the new Pretty Little Liars is hilariously dumb...

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, April 16, 2019
  • Pretty Little Liars The Perfectionists animation

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    Pretty Little Liars is kinda dumb

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  • Semaj Siervo

    Semaj Siervo

     4 days ago

    The adventures of Spencer and no one else matters. 😂

  • Luffy1045


     5 days ago

    "They share A special connection." HAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Fuego !

    Fuego !

     6 days ago

    They announced the spin-off right after the last season which every fan actually begged for them to keep going so that’s how we got the second show

  • MaryAnne Achieng

    MaryAnne Achieng

     6 days ago

    PLL fans, or at least if you're familiar with the show, y'all should check out Pretty Little Liars spoofs by SIMGM productions on YouTube. It hilariously captures the ridiculousness of the show

  • Player Of Nothing Comic

    Player Of Nothing Comic

     7 days ago

    This was posted after my birthday lol

  • Kick Ass

    Kick Ass

     7 days ago

    2:15 wait wat??? Your mom's cheating on your other mom... WAAAAT XD

  • Stephanie Gealogo

    Stephanie Gealogo

     7 days ago

    Sofia Carson is here

  • OtakuSeikatsuTamashi


     7 days ago

    I see "Allison" and I think is "Sharkboy and LavaGirl".... ahhh conflicted melancholy...

  • Candy


     7 days ago


  • ElizaLanga


     14 days ago

    Is that....Cymphonique? I just saw her in that BTR episode...

  • Ludvig Martin

    Ludvig Martin

     14 days ago

    Was it just me who thought Alison was Hannah...

  • Life in Sabrina's world

    Life in Sabrina's world

     14 days ago

    You are hilarious

  • Maya Kern

    Maya Kern

     14 days ago +1


  • Gabriella Redfern

    Gabriella Redfern

     14 days ago +1

    What I never knew their was a sequel to pretty little liars

  • Baxtor Stokman

    Baxtor Stokman

     14 days ago

    3:24 Kawasaki status report

  • Dorian Qallimi

    Dorian Qallimi

     14 days ago

    Alex: now we're gonna learn why Nolan is the way he is
    Piano tales ad plays
    Me: I guess games do that to u

  • Rose the cat

    Rose the cat

     14 days ago

    i cant- this show- no. no more.

  • Book Girl

    Book Girl

     21 days ago +2

    “By my calculations he could be......dangerous”
    Way to look smart

  • Amber Starkie

    Amber Starkie

     21 days ago

    Wasn’t Ava julali (or something) Sofia Carson from descendants

  • Kayla Jones

    Kayla Jones

     21 days ago

    It was bad 😂