Irish People Try Bourbon For The First Time

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 7, 2017
  • "This is something a cowboy would drink when he wants to kill himself."
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    More Information:
    Ireland produces a fair amount of whiskey but bourbon is a specifically American delicacy. We gave our contributors a sample of the finest bourbons. #tastetest #food #bourbon

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  • bigtoad45


     2 hours ago

    And that's why I drink Wild Turkey 101. Best sipping booze on the planet......

  • Lucas Stclair

    Lucas Stclair

     12 hours ago

    I can't believe these hacks think they are funny



     19 hours ago

    How could they not like Weller Reserve.... I don't think they drink Irish Whiskey either. These people are just not drinkers.

  • Stormin Outside

    Stormin Outside


    You guys shouldve given them wild Turkey 101

  • Kurt Pierce

    Kurt Pierce


    Can someone tell me where I can send you guys some off my company's bourbon and vodka that we make so you can taste it?

  • ImRaging _

    ImRaging _


    "it doesnt smell strong but then it fucks you in the mouth"

  • UrielsGaming


     2 days ago

    Bourbon is America MF’s

  • dickslap onthynecheek

    dickslap onthynecheek

     2 days ago

    Pansy ass Micks. Bourbon is fucking incredible especially a good small batch. I will say though the bullet bourbon they tried is better for cocktails. The rye bullet is a lot better for sipping

  • Connor Tierney

    Connor Tierney

     2 days ago

    Oh look whisky tumblers i prefer a

  • Scott Livezey

    Scott Livezey

     2 days ago

    Surprised by their lack of alcohol tolerance......

  • Allan Aitch

    Allan Aitch

     2 days ago

    You Sir are a pro with that blonde. I raise my glass



     3 days ago

    23rd time I've seen this video lol 😂

  • Mac Breck

    Mac Breck

     3 days ago


  • DJ JRod NYC

    DJ JRod NYC

     3 days ago

    What’s wrong with u. Bourbon is delish!!

  • Rebecca Paige

    Rebecca Paige

     4 days ago

    Totally wrong glasses to drink bourbon from

  • randsonic


     4 days ago

    Bourbon, its mash (the mixture of grains from which the product is distilled) must contain at least 51% corn. The mash must be distilled at 160 proof or less, the distillate must be stored in NEW charred oak barrels at 125 proof or less, and it must not contain any additives.

    Bourbon can only be made in the US and 95% of it comes from Kentucky.

    Whiskey or Whisky can be made anywhere.

    Once these NEW barrels are used to make bourbon they are sold to, you guessed it, Scotland and Ireland because they so want that Bourbon residual called the "Devil's cut" released into their lower shelf distillations.

    Makers Mark is a wonderful Bourbon for anyone just starting. Take some advice, read a bit on how to drink the stuff...throwing on the back of your tongue ain't a good idea. A bit of water or a ice cube to start is advisable.

  • KM9


     5 days ago

    Nothing better than scotch whiskey I must say.

  • Cary Baxter

    Cary Baxter

     5 days ago

    The burning is a tradition. I'm not sure anyone actually likes it, but we honor the tradition with a look of pain that is authentic and sincere. A snort, as they say.

  • Willb4x4 Brower

    Willb4x4 Brower

     5 days ago +2

    “Omg it’s so spicy and strong”.
    Other group “eh it’s very mild”

  • Alan Terrill

    Alan Terrill

     6 days ago

    Bourbon by definition, is only produced in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. There is no such a thing as an "American" bourbon.