NikeLab Apple Watch (Rare Limited Edition): Unboxing & Review

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 9, 2017
  • Perhaps the rarest Apple Watch since the Gold Edition, this Nike exclusive Series 2 Limited Edition is already sold out. Here is my unboxing with a look at what makes it unique.

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  • noobient


     a months ago

    Thank God for this video. Now they only sell the Series 3 Nike+ in black so I was wondering what that would look like with a white arm band. And this video seems like the ONLY thing on the internet to show that. And now I know it looks bad lol

  • Kevan Glover

    Kevan Glover

     8 months ago

    That is the platinum black band that you can buy now separately

  • MrTootyRole - I make random content

    MrTootyRole - I make random content

     a years ago

    I got a stupid 2minute advertisement but I just let it roll so u got ad revenue

  • Stan


     a years ago

    You can pretty much do this now by getting a space Grey Apple Watch with a pure platinum/black Nike band

  • swaygfx


     a years ago

    I’ve got a series 3 Nike edition ..

  • Brennan Ball

    Brennan Ball

     a years ago

    Is that band the same as the Nike + pure platinum / black silicone sport band?

  • bluminds


     a years ago

    can I have it plzzzzzzzzzz I’m begging u

  • Nikola Salinger

    Nikola Salinger

     a years ago

    They are available at the moment

  • Estelle Bright

    Estelle Bright

     a years ago

    Band is the truly MVP. Watch itself is nothing.

  • Bria Nicole

    Bria Nicole

     2 years ago

    i like the color combo

  • Anjushree RK

    Anjushree RK

     2 years ago

    Hey, do you seriously buy every single thing to unbox and review?

  • Jay Ray

    Jay Ray

     2 years ago +11

    “You cannot buy the band separately”
    Finds band on amazon for 10 bucks.

  • Connor K

    Connor K

     2 years ago +1

    Apparently Apple started selling this band independently, I picked one up today for my space grey series 2 watch and it looks great! Really love the color combo here. Great review as always.

  • Bhuvan Bhaskar

    Bhuvan Bhaskar

     2 years ago

    Thanks a lot. I have been trying to find a video where i could see how an apple watch 3 (Space Grey) would look with Platinum white band. Thanks Again...

  • NJ RJ

    NJ RJ

     2 years ago

    Pretty band

  • Eito Okino

    Eito Okino

     2 years ago

    These are restocked in the 38mm watch. But dunno if it's worth it since the series 3 one is coming out tomorrow
    EDIT: They're gone now

  • Captain Elon

    Captain Elon

     2 years ago

    They just made the same one

  • djchino


     2 years ago

    looks like the new series 3 nike plus, one of them come with this same color band.

  • THE Letter N

    THE Letter N

     2 years ago

    They sell them at sport check in Canada

  • Daniel Kemeny

    Daniel Kemeny

     2 years ago

    This band is available again with Series 3 watches and separately as well. I've just ordered one.