Money, Politics, and Fake News: How the DOJ is Using an Obscure Law to Fight Back…

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  • Published on:  Friday, June 21, 2019
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  • Sarena Wiebe

    Sarena Wiebe

     7 days ago

    Andrew Yang is being shut down by the DNC, the emerson poll in New Mexico which is known for accuracy and attention to detail puts Yang at 5% without him having campaigned there and he doesnt run ads. How is it possible that he would be at 3% when he is the only candidate whos favorability has gone up drastically over the last quarter?

  • Doug Andres

    Doug Andres

     7 days ago

    I think it's funny how people cited RT as proof that other news sources have lied.
    Favorite ice cream, chocolate marshmallow.

  • Zak Tate

    Zak Tate

     21 days ago

    Dude just stop talking about politics yes you've seem to have done your research but this is far from educational and more towards your own propaganda it's kinda cringey since you dont have a law degree

  • Jess Mitchel

    Jess Mitchel

     1 months ago

    Obviously this was posted months ago but still, black cherry or vanilla! ;)

  • Speaking Truth Always

    Speaking Truth Always

     2 months ago


  • Speaking Truth Always

    Speaking Truth Always

     2 months ago

    All MSM gets an email from DNC every morning with their talking points for the day.

  • None of your Business

    None of your Business

     2 months ago

    No one:
    America: No one is allowed to manipulate and influence international politics besides us!

  • SeeThru Plays rblx

    SeeThru Plays rblx

     3 months ago +1

    Wtf beautiful bastards?

  • link10909


     4 months ago

    All news sources financially supported by foreign governments should be compelled to register as foreign agents (including ones in harmony with the US govt like BBC). Failure to register should result in arrest/ejection from the country as foreign intelligence agents. I have no problem with other countries adopting that same standard for press from the US. This is only a bad thing if instead of being applied based on objective standards it becomes a blacklist for media which disagrees with the powers that be.

  • KappaKilljoy


     4 months ago +1

    Yes RT is a propoganda machine, it's a bloody state news agency. But the Rome finance comments are pretty god damn accurate. [edit: you might want to be careful how you're pronouncing the word "duties"]

  • John Borgen

    John Borgen

     5 months ago

    If the message doesn't fit my's got to be fake news!

  • ChaosTherum


     5 months ago

    Oh shit that means that the Young Turks would have to register soon. Since they are directly funded by Qatar.

  • Jack


     5 months ago

    So many bots in the comments that its hard to keep track.

  • JustPassingThrough


     6 months ago

    I agree with FARA in concept, but in application, I find that it can indeed be used to detrimental effect. Having said that, I personally see it as an overall good, provided it has the right oversight. So... any other administration but this one...

  • Deus Duran

    Deus Duran

     6 months ago

    That’s what they focused on for RT? I thought the whole nationalist especially racially motivated nationalist promotions, it’s really the major fuel for a lot of American white nationalist movements when I say white nationalist I mean the individuals who actually seek white prosperity founded on ideals and desires for 1950s conservative ideas, RT goes on about anti establishment as well as covering stories in South Africa and treatments of whites there, infact I believe they are the only, Ive seen RT more as a conservative VICE news, both rely heavily on modern controversy and a specific audience while RT may seem to support a rage against the machine of globalism and progressivism VICE pushes for the spreading of the previously mentioned ideals

  • Tails Clock

    Tails Clock

     6 months ago

    RT sounds like they understand the US pretty well after hearing all those things they've said about it. They just became a lot more trustworthy. Though Russia funded is still a big red flag.

    Now if they coud just do something about the propaganda coming from within America itself, maybe the people there can finally begint to realise just how awful things really are and start putting their foot down to make some good changes. No "news" organisation is more harmful to the American people, than the American Propaganda stations. Existing to pit friend against friend and tear a rift with this left vs right that doesn't really exist outside of America. To Europeans, American Left and Right are just Right and Right. There is no left wing group. Outside of America left means good, and right means bad. It's really that basic. That's how mislead things have become in America where truth is harder to find that a doctor willing to save your life for free.

    News media needs to be heavily scrutinised and given a bar of quality to reach. And when they don't, they need to be labled as failures. I want to see every american outlet be labled unreliable. Imagine, if these people were finally forced to look elswhere. They might just come here. An America that collectively watches the Philip DeFranco show. That's a good America.

  • Shayne Gibbons

    Shayne Gibbons

     6 months ago

    It's interesting as the American govt used tools of propaganda against Latin America and even Iran for years, now they're angry when it's being done to them. Anyway I don't see FORA being effective as it does set a very dangerous precedence when it comes to legality and foreign relations. Case in point, the argument could be made that since RT is on the list, then AJ is next, then why not the BBC, or French or Canadian news agencies? Laws are made to govern everyone, not those you choose to impose it against. There are other means and ways of banning foreign intervention, however, American politics loves spending dollars to influence elections so I doubt congress will act to stop outside sources from investing...

  • Bobby Lawrence

    Bobby Lawrence

     6 months ago

    I’m getting tired of politics

  • James Palmer

    James Palmer

     6 months ago

    9:57 - Phil, did you just say “Sunny’s?” It’s pronounced “sue knee” and not “sun-e.”

  • chetzmom 4

    chetzmom 4

     6 months ago

    I'm more worried about YouTube, Facebook & Twitter "censoring or blocking" Independent Alternative Media, to "protect citizens from fake or harmful content." NO ONE changed their vote in 2016 or 2018 because of what the Govt calls "fake news." Just because RT has a tag saying (they are partially funded by Russian Govt), doesn't mean they are fake news. MSM all have the same message, "The Establishment,Corporations & War are AWESOME!" Yes, Tucker Carlson (FOX) is against war with Iran. But, look at how ALL MSM is Pro War, they just bicker on WHERE.