Hermitcraft 6: Episode 4 - PROJECTS & PRANKS.

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 2, 2018
  • Hermitcraft 6: Episode 4 - PROJECTS & PRANKS Mumbo redstone tagged me today because i'm an idiot. We started our big project, and other exciting things!

    Featured hermits in todays episode:

    You can find a full list of the other hermits here:

    The Hermitcraft server is provided by CubedHost. You can get 25% of your first using this url

    #minecraft #hermitcraft
  • Source: https://youtu.be/ArxIbTnQL8o


  • Andrew W

     (Aug 2, 2018)

    B.U.I.L.D.S.T.O.N.E. Bumbo Union Incorporated, Licensed by Director of Spongebob Town, Owned by Nerdy Engineeracronyms are hard

  • PuR3_Morph

     (Apr 5, 2019)


  • Pixel x Perfect

     (Mar 26, 2019)


  • E'ONE

     (Oct 27, 2018)

    i'm not a redstoner, just a normal stoner.

  • Fossiliferous

     (2 days ago)

    My eyes turn red when I’m stoning, does that count?

  • D emon Thing

     (Apr 12, 2019)


  • Blaz i

     (Oct 11, 2018)

    Mumbo Cheated It has To be In his inventory at all times

  • You expected a name, but it was me, DIO!

     (Apr 12, 2019)

    +papa smurf It said evolve.

  • LEGENDARY pokemans

     (Mar 4, 2019)

    True but the game will be evolving

  • Tangy hyperspace

     (Oct 25, 2018)

    Who lives in a glass bottle under the Sea? Grian the hermit

  • Minion824 Gaming

     (Apr 12, 2019)

    Who comes on the server and suddenly pranksGrian the Hermit!

  • bly jay

     (Jan 19, 2019)

    Grian: Chooses FuturisticDosent even know basic redstone

  • Andrew W

     (Aug 2, 2018)

    You should call your starter home the Bikini Bottle.

  • Jacob Rhodes

     (Feb 23, 2019)

    My name is Jacob Anthony Rhodes and that’s funny

  • Professor Crouton

     (Feb 20, 2019)

    I luv that it totally shouldu are a genius

  • crazyfanartist

     (Oct 7, 2018)

    " we need to make the proposal room"Me: *:D*" no i'm not gonna marry Jumbo"Me: *:(*

  • Davin Grable

     (Oct 25, 2018)

    II kI kiI kinI kindI kindaI kinda rI kinda reI kinda regI kinda regrI kinda regreI kinda regretI kidna regret dI kinda regret doI kinda regret doiI kinda regret doinI kinda regret doingI kinda regret doing tI kinda regret doing thI kinda regret doing thiI kinda regret doing thisI kinda regret doing this tI kinda regret doing this toI kinda regret doing this to bI kinda regret doing this to beI kinda regret doing this to be hI kinda regret doing this to be hoI kinda regret doi...

  • Hazel

     (Apr 10, 2019)

    Casper brandt är bäst p

  • Jamie Florencemylne

     (Apr 9, 2019)

    McKenna Schabert agreed but just reading the start it looks odd 😂

  • fast turtle

     (Mar 30, 2019)

    We filmed catsShane Dawson joins the lobby.

  • Conor Telfer

     (Nov 15, 2018)

    OOkOOmg plz like this took two hours

  • Kirstyn Todd

     (2 days ago)

    Are you a sloth? Because if you are, I _might_ drop a like.

  • SirProdingHamThe3rd Of Pigeon Island

     (Mar 30, 2019)

    The one above this is a huge one....!!!