Gene Editing: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 1, 2018
  • Scientists are developing new ways to alter the genetic code of living organisms. John Oliver explores the risks, rewards, and wolf-related hazards of gene editing.

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  • Strothy2


     7 hours ago

    Once you take a shit in the gene pool you can unshit it, ask the House of Habsburg

  • ragnorock cookie

    ragnorock cookie

     7 hours ago

    Ooh no that's mad me logh about the cane toad but it still made me sad about the Toads but yahh the cane toad should have been made unfairtile

  • Seditia Rose

    Seditia Rose

     14 hours ago

    Ripped Beagles? Hot!

  • GodspeedHero


     23 hours ago

    Watchout, Folks. These comments are chock full of eugenics bigots.

  • Andy Marshok

    Andy Marshok

     2 days ago

    I want to CRISPR my cats now so I can ride them like Battlecat

  • Adam B.

    Adam B.

     2 days ago

    Best example of people being irrationally scared of new technology is HP Lovecraft’s story “cold air” which is about how air conditioners will make people live forever but become disgusting monsters if the tech ever breaks

  • Ivan Hewitt

    Ivan Hewitt

     4 days ago

    I've come from the future to warn about the mosquito thing, OH NO HERE CO---

  • Ultraman_surfer


     4 days ago

    Haha that Wolf Blitzer joke

  • Maverick Music

    Maverick Music

     5 days ago

    4 months later from the making of this episode, a man in china edits the genes of two babies to make them hiv resistant

  • Dimitar Bonev

    Dimitar Bonev

     6 days ago

    7:13 this is a hommo hacker. He is bio hacking the gay jiz into some other gay ass hole...

  • DarknezzMadnezz


     6 days ago

    18:09 ya, who cares about other peoples religious views, they can keep them and use them with other religious people in their churches or mosques or in their own homes, but they have zero right to tell others what they can or can not do. Religious has JACK SHIT to do with science, that has been made clear and Johns ignoring of that very important fact within that stories commentary makes his claim of him being "blaze" about it ignores the idea that perhaps he isn't religious and doesn't give a fuck if religious people are offended or feel only their sky cloud elder fuck should be allowed to do such things.

  • Ash Z

    Ash Z

     7 days ago

    It’s great!! Gene editing has the SAME PROBLEM SOLVING POTENTIAL AS COMPLETE EXTINCTION!!!! I feel we just kinda hunker down and watch while the free spirits duke it out, let natural selection dupe the supes and smarties, then saner heads will be better able to, like... be. At all. Could be fun to watch anyway. Educational.

  • Tsukimonster


     7 days ago

    People don't realize that MOST SCIENTISTS ARE AWARE OF THE IMPLICATIONS of their research like Doudna and Esvelt, and are NOT LIKE THAT "biohacker" FUCKFACE. We just want to help people and the environment.

  • Captain Athens

    Captain Athens

     7 days ago

    I believe we have the right to be enhanced as we see fit.

  • Voice IT

    Voice IT

     7 days ago

    no crisper baby has been born - well, have you checked all of China and North Korea for Crisper Babies?

  • Jon B Baca

    Jon B Baca

     7 days ago

    What percentage of the younger viewers of this video don't get the joke about the Word Clippie guy?

  • Josh me

    Josh me

     14 days ago

    if you've ever read Lovecraft you will know that people really were freaked out about fridges... what a world

  • PokeMageTech


     14 days ago +1

    17:57 - he’s laughing at the religiosity displayed by most of us.

  • Chris


     14 days ago +1

    Just conduct the gene-editing on people that are sterile. Low risk then of it causing a major impact on the rest of society.

  • Naoya Yami

    Naoya Yami

     21 days ago

    Gene-editing, enhancing humans, designing babies - those are all good. Of course, those are things easily abused, but that's true of almost anything.

    "Playing god" should be encouraged. It may seem arrogant, but on the other hand what would make as appreciate a creator (if there even is such a thing) more but the act of creating a new world and life on our own (that's of course way, waaay further down the line of humanity's ascension to godhood if it lasts until that time)?

    Our world won't change neither for the worse, neither for the better even if eugenics become a thing - what needs to change are humans, but human's mindset.