PART ONE: African-American Boys Having Sex Under the Age of 13

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, May 22, 2019
  • Real fam, does it surprise you that in urban areas 25% of African-American boys are having sex under the age of 13?
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  • Ma'Kiya Hayes

    Ma'Kiya Hayes

     3 months ago

    She sounded out of breath. She ok?

  • The Jabari

    The Jabari

     4 months ago

    Stop promoting anti black male racist narratives.

  • A'Miya Williams

    A'Miya Williams

     4 months ago

    So many guys i know have had sex with their baby sitters!! Like they were less than 13 years old and the girl was at least 16. That is disgusting!!!! Please be careful with who you let watch yall children. There are definitely female predators out there

  • Cute Girl Aliya

    Cute Girl Aliya

     4 months ago +1

    Lovely ahh

  • Nicki Bee

    Nicki Bee

     4 months ago +1

    Every time I see a guy brag that he had sex at 5 yrs old or something, I always cringe bc that most likely means they were raped😞

  • Book Club Reading Book Channels

    Book Club Reading Book Channels

     4 months ago

    1 👍 =1000 time sorry to God ♥️ Please forgive me god 🙏🙏🙏

  • Dina love

    Dina love

     4 months ago

    where are these kid's parents???

  • Lamont Wilson

    Lamont Wilson

     4 months ago

    In most minority cultures, sex is accepted/embraced more freely. Sex in Caucasian households are seen as taboo/irreprehensible/denied/unspoken upon. Last time I checked, white folks are sellin' wolf tickets.......... In movies, fashion, soap operas, etc.,it is white folks who promote a "Soddam and Gamorrah" hedonistic mentality. Commercialized rape, incest, infidelity, forbidden love/lust have been in the forefront of popular society. The only difference is sex is introduced/acknowledged earlier. Rich/poor has nothing to do about it. I grew up rich in the 70s and 80s........ Girls approached me (nothing to do with game/"PIMPOLOGY"), the fear and anxiety of being put in THAT situation had more to do with it. Females made it easy to be in a situation when you are going to get "lucky". There was always other guys with pressure, but, the females ALWAYS controlled the circumstances. Just happy the promiscuity was early, so I could be a better judge of the women I choose to fraternise with.

  • B Sinita

    B Sinita

     4 months ago

    The problem is sex education needs to be reformed. Also we need to stop overly sexualizing the lgbtq community as well as talk about intersex conditions as well as asexuality. Let's stop assuming that learning about these things suddenly is a trans/gay agenda and makes your kid queer it doesn't. If a child is born gay, non-gender conforming or trans that's how they are born they don't suddenly become that way because of what was told to them, or seen it's not a f**** trend its apart of their sexual development. And everyone has gone through a sexual development its called puberty!! Its just for non straight folks its different. My parents told me about sex at 8 years old when they started having conversations with me it kept going well into my early 20s because I would come to them and ask them about stuff (mostly about relationships) but the conversation was there and that's the point. I am still a hetero black woman 31-year old virgin who had a few attempts but I was at least 24 to 25 years old before I even try to have sex I didn't because I wasn't ready and no it wasn't in a committed relationship but I was grown enough to make that decision. I don't think at 18 or 19 i was ready for sex. I can't imagine being under 13 but I know a few men in my family who had sex under 13 and regretted it.

  • hotdoginmylung


     4 months ago

    Lmao one if the great things about being lesbian is that you won't accidentally get pregnant or anything like that 😂

  • Obey Amma

    Obey Amma

     4 months ago

    sad as hell

  • Shaydah Delfanian Smith

    Shaydah Delfanian Smith

     4 months ago

    Omg this has nothing to do with sex education. It has to do a lot with whether they have a guardian around or not. Sorry

  • Brooke C

    Brooke C

     4 months ago +4

    Oh tamera ain't nobody talking about your well to do family. They were talking about poor boys.

  • Ivaylo Iontchev

    Ivaylo Iontchev

     4 months ago

    "Before they are ready"? If they have an erection and desire they are ready. Education? That's a different story.

  • Tom Jones

    Tom Jones

     4 months ago

    Hormones and puberty are telling these young people to have sex. They don't have fathers and mothers have no control over the kids.

  • Ms. Congeniality

    Ms. Congeniality

     4 months ago +1

    Black hip hop advertise sex and degrade woman. These boys didn’t have good parenting. No surprise.

  • Natasha N

    Natasha N

     4 months ago +2

    I know too many black men who have been sexually abused when they were young. Most of them seemed to not see it as abuse, only one expressed that he was confused by it. This is a serious issue and the ladies didn't seem to treat it as such which is sad.

  • N.H


     4 months ago +1

    And it’s not “having sex” if ur being pressured or forced. Label it for what it is.

  • N.H


     4 months ago +1

    I mean what’s the point of living in a country that claims to protect you from being taken advantage of and sexually abused but so many women and kids and men are hiding what they went through? America is under the illusion that they have such progressive laws and call other countries backward and behind with the times.l but truth is the times never changed and everyone is still oppressed everywhere especially in countries that claim to be better than that. You aren’t more modernized than even Saudi Arabia or North Korea. You can claim it but you can’t enforce it and that’s the truth everywhere.

  • AB


     4 months ago

    It’s not just Black boys but okay. Trust these white kids the forerunners of early sex and hardcore drugs but ok.