

    Emma LaBrake

     an hour ago

    She just let loose

  • keefo jonson

    keefo jonson

     an hour ago

    I'm sorry the rapper she is beautiful heart ❤ love her act as total rapper but that was more of a pity pass..poor girl hope she finds Jesus,amen.

  • patkey williams

    patkey williams

     an hour ago

    Courtney was in Rare Form!!!!

  • keefo jonson

    keefo jonson

     an hour ago +1

    There is more talent on these show than there is in Hollywood..wake up call America!🇺🇸🎤🎼

  • Mrm.


     3 hours ago

    1:22 / 8:21 me

  • Grace G

    Grace G

     4 hours ago

    11:52 I got chills on my entire body

  • Wismeiry Rich

    Wismeiry Rich

     5 hours ago

    Can ya please stop cutting onions!!

  • Alexis Soto

    Alexis Soto

     6 hours ago

    the first one made me cry so butiful

  • kkhang89


     6 hours ago


  • gracie's life

    gracie's life

     7 hours ago

    she is cute right like her toooooooo

  • gracie's life

    gracie's life

     7 hours ago

    she is good all this is so good like it

  • Joanne Schmitt

    Joanne Schmitt

     8 hours ago

    I'm so glad that this beautiful young lady came to the USA a performed on AGT. I am a follower of hers, at the age of 72. God Bless you for putting a spark in to my life.

  • matty williams

    matty williams

     8 hours ago

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  • MaryXx Idek

    MaryXx Idek

     8 hours ago

    I always look at these people and think about how they sing and then think about myself, they are extraordinary people but i’m not, i always try to sing like them but it ends up being complete garbage, i always wave my voice but i feel like i don’t have the ability to do that, even my friends in school don’t agree with the way i sing...i’ve been called weird and i hate it when someone tells me that i need to improve because i already know i do, and it hurts when they say that, i just wish i can be like these kids who always sing so perfectly like angels, they say to reach a dream you gotta keep trying, but i’ve been trying for 4 years and i’m giving up, im giving up on trying. I always look at these people, and think about what i don’t have that they do, i wish i found my talent

  • Da Gamer Pro

    Da Gamer Pro

     9 hours ago

    the second was weird

  • Ben afia Mohamed

    Ben afia Mohamed

     9 hours ago

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  • Mia Henriquez

    Mia Henriquez

     10 hours ago +1


  • S NARO

    S NARO

     13 hours ago

    Good Job