The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part - Movie Review

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, February 6, 2019
  • Invaders have decemated Lego land, so the crew must save lego existence from the Lego Apocalypse. Here's my review of THE LEGO MOVIE 2!#TheLEGOMovie2
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  • Alex Zivkovic

     4 months ago

    Was LEGO Movie really 5 years ago? Jeez! Ferris was right. Life sure does move fast.

  • Rocky Eggling

     a months ago

    Not dat fast yo!!

  • Alex Lee

     4 months ago

    Wtf 5 *YEARS*

  • Chaotic Neutral

     4 months ago

    Who uploads movie reviews at 3 in the morning?Jeremy: Oh boy 3 a.m.

  • Joseph Dacosta

     4 months ago


  • Dale B

     4 months ago

    im pretty sure the video has to render before it gets uploaded so it could take a few hours.

  • ShandalfGreyhame

     4 months ago

    I'll be honest, I never got that line in the trail "The hapless male took all the credit while you did all the work". I mean it was Emmet who found the piece of the kraggle. It was Emmet who came up with the plan to put the Kraggle back together and it was Emmet who ultimately convinced Lord Business to end his wrongdoings.

  • Mr. Variant

     1 months ago

    there's too much cheesy feminism. I couldn't stand that in the movie nor glitter batman, hell ourmomageddon should've ended the movie, but happy ending was forced. I do feel Rex was right, but then that's toxic masculinity so I'm the bad guy 8)

  • Gwen Wolfs

     2 months ago

    It was some dirty feminism snuck into the movieReally ruins it in my opinion

  • RohitVinay Art Channel

     4 months ago

    You are one one of the funniest reviewers on youtube, I am trying to write comedy sketch for my animation and refer your videos a lot

  • Hugh Hickey

     4 months ago

    RohitVinay Art Channel yms

  • Noah0415

     4 months ago

    I see y’all haters shut your asses up when Jeremy replied.

  • DanTheMan

     4 months ago

    Do how to train your dragon 3 plz

  • The Dragon Critic aka Lee O Brien

     16 days ago

    @Nick Sketch You saw the movie? FINALLY! I'm so glad we both agree it's the best DreamWorks movie

  • Gentleman Kaiju

     4 months ago

    I live in the US and say an early screening on the 2nd. Bottomline is that its fantastic, you don't need a critic to tell you that.

  • Mr. Ditkovich

     4 months ago

    *_EVERYTHING IS AWESOMEEEEEEE_**something something something**_WHEN YOURE PART OF A TEAMMMM_*

  • The Cybertronian

     4 months ago

    You will get the rent if your a damn Lego minifigure

  • KyoWin

     4 months ago

    My man no joke bro I’ve seen ur comments on like over 10 videos and we must watch the same content or something but I subbed to u so if u see me liking ur comments from now on don’t be suprised👌

  • Big K

     4 months ago

    I actually enjoyed solo. However I'm very curious to see what the original version was like. I'd pay to get it on bluray if they released it.

  • Kyle Tetzlaff

     4 months ago

    TMX1138 this is one of the greatest ideas ever

  • DrakeRedwingOfficial

     4 months ago

    @TMX1138 that would be awesome!

  • samarendra chandan bindu Dash

     4 months ago

    Other reviewers : Gives stars Jeremy Jahns : Gives Smile

  • ASMR Review

     4 months ago

    samarendra chandan bindu Dash Huge grin = 8-10 stars Small grin- 7 stars No teeth smile- 6 stars No smile= below 6 stars

  • Yellow Money

     4 months ago

    Still wondering and waiting for your review on Dragonball Super: Broly.

  • Everlena Oliver

     4 months ago

    Me, as well. Seriously, what is he waiting for?

  • internet user

     4 months ago

    @mrcooldeadly85 youre a dumbfck

  • Dalek Bricks

     4 months ago

    LEGO Movie 2 was fantastic! I highly recommend it to fans of the first ;)

  • Katie Lewis

     2 months ago

    @Sammy Zee Are we watching the same movie?

  • Sammy Zee

     3 months ago

    @Katie Lewis I'm glad I didn't see that version