The Most Hurtful Things People Accidentally Overheard About Themselves

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  • Published on:  Monday, March 25, 2019
  • What's the most hurtful thing you’ve overheard about yourself by accident?Binge watch r/AskReddit ► Music ► ► for watching!
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  • NFL360


     4 months ago +9405

    I expected this to be rough, but this is next level.... people suck

  • TSwany


     2 months ago +2192

    5:17 if your mother tells you you should have died then you know it's time to find a new family

  • EsquireDaSonJames Edward

    EsquireDaSonJames Edward

     2 months ago +433

    This is how people develop social anxiety low self esteem and self conscious behaviors

  • Sofifuego


     2 months ago +512

    It really pisses me off that in most cases nobody stands up for the person who is being treated like this

  • rachcat123


     2 months ago +715

    My dad once told my mom how he didn't like me because I had depression or was "faking" it to get attention. She got in his face and said, "If you ever bad mouth our daughter again, I will punch you in the mouth."

  • B SH

    B SH

     3 months ago +2145

    me, someone with pretty big trust issues and self esteem issues: let's watch this lmao

  • Astro


     2 months ago +236

    I was friends with a group of people in middle school. I helped them out with homework and assignments because I was definitely a lot better with them. Walked up to them and they were in the middle of talking about how much I sucked. I just shrugged and turned. Didn’t communicate with them other then telling them no when they begged me for help with their work. They failed the year, and as far as I know they failed multiple years afterwards.
    Talk shit get hit.

  • Abby Sith

    Abby Sith

     2 months ago +472

    At my uncle's wedding, my grandmother went around telling random people that she hates me and didn't want me as part of her family. Wish granted, that was almost 15 years ago and I haven't spoken to her since. Occasionally she calls my mother and asks about me, and my mum tells her if she can't figure it out, that is her problem.

  • Savannah


     1 months ago +377

    Didn’t overhear, but my mom one time said to my face “I can’t imagine anyone ever loving you.”
    mega oof

  • Hafsa Hussein

    Hafsa Hussein

     1 months ago +306

    7:00 change the password while she’s in the middle of a series.

  • Hana Omer

    Hana Omer

     4 months ago +4851

    These hurt my feelings and I honestly wasn't prepared for the level of paranoia that this video brought. Now I'm just questioning all my relationships.

  • Desirée Mena

    Desirée Mena

     2 months ago +179

    When I was a kid, my younger sister was caught stealing toys at school. She has always had a smart mouth, and been a social butterfly. I, on the other hand, was naive, really shy, sensitive, and gullible.
    My grandma told me she overheard my dad grumbling to himself: “God has truly blessed me, he gave me a dumb daughter, and another one that’s too smart.” Me, being the dumb one of course. I lost some of my innocence after that, and never saw him the same way.

  • Shiki X7

    Shiki X7

     2 months ago +211

    I'll be sharing mine, it happened often, I overheard a lot of ppl talking about me and how they hate me, or how annoying I am, even sometimes my family members would talk behind me , and how they hate how I'm always happy and joyful, one time I overheard my grandparents saying that I would be gay in the future, for hugging them and my parents, I was only 5, and how ppl thought I'm dumb, I was really rough to me to take all of this , but after what my art teacher told me " proceed in life don't let anyone bring you down, I BELIEVE IN YOU, just ignore them and keep going forward " that brought me up and keep my head up,
    To anyone out there having a rough time may God bless you, be you, you are unique no matter what

  • Clone324


     2 months ago +152

    watching this actually reminded me of dark memories i completely forgot about

  • Colorado Gurl

    Colorado Gurl

     2 months ago +156

    My bus driver switches seats frequently, and I got on the bus after these two kids behind me. We sat in the back of the bus and I didn’t have the best day so I was quiet the whole ride home. They get off before me and they didn’t know that I was on the bus.
    They talked shit about me, my friends, and actually one of my best friends admitted to one of the kids sitting behind me that they hated me and didn’t know why I kept hanging out with her. This was at the end of the year and I was a new student. She wanted to be friends with me first, and then started to hate me, but never told me.
    I looked both of them directly in the eyes and their reaction was like a “oh shite what have I done”
    I stopped hanging out with the girl that hated me and she still doesn’t know why.

  • drinkyourtea


     3 months ago +5513

    The one about the girls laughing at the other girl being abused by her dad you have to be REALLY messed up to laugh at something like that.

  • Gacha Noodles

    Gacha Noodles

     2 months ago +153

    My mum talks to her philipino friends in Philipino about me. Little does she know I can understand what she says.

  • Knight Zero

    Knight Zero

     2 months ago +105

    Bro, she just used you for your netflix account.

  • Ellie Krueger

    Ellie Krueger

     2 months ago +222

    By the gods, hearing these make my heart break. Hope whoever reads this knows that I love you and I’ll be thinking of you as positively as possible.

  • phabetal


     2 months ago +98

    ah, nothing like some lovely anxiety and self consciousness to start my day!