Guide to Electronic Music Genres

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, November 24, 2015
  • SORRY IF I DIDNT INCLUDE A CERTAIN GENRE, BUT THIS IS JUST A YOUTUBE VIDEO NOT EVERY SINGLE GENRE CAN BE FEATURED WITHOUT THE VIDEO BEING TOO LONGIf you have questions or remarks please put them in the comments, I read them requently.The songs used are mentionned by artist and track in the video itself.I don't own any of the songs, rights go to the artists.Some more genres that didn't make the cut:AggrotechBreakcoreDark ElectroDutch HouseEurotranceFuture BassFuture HouseGrimeHands UpHappy HardcoreJumpstyleJump-up DnBMelodic DubstepMoombacoreSpeedcore/TerrorcoreTech TranceTropical HouseWitch House
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  • Jacob Sims

     3 months ago

    Can everyone just be thankful that this person took the time to make a video explaining genres for new people who know nothing about our music. It’s a decent video.

  • Mu Bajo

     3 days ago

    absolutely this guy have done a good job

  • TrueSkoolMusic

     4 days ago

    nice how Evey genre description was "this one has bass, basslines and beats."

  • The Washable Bomb

     2 months ago

    "Only genres that matter are included"Ohhhh, that's some shade right there, boi.

  • Robby Marenick

     5 days ago

    Came to comments immediately expecting to see something about that lol

  • Devin du Plessis

     19 days ago

    @Arterexius Gaming Yep, lay some cool subgenres on me.

  • CockatooDude

     3 months ago

    I see this guy isn't the biggest fan of Big Room House lol.

  • Aglarokath Golden

     17 days ago

    He is absolutely right big room just sucks cock Nothing like acidbring BACK ACID

  • Temi Fakeye

     18 days ago

    Stephen Dubstep was good when Skream, Benga etc were at the top of the genre. Once it got commercialised it evolved into a noisy mess. Magnetic Man is the furthest I go into more commercial dubstep nowadays

  • Hector Mugwump

     3 months ago

    wot, no Techno subgenres? :(

  • Toni

     6 days ago

    @JimmyKnowsCL you really don't need drugs to enjoy hard techno schranz real industrial techno not the shit they put in the video etc. with that being said i love molly and speed on raves

  • mysteriousDSF

     12 days ago

    The way I see Techno is that in Techno the electronic, synthetic, artificial aspect of things is not only the chariot by which the music is delivered, but the entire point of it. House wants you to dance, Trance wanna make you feel elevated, Techno wants you to listen to how robotic, artificial timbres it oscillates. For this reason I see Techno as the purest electronic genre (no bashing to others).

  • RagetasticGames

     2 years ago

    I clicked on this just to look at the genrepolice in the comments.

  • indoor gangster

     5 days ago

    I would've chosen something a bit more chemical and less 2step for Garage, though.. 🐇

  • Jared Lammi

     2 months ago

    Fun fact: Brian Eno also made the startup sound for the classic Windows 95 operating system.

  • Dantei.

     13 days ago

    @Bill Clinton Hm... I need to reconsider my research on ambiental-trance'nBass-hop then. You might be right.

  • Bill Clinton

     13 days ago

    @Dantei. i disagree, drum and bass is subgenre of metalcore

  • Raul Moreno

     3 months ago

    Some more genres:Hard TrapJungle Terror (the Wiwek thing)Hard Bass (the Russian thing)FrenchCoreFuture BassMelodic Dubstep (The Seven Lions thing)Tropical HouseBrazilian BassMinimal TechnoGrooveHappy Hardcore (the S3RL thing)Synth Pop (the Porter Robinson thing) Great video btw

  • Translesbian Helicopter

     5 days ago

    @Toni calm your tits I'm new to this music. I came from rap but it's shit now. I'm just asking. I have one more question.I see frenchcore and newretrowave music (u know modernised 80s stuff) booming. Are these kinds or electronic music the future? Or u see something else coming? As far as I know EDM is kinda dying

  • Toni

     6 days ago

    @Translesbian Helicopter how the hell can frenchcore fall under house or trance? it came from hardcore which came from techno

  • Fevre Bach

     3 months ago

    Did you include vegan helicopter house though???

  • Dan Edwards

     1 months ago

    DJ To-fu was the pioneer of the scene.... It was finally killed off when there were 53 deaths PETA Electronic festival due to Iron deficiency.... Good times, though... Glad to have been there...

  • The Dinosaur Guys

     2 months ago


  • reogaro

     3 months ago


  • K. Charrette

     1 months ago

    I’m literally here bc the song choices are great, but also I’ve been into EDM since the goddamn 90s and the EDM Twitter genre police fucking scare me 🤣

  • D Perry

     2 months ago

    reogaro That's not gabber either. If you were there you should know. Gabber came on the scene in 95-96 and seems to now a days be associated with an earlier style starting back in 1991 or so. The thing is original genre names over the decades has changed from one generation to the next. The new guard keeps confusing via mixing and matching genre names the old guard once used. It's a multi- faceted mess and certainly needs be simplified.

  • Hexx

     1 years ago

    >Apologizes for missing a certain genre>still gets comments complaining about not having [Insert genre here]

  • Ultimate 15

     a months ago

    @alejandro payan What are you talking about🤡🤡

  • TheFirstArcent / Pnfrl Enm

     1 months ago

    S p e e d c o r e & V a p o r w a v e