Tristan Thompson Punches Draymond Green At A Night Club | Hollywoodlife

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 31, 2018
  • Tristan Thompson allegedly punched Draymond Green in a L.A. nightclub and we have all the details. Plus - Khloe Kardashian & Tristan Thompson's relationship problems continue. #tristanthompson #draymondgreen #khloekardashian

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    Tristan Thompson Punches Draymond Green At A Night Club | Hollywoodlife
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  • Domineek Govea

    Domineek Govea

     a years ago +52

    Y’all are just pumping out videos but I still love you💕

  • Terry Crews

    Terry Crews

     a years ago

    And Tristan did EXACTLY what he was supposed to do!....Draymond talks a LOT of shit on the court and tries to act tough but, we can all see right thru that shit. I was hoping someone laid him out on the court one day!....Draymond is a bitchass nigga and NOT a real tough guy....When Charles Oakley, Anthony Mason and Rick Mahorn talked shit, they meant it and they would back it up off the court. Draymond is a clown!....That's right Tristan, touch that nigga up when you get the opportunity!

  • xc_indy


     a years ago

    Good draymond, good.

  • Real Eyes , Realize Real Lies

    Real Eyes , Realize Real Lies

     a years ago

    Fuck get your story right
    TT sucker punched Draymond

  • Jose Francisque

    Jose Francisque

     a years ago

    Everyone asking for Ali, she went to get the mf dope

  • NERVE 100

    NERVE 100

     a years ago

    That’s what happens when you act hard and talk about a mans woman you get smacked in the mouth, don’t talk if you don’t want to get your ass beat draymond

  • CoolBoyGaming


     a years ago

    Boogie will sucker punch that bastard Tristan

  • Maureen Elam

    Maureen Elam

     a years ago

    who cares they both suck they will be out of the nba a few years broke.

  • World Gossip On Demand

    World Gossip On Demand

     a years ago

    Exclusive Video Of Tristan Thompson And Draymond Green Club Fight!!!!

  • kingIkeable


     a years ago

    TT needs to improve his game and stop being pretty. Need I say that the Kardashian has a bad record of destroying successful upcoming athletes. Nothing grows in the hands of the Kardashian dem family

  • Gaudy Oop

    Gaudy Oop

     a years ago

    Klohe is giving him fame

  • James3790


     a years ago

    Sorry, who the fuck asked about Cloe? Is it in the title of the video? Then why the fuck do you think we care?

  • 92Munson


     a years ago

    Greens a bitch

  • Darius Reeder

    Darius Reeder

     a years ago +1

    TT tried to solidify things with a handshake after the game, yet Donkey wanted act hard for the camera. "We're not cut the same".. right because TT cut right into your ass bruh! If you gonna make beef, you better season it, cook it, and eat it all the way thru

  • LazyCookie


     a years ago +1

    Idk why u guys are defending him Draymond had that coming the way he trash talks and open his mouth annoyingly clapping his hands kills vibes and annoy people draymond deserved this ty tristan ur the real mvp

  • Tracey Joyner

    Tracey Joyner

     a years ago

    I tell you about social media

  • Peter Coulter

    Peter Coulter

     a years ago

    Listen to this chick defend Draymond like he isnt the biggest shit talker on the planet. Good on Tristan. Shut the donkey up.

  • Young pappy vevo

    Young pappy vevo

     a years ago +1


  • Tenochtitlan El Imperio Azteca

    Tenochtitlan El Imperio Azteca

     a years ago

    Tristan "Trash" Thompson!

  • Tenochtitlan El Imperio Azteca

    Tenochtitlan El Imperio Azteca

     a years ago

    TT is synonymous of tv reality show. Hey he's in The Kardashian's world! 😁