Dynatron - Pulse Power

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  • Published on:  Saturday, April 20, 2013
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/Ak1-qLbHHCM


  • Aphasia Records

     1 months ago

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  • FMR

     1 months ago

    can you tell me where melody @1:06 comes from? tnx in advance and i will thank you again after the answer ;)

  • Greasyphil420

     5 years ago

    It's as if the 80s never ended and just got better

  • Uncle T Harms

     23 days ago

    Fuck Yes!

  • Aleksandar Trninic

     25 days ago

    Except way more safe space whiners, and other sorts of degeneracy.

  • VladiSSius

     3 years ago

    I played this music on my PC, and it turned into Skynet.

  • Michael Heath

     1 months ago

    So that makes you Skynet then eh? The Battle has just begun!

  • Kristy Wilkinson

     4 months ago


  • Mr. Extreme

     3 years ago

    I grew up in an old industrial city in the United States. Lots of abandoned factories and such. Driving by them at night they looked so creepy and desolate with the mercury vapor lamps eerily glowing around them. For some reason this music reminds me of that feeling, like there's something otherworldly about it. Something hidden within, a portal and green tunnel to another dimension! A more heightened consciousness and sense of awareness. The 80s songs Silent Running, and Broken Wings give off a...

  • David Bentick

     15 days ago

    This guy knows... what he’s talking about, I love it!

  • Nexus Dreams

     1 months ago

    Something about 80s music is so special. Its retro but futuristic at the same time.

  • derp herp

     3 years ago

    I played this to my fax machine, then it became an auto bot.

  • Hyper Hektor

     2 months ago

    i you like 80ties you will like thisKUNG FURY Official Movie [HD]https://www.faceclips.net/video/bS5P_LAqiVg/video.html

  • John Locke

     3 months ago

    @Yuu something as old as the floppy disk. unfortunately those arent in use anymore :'(

  • NØES BlessedCanadianKid

     11 months ago

    📂Documents └📁Music └📁Dynatron └📁Bad Songs └⚠This folder is empty.

  • termometen

     5 days ago

    Clever girl ;)

  • Robloxian

     23 days ago

    MiNiNiNi DrDis calm your ass hole dropping the soap is probably your motto

  • R.E.D.

     3 years ago

    The 80s will never die! Thank you Dynatron, whoever you are. And also a big thanks to the others in bandcamp who strive to make music like this!

  • Nexus Dreams

     1 months ago

    80s forever!

  • Horrible Cunt

     4 months ago

    This music is beter than anything that came out of the 80s

  • Constantin Weiler

     3 years ago

    So Blade Runner, Neuromancer, Matrix and Cyberpunk in general. Why is this Science Fiction genre all gone while it has such cool music and overwhelming optics. Fantastic track.

  • Bi11y

     4 days ago

    *3 Years later* CD Project Red: _"Allow me to introduce myself...*_

  • Flavius Todorius

     6 days ago

    Blade Runner 2049 is actually impressively good, I recommend watching it. It came out in 2017, I feared the worst, but it surprised me by being an actually excellent sci-fi movie with an even darker and more hopeless sci-fi vision of the future, than in the first Blade Runner. So good sci-fi movies are still being made, but not so often any more, because Hollywood is running out of ideas. Only Villeneuve and Noland can still deliver innovative stuff, the others are just rehashing old concepts. But yeah...

  • Adam Laffleur

     4 years ago

    I think 1984 is calling me.

  • Ganja River

     2 months ago

    The 80's called they want their synthesizer back....

  • Ruby is Small

     2 months ago

    1982,this is a picture from tron


     3 years ago

    My printer sings along to this song.


     11 days ago


  • Robloxian

     23 days ago

    Crypto Negão lol your mom prob regrets existing cause of having you