Pull Up On The Right & Reverse Manoeuvre | 2019 UK Driving Test

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, November 1, 2017
  • From December 2017 the UK Driving Test will include the option of a new manoeuvre called ‘Pull up on the right and reverse’. Whilst it is still recommended that we pull up on the left whenever possible, we may occasionally need to pull up on the other side of the road, so it is good to practice this manoeuvre so we are able to do so safely. First, we’ll get an overview of the manoeuvre from outside the car, before going inside to see a more detailed view from the driver’s position. If you have any questions about the video then please leave a comment and we will do our best to reply.

    This video includes;
    * 0:07 Introduction
    * 0:52 Overview of the manoeuvre
    * 1:47 Detailed view of the manoeuvre
    * 3:01 Common problems
    * 4:52 Summary

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    Car: 2015 Kia Rio 3
    Camera: DJI Spark, GoPro Hero 6 & Hero 5 Black
    Computer: Apple Mac Mini
    Software: iMovie
    Music: Fade (NCS release) by Alan Walker
    Link: https://www.faceclips.net/video/bM7SZ5SBzyY/video.html
  • Source: https://youtu.be/AmANERr50ew


  • Advance Driving School

    Advance Driving School

     a years ago +4

    Thanks for watching - if you found this video interesting then please subscribe to our channel and click the bell to be notified of our next video! This video includes;
    * 0:07  Introduction
    * 0:52  Overview of the manoeuvre
    * 1:47  Detailed view of the manoeuvre
    * 3:01  Common problems
    * 4:52  Summary

  • ZJF Francis

    ZJF Francis

     7 days ago

    I'm looking help with reverse junction turn any videos on that?

  • CGYT


     7 days ago

    You're playing fade? Ffs

  • Arran Vid

    Arran Vid

     21 days ago

    What a crappy thing given by DVSA, seems almost useless. I would always park on the left side.

  • Jeremy Cubs

    Jeremy Cubs

     4 months ago +2

    The demonstration makes it a lot easier than it is, obviously the driver is experienced, but for a learner taking the test this is quite a challenge especially when reversing about 2 car lengths as slight steering movement can potentially hit the kerb rather easily. I personally suggest any learner should concentrate this manuover as this is the most tricky and requires total control. Good luck every one in passing your test! Did mine in 2006 but continue to learn as it benefits me still, another great video. Thanks!

  • Abi Phoebe

    Abi Phoebe

     4 months ago

    Does anybody have any tips for how to get close to the kerb without touching it? I always park too far away because I'm scared to touch it as it's a fail

  • Spideog


     5 months ago

    How come no push/pull at 4.44? I thought it was the way all driving instructors advise? tut tut

  • Catalina Poseletchi

    Catalina Poseletchi

     5 months ago

    Why do we stop reversing when cars are coming towards (from behind) us on the other side of the road? We are not on their side of the road, we’re not really influencing their driving?! Isn’t it for oncoming cars either from behind or front of our car on the same side of the road as ours that we have to stop reversing for? Thanks

  • Helen Marie

    Helen Marie

     6 months ago

    Hi i have learning needs and i do find reading my drivings good what can i do to help get past pluss i panick on other cars coming in front of me i do love your video s

  • Mahir Uddin

    Mahir Uddin

     8 months ago

    Do you have to look over both shoulders whilst reversing

  • AisleRegretThis


     8 months ago

    This is the barstord that failed me, right at the end of the test as well.. ONly had 3 minors prior to this.. Thanks or the upload helps a lot, cheers.



     8 months ago

    Hi I did this on a busy road traffic comeing from the right he failed me I pull up on the right very interesting video

  • Bikramjit Debnath

    Bikramjit Debnath

     8 months ago +2

    Passed my Theory and Practical(Today)in a month time...Have extensively followed all the videos. Thumbs up👍

  • Sidra Meher

    Sidra Meher

     9 months ago +2

    Thanks I go through all your videos they are really helpful

  • Sidra Meher

    Sidra Meher

     9 months ago

    How we will select reference point that our car not touch kerb and we get able to reverse straight.

  • Li Mi

    Li Mi

     9 months ago +1

    Whilst this video is quite a good illustration as to how to do this manoeuvre. No mention is made of rule 248 "You MUST NOT park on a road at night facing against the direction of the traffic flow unless in a recognized parking space. Laws CUR reg 101 & RVLR reg 24". I know an overall "make sure it is safe and legal statement is made", but as soon as the street lights go on this manoeuvre is technically illegal. So not sure how you teach it during the winter months. Also, due to the incredible brightness of all new cars, i think this manoeuvre should be very strongly discouraged if not banned, purely because the "parker" as they pullout have virtually no choice but to blind oncoming vehicles. I believe this manoeuvre should only be done in the most exceptional cases. I appreciate that as instructors / examiners you are following the test criteria, but seriously, this needs to be challenged. What next, teaching people how to go through red lights safely? Just because a huge number of drivers do....

  • F J

    F J

     10 months ago +1

    Passed my test in first attempt. Thanks your videos are really helpful.

  • Ali Waly

    Ali Waly

     11 months ago

    Thanks 🙏

  • TrYz RAID

    TrYz RAID

     11 months ago

    the music >.<

  • salma k

    salma k

     a years ago

    thank you very much for your help very useful