The Rocket Launch!!! - Fortnite Battle Royale Highlights - Ninja

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  • Published on:  Saturday, June 30, 2018
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  • Amazing Blyatman

    Amazing Blyatman

     a years ago +482

    Seriously man , these boys just wanted to watch it...

  • WuT


     a years ago +417

    Good thing somebody killed ninja and stopped him from killing more innocents.

  • JC L

    JC L

     a years ago +166

    They’re just people that want to see the rocket and u just crushed their once in a lifetime thing

  • King Of Gaming

    King Of Gaming

     a years ago +152

    Daaamn ninja hella messed up. Why did you kill those people watching it????? They were doing nothing at ALL. You ruined their chance to watch it, and its your fault

  • KiDler


     9 months ago +44

    Whos here after the cube exploded

  • Ed Belcher

    Ed Belcher

     a years ago +145

    I’m a huge fan but that was a bad move killing everyone stood still trying to watch !

  • Driftz 23

    Driftz 23

     a years ago +55

    Ninja is a try hard honestly( insert 8 year olds defending ninja)

  • 567 321

    567 321

     a years ago +51

    Funny but don't be killing the people they want 2 see the launch

  • Lukenh 1572

    Lukenh 1572

     a years ago +20

    Ninja why did you kill all the people who wanted to see the rocket launch

  • sebastian carp

    sebastian carp

     a years ago +101

    Ninja you were disparate for kills, you clearly ruined there thing when they were trying to watch the rocket lunch, your are such a toxic streamer, there was NO POINT to kill them.

  • BlurrFilms


     a years ago +144

    Everyone was just trying to see the rocket fam. You didn't have to kill them. It's a one time deal to see this live.

  • FrozenLegacy


     a years ago +65

    I feel bad for the guy that ninja killed at 2:00

  • Mr Kitty12

    Mr Kitty12

     a years ago +11

    I miss that rocket launch event
    Season 7 ? Anyone ?

  • Misty


     9 months ago +8

    “I don’t wanna miss this, If I do, I’ll cry.”
    >continues to kill people and make them cry instead

  • Info- Chan

    Info- Chan

     a years ago +28

    My 16 friends were at my house when we saw the launch

  • Toso Шкурката

    Toso Шкурката

     a years ago +1388

    Man why you kill that guys.... They just want to see the rocket!

  • William Gonzalez

    William Gonzalez


    The visitor was in the rocket he said a fotage

  • Haperion


     a years ago +24


  • ImA cOoL gAmEr GiRl SiKeee

    ImA cOoL gAmEr GiRl SiKeee

     11 months ago +4

    Jus coz 1 guy killed ya temate go kill him not the inoocent children who wanted to watch

  • I still love you Karya

    I still love you Karya

     a years ago +21

    Rifty’s video was way cooler. He didn’t kill anyone 😂