The Most Hurtful Things People Accidentally Overheard About Themselves

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  • Published on:  Monday, March 25, 2019
  • What's the most hurtful thing you’ve overheard about yourself by accident?

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  • XxFurryxX :3

    XxFurryxX :3

     4 hours ago +1

    Well mine is...

    Being called a sl!t by my friend when she thought I wasn't listening.

  • Skeli Butt

    Skeli Butt

     6 hours ago

    Should’ve dropped the “ok boomer” on ‘em
    Also 5:20 makes me wanna kill that woman

  • cik Nour

    cik Nour

     8 hours ago

    Is it easier to confront them about this after a while if they start questioning why you're not always with them?
    Have it out in the open...
    I mean I would do that, and cut them out of my life and depends on type of person they are, if they feels shameful and apologise for their behaviour, myb will reconnect with them. If not, bye bish 😒

    Life is short to be spend with this negativity

  • Potato The one

    Potato The one

     16 hours ago

    The western people is luckier than the eastern like us , we suffered the things like this is even more often than ya, but we'll all become stronger after every fail , suffer, insult ,abuse .if someone said you are useless , they just want to be useful like you . And i have some tips to get through deepressed , anxiety and other bad mental health , just share your thought to someone know how to listen (i recommand a therapist or a pen pal) when youshare your thought , you will be free from everything in your mind. People talk back , insult , lied and talking shit about you because they just can't be like you and they want to be like you,don't care about how people look at you , care about how you look at the other , that's my opinion and my experience .

  • frankiethe killer2010

    frankiethe killer2010

     22 hours ago

    Once I was walking in the classroom going to get my bag when I heard someone behind my back saying "man Frankie is so annoying" I just said uno reverse card and left

  • Yellow Submarine

    Yellow Submarine



  • Hey It’s Issy

    Hey It’s Issy

     yesterday +1

    Overheard my friends saying I'm flat and talking about how much I look like a boy. And making fun of the things I post like TV Shows and stuff. sooooooo that was the cherry on top of getting cyberbullied.

  • Hey It’s Issy

    Hey It’s Issy


    my mom threatened to keep me from my father, so I started crying. Later, as I was coming up the stairs and heard her on the phone with her best friend :
    " Then I told her she wouldn't go with her dad for 2 MONTHS! HA CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?! "
    she then started laughing hysterically. I went straight to my room and cried.

  • Opinionated _but I’m always spitting straight facts

    Opinionated _but I’m always spitting straight facts

     yesterday +1

    I was helping a group of people I thought were my friends plan a pool party, and they started writing who was going, and passing the paper around but I couldn’t see it when I got a glance at it I saw that they said not to invite me. I pretended like I didn’t see it, and never spoke to them again I was like 12

  • Butterfly Queen

    Butterfly Queen

     yesterday +1

    I was helping a poor family of 6 kids. The couple laughed at me for feeding their children. I guess I was wrong for caring for the kids. It's the man responsibility to support his family. They never had food in the house. So I stopped visiting. I hope the were ok.



     yesterday +2

    I was with a girl of my classe and asked her nicely if she could maybe give me her notes (I was sick and couldn't attend to school) she said "Megan is right, you're so manipulative!" I i got a horrible feeling in my stomach and felt so shocked and stressed and hurt I couldn't move (Megan was my best friend for 3 yrs at the time)
    I was 13.

  • Darcy Winter

    Darcy Winter

     2 days ago

    I once had a good friend. We knew each other since first grade. She started to ignore me in sixth grade. She only used me when she needed help. But sometimes there was a girl with her. This girl, let's name her Emma, was also used by her. So after some time, Emma and I became best friends. We both stayed away from my former friend. And then Emma once told me that my former friend talked ill about me. And this for at least three years...

  • you ashburn

    you ashburn

     2 days ago

    most of the time when i overhear bad things about myself, they come from my closest friends.

    in 6th grade, i developed a reputation for constantly 'farting' because i had sweaty knees and had to wore a slightly tight polyester skirt to afternoon school, and whenever i sat down it rubbed against my knees and made a rubber sound. Did not sound like a fart at all. But my 'friends' would bring it up in class, and one time after saying 'hi', two of them kept pushing each other to make the other sit next to me and kept whispering how they didnt wanna be next to the stinky girl.

    in 12th grade, i went to an annual party at my bestfriend's house. I've been to each party since i became friends with her and ALWAYS stayed from 2pm until atleast 9pm because we loved hanging out with eachother. I had already told my parents to pick me up at around 9-10pm. She had invited some of her new friends (we enrolled in diff schools that year) and one of them hung out with us. While i talked to friends from our old school, i overheard my bestfriend and her friend talking about me quietly. I have some premature wrinkles because of eczema on my face and its always been my complex, and i try to hide it with concealer. But theb her friend asked for my age, and when she found out i was only 18 she was shocked, and said "wow she looks way older than that. that's....cute" (trying to not be offensive). My best friend just laughed at that and said, "it's not."
    I stayed for another half hour then called my parents and left at 3pm. I felt disgusting even when i was wearing my best clothes and makeup.

  • abelardo de la torre solis

    abelardo de la torre solis

     2 days ago +1

    I heard my dad say " i wished if him (me) wasn't my son"

  • saucy pineapple

    saucy pineapple

     2 days ago +2

    Well.. some people I thought I were “friends” with turn out to talk to my best friend and tell her how much they don’t like me, that they think I’m a pig, and that I’m ugly. (Boys have called me ugly too, which makes me self conscious, and makes me think that I’m fat, overweight, and that I have a fat face. People have told me I have one which made me start worrying about my face. 🥺) I have the most amazing best friend in the world and she tells me when people talk about me. She defends my name when I’m not in the room, but what fucks me up, is sometimes when boys call me a bitch when I’m not there, she laughs and agrees. She even told me while laughing. It made me extremely sad, but I played along laughing too. I had a hard gut feeling that she actually doesn’t defend me. This is also why I’m an introvert, and only have her, and her friend. 🥺🥺 *I’m also very happy, and I was very happy right now, and I’m ALWAYS happy, NEVER sad, but thinking about these and reflecting back to the sadness I’ve had through these, makes me want to cry. 🥺🥺

  • Coochie Slayer

    Coochie Slayer

     2 days ago +1

    My grandpa shit talks me to our neighbors and i act like i don’t know it’s alright though he gives me money

  • KingRetroXI


     2 days ago +1

    I overheard my aunt and uncle say that I won’t amount to anything in life and that still bothers me til this day

  • Maisie Drew

    Maisie Drew

     2 days ago +3

    my brothers autistic and he’s really embarrassed by it, i swear i’m the only person in this family that treats him like his age rather than a 2 year old child. he wants to be treated normally and spoken to like the other kids in his class and he’s aware why he’s spoken to differently, because he’s ‘different’.
    People with autism aren’t ‘retarded’ or hard to be around if you learn more about it and definitely shouldn’t be given up on because their brain is wired different. if anything they’re what should be considered what is ‘normal’ in today’s society because they see and speak things for how they are and don’t sugar coat anything. amen.

  • WiCK


     3 days ago +3

    I heard my mom telling her sisters and my brother how I'm such a waste and disappointment over my speed in achieving things. They treat me like a shitty maid and would not become anything other than a servant boy because I haven't gotten a job in a creative studio which is my dream. I've grown up mentally from all of it. They still warm up and act cozy on me, but now I can see through the bullshit and act on my own accord and for my own benefit. I don't care if they're gonna talk shit about me again because when I get out of my situation they will be the first ones I'd leave behind.

  • Shadow Zorb

    Shadow Zorb

     3 days ago +1

    My mom said she wished I was killed is one of the school shootings I was in instead of my younger brother