Going Vegan for the Earth, Possible Pardon for Rod Blagojevich & The Daily Show’s New Video Game

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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 11, 2019
  • Scientists warn that we need to change our diet to mitigate climate change, President Trump considers pardoning Rod Blagojevich, and Trevor unveils the show’s new video game.

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/AqgbQVTW0Ho


  • dosmastrify


     15 hours ago

    Korea is an even strong gamer culture. No mass shootings.

  • dosmastrify


     15 hours ago

    The killer app on the iPhone 7 was the multiracial middle finger

  • Matias Avalos

    Matias Avalos


    The vegans are a very easily upset bunch. They're giving Trevor shit for doing his job (making jokes). Maybe they're always a little bit hangry since they cant eat any food with substance😂.

  • filiz baltali

    filiz baltali

     2 days ago

    Just get rid of the dogs too. Damn they can fart and turn the whole house into gas chamber.

  • Crystal


     3 days ago

    Yeah... I’m at a loss for words. Thought you were cool man. Disappointing to see someone of your stature making fun of a minority group trying to better the world. But ok.

  • Helena Ilijaš

    Helena Ilijaš

     3 days ago

    Go vegan, Trevor!

  • woodrunner


     3 days ago

    . -everybody cheers
    . -sillence and bacon tho

    Going vegan is the most efficient and effective way to contribute to having a future, but bacon fucking tho

  • woodrunner


     3 days ago

    Cant believe people would preffer driving over flying but cant eat a veggie burger
    Bacon tho
    Well go breathe bacon you poor dumbass, too bad ill suffocate too

  • Nick86ITA


     4 days ago +1

    To all the vegan: I respect your choice. I like meat and I can reduce the consumption but not remove it from my diet at all. We need balance, supermarket throw away ton of food, vegan or not, because the supply chain produce much more of what the market need. Also if the production cost it's lucrative but bad for the soil it must be limited and regulated, the desert of Soy in the Amazon can be an example.
    The solution can be to limit the production of products, reduce the numbers; wouldn't hurt to reduce also: cellphones, cars, tv, computers, tesla, and so on. We don't need that much food, or stuff.

  • think about it

    think about it

     4 days ago

    Could've sworn ⛽ was cannibas...

  • lsamoa


     4 days ago +1

    It seems that a lot of people on here don't understand satire. The joke was juxtaposing serious information with an irrational reaction to it, in order to highlight how irrational that reaction is in light of the seriousness of the previous information. Was it a particularly good or innovative joke? No. But it's pretty obvious it was not about encouraging people to go against the scientists' recommendations. Veganism is part of mainstream pop culture now, satirists should be able to joke about.

  • Lyli J

    Lyli J

     4 days ago

    Well, you totally blew it with this opportunity to raise awareness

  • F Harrison

    F Harrison

     4 days ago

    half pound 55 cars drive for a mile? I'd like the calculation for that, cows eat corn and shit thats all

  • PJ ski

    PJ ski

     4 days ago

    I lost interest in Trevor's growing contempt for genuinely intelligent discourse in favor of winning mainstream approval, long ago. Seeing him s**t on vegans in 2019, is like seeing someone s**t on the concept of online business back in 1996. History won't look kindly on this one, Trevor. If this was any more ignorant, I could see it being aired by Fox.

  • Our Life In Seasons

    Our Life In Seasons

     5 days ago

    can we find out the mass shooters emoji codes? I don't live in gang land.

  • Tyler Robinson

    Tyler Robinson

     5 days ago

    F this guy, used to think he was funny. Now I see he doesn't bring anything to the table but jokes. This is the guy who said this when faced with the reality of our meat consumption and cattle genocide

    It's stupid you guys get all up in arms about lions and giraffes in different countries, you'd be upset if people were hunting dogs, but millions of cows die in worse ways everyday, no one's saying anything about that. Don't draw lines, either all animals are important, or none of them are. To me, they're all important and deserve our protection and respect. Not just the ones rich people get to hunt and you don't. Now bury me in the comments

  • aSHwAt


     6 days ago

    Drinking milk won't destroy the world

  • Diana Cassinelli

    Diana Cassinelli

     6 days ago

    Sorry I don’t eat grass...

  • Kate


     6 days ago

    some subjects are not funny at all. climate change and veganism are not a joke. I'm utterly disappointed with this video. joking with the life of others isn't funny. joking about animal abuse isn't funny.

  • Usad Rebs

    Usad Rebs

     7 days ago

    How utterly exhausted the western civilization has become that we are now brainwashing people that the planet, depending on if thy obey Al Gore or not, will die. Lunacy. Ding dong world. THE PLANET WILL RECYCLE US AND BE JUST FINE!!! It is sick of the global elite using airplanes and private jets 24/7 and telling YOU you should no longer eat the NUMBER ONE food we developed on as a race. The constant lies!!