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  • Published on:  Saturday, October 7, 2017
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    Charlie from Top 10s counts down the top THE MOST DANGEROUS PRISON INMATES IN THE WORLD!

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  • Cody Kalashnikov Graham

    Cody Kalashnikov Graham

     16 hours ago

    John Wayne Gacy was a serial killer in the 70s & was executed in 1994..

  • glamgoddess boutique

    glamgoddess boutique


    Eileen shouldn't be on the list 😢

  • sunwaves 47

    sunwaves 47

     2 days ago

    And the most ugly looking inmates in the world

  • Gacha Teagan

    Gacha Teagan

     4 days ago

    Rose's are red
    Violets are violet not blue
    I've been lied to
    And so have u

  • Nick O

    Nick O

     7 days ago

    Nice clickbait dickhead

  • BB Gmike

    BB Gmike

     7 days ago

    John Wayne gacey faced electric chair but ok

  • Rachel Curtis

    Rachel Curtis

     7 days ago

    You really need to do your research!!!

  • Ban Zookay

    Ban Zookay

     7 days ago

    Came for the thumbnail? Watch Geralts Game..

  • Sir Nicholas D

    Sir Nicholas D

     7 days ago

    Fuck you

  • Nagham Alkhazzali

    Nagham Alkhazzali

     14 days ago

    Why do I watch theses in the. Night /:

  • Conscious Techy

    Conscious Techy

     14 days ago

    Who else came here for the thumbnail?

  • Martin


     21 days ago

    The guy from the thumbnail was the moonlight man in Geralds game

  • Nikki Pettway

    Nikki Pettway

     21 days ago

    I wonder what was the murderous guy articles about ...

  • Utiko Nabunobuno

    Utiko Nabunobuno

     21 days ago

    You missed Youssef Ramiseff an Arab who bombed the World Trade Centre in 1993. He was imprisoned in Colorado Supermax, a prison that housed the most dangerous criminals in the world. History has it that only 8 prisoners have ever been to that prison, including the infamous Carlos 'the Jackal'. Youssef out of the eight was the most dangerous, in that he was allowed only a coffee mug in his cell. Anytime he would want to brush his teeth or shave, their would be two guards heavily armed with submachine guns escorting the warden to issue him toothpaste or shaving gear. He was known as a genius bomb maker that when the FBI raided his hotel apartment in China, suspecting him of attempting to bomb the US Embassy there, he was found with bomb making materials that no man would ever imagine that those stuff could ever make a bomb. From then on, authorities would never allow this prisoner access to any chemical no matter how simple it was..

  • Matt Coggins

    Matt Coggins

     21 days ago

    How did lobster boy A, hold a can of beer, B, pull a trigger???!!!

  • Caleb Lackey

    Caleb Lackey

     21 days ago


  • Esther Elferink

    Esther Elferink

     21 days ago

    Second inmate must have been inspiration to Batmans penguin..

  • Esther Elferink

    Esther Elferink

     21 days ago

    Guy of photo looks like the butler of the Adams family

  • Tanya Saulnier

    Tanya Saulnier

     21 days ago

    Wow this sucks. Plus who doesn't know JW Gacy has been dead for years now? Really

  • David Hütter

    David Hütter

     21 days ago

    Dude u are more half-knowing than fuckin brain griffin, damn how can you say so much wrong stuff just make the most famous scumbags and portrait them as evelist, moron suck a dick dumbshit